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Yesterday was one of those rough days that made me question my ability to keep three children alive much less accomplish anything professionally ever again, so the fact that Stephanie of Modern Sewciety aired my interview on her podcast added a little sunshine to my day, proof that I *can* do things when I don’t have a newborn, a sick kid and a sick husband. Just maybe not at this particular moment.

I’m honored to have been featured this week on Modern Sewciety Podcase Episode 24, I mean come what blogger doesn’t love to talk about herself? I talk about my patterns and designing fabrics and a bunch of other stuff, so if you care to listen to our interview it’s HERE along with a lovely interview of Julia of My Rainboots are Red (my segment is after hers, around the 18 minute mark). And check out Stephanie’s podcast gallery page for the lineup of other awesome folks she’s interviewed so far for some more some great listening material while you sew or get stuck under a sleeping newborn. Stephanie will also be giving away a bundle of Lotus Pond from Cloud 9 this week, so if you’re feeling lucky you should follow her so you can jump on that opportunity when it comes. (Lotus Pond is my newest fabric line that is IN SHOPS as of THIS WEEK!!!)

Thanks for featuring me Stephanie!

4 thoughts on “Modern Sewciety Podcast

  1. Rae! So glad you were encouraged. You are an amazingly capable woman and I hope things will get easier as each day passes. We are all rooting for you! I’m excited to listen to the podcast

  2. I’ve been sick this week and feeling the same way! Don’t worry…it takes several months to get back to “normal” every time you add a new baby. Even as a seasoned mom. Seems like it would be easier when you’ve done it a couple times, right? But even after 6, I can say that every new baby requires an adjustment period. You’ll get it all figured out!

  3. I reall enjoyed sewing to the podcast, it was lovely to hear your voice after so long reading it 🙂

  4. THANK YOU so much for coming on. I so enjoyed our chat. You are such a sweetie and I am so excited to sew up some of your dress patterns finally. 🙂

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