Sewing for Baby: Newborn pants

Hi hi! Just in case you were wondering, no baby yet. Still a few weeks to go until the due date. Patience my friends. But rather than regale you with more large belly photos, this week (and maybe next) I’m going to unleash all the stuff I’ve been sewing for the little dude over the past couple months. WATCH. OUT. It’s going to be a baby-sewing-bonanza, I’m warning you. First, these two little pairs of Newborn Pants:


I just adore those little hedgies.


Both fabrics were designed by Lizzy House, who is one of my very favorite fabric designers, and I think she creates some of the best designs for little boys out there.

If you would like to make your own, the pattern for the pants is free on my blog and can be found here:

It’s a nice easy sewing project, but I will say two things that I have noticed about this pattern: first, it is a bit big for the average NEWLY HATCHED newborn; but it does tend to fit in the 0-3 month size range, and second, PLEASE make sure that you mark the leg seams and center seams carefully after you cut out your pattern — many people have confused the two, which creates a pair of pants that has a VERY low rise (think baby plummer butt) and long legs. This does not result in a great fit, as you might imagine. Anyway, it’s no fun to go back and fix something that should have taken less than an hour, right? So keep that in mind. Happy Sewing!

9 thoughts on “Sewing for Baby: Newborn pants

  1. my little guy just wore his fanfare elephant pants for the first time this weekend! they fit him roomily but not ridiculously huge at 1 month old – and i remember adding length to them and to fit my middle son into the 5-6 month range. can’t wait to see more of your newborn sewing. 😀

  2. I just cut out my first pair for my August baby last night – thanks for the reminder about which side is up! I know I did them the wrong way the first time I made them.

  3. I have made a few of these for new baby gifts and they’re great! Thanks! 🙂 Also made the newborn geranium for my cousins daughter and it was adorable!!! Used your tights pattern to make something to keep the legs warm too.

  4. LOL, I thought I was the only one who did that. It made for a very strange looking pair of pants. Even after all these years of sewing children’s clothing I have to be careful and mark the top and bottom of each piece and the front and the back. I hope and pray your next months with your new little one will be happy and carefree. It is the most precious time in a family when everyone is bonding with a new little one. Bless You and Yours

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