Lotus Drop Tank Dress


Hey look it’s a new tank dress for ME! sewn with Lotus Pond (the orange print is called “Lotus Drop”) and a stretchy grey heather knit jersey. I made up the tank pattern and then just gathered the skirt (two rectangles with pockets cut into the sides) to the bottom of the tank. Want a handy tip for this? Use elastic thread in the bobbin when attaching the skirt to the top — this helps prevent the knit from getting all stretched out. You could even do this with a store-bought tank and a couple yards of fabric.



Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to sew with my own fabric designs. Wheee! Can’t wait to see what everyone else is making with their Lotus Pond!! (add to Instagram with tag #lotuspondfabric or to the Lotus Pond Flickr Pool!!!)


9 thoughts on “Lotus Drop Tank Dress

  1. aw Rae, you so pretty. love this and bet it’s a dress you’ll just throw on all the time.

    i wouldn’t object to a basic ladies tank top pattern, btw. tanks are essential for #boobaccess and most of mine are, like OLD.

    • i totally agree. i am making a bianca dress now, but it will be hard to wear it out for this reason. feeding a baby is impossible in it for now 🙂
      maybe i should be making a tank instead..

  2. Ah yes! Exactly what I’ve been wanting to make! So do you still gather your skirt part as normal, with some long stitches and pulling up the threads, before sewing it to the bodice with shirring elastic?

    • yup, exactly — it’s a bit tricky pinning the gathered woven bottom to the stretchy top, but it doesn’t have to be perfect because you use the elastic threads to “shir” the layers together.

  3. Such a pretty outfit and looks good on you. I love the color choices and the leggings are a nice touch. Cant wait to get my lotus pond fabric.

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