More of your spring tops!

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Only four days left of the Spring Top Sewalong! Thought I’d give you a sampling of some of my favorites from the Flickr Pool.

Here’s Jo’s Hi-Lo Top in such a pretty rosy print:


Michelle of Handmade Martini upcycled an old shirt for this self-drafted this tank and blogged about it here.


I love the fabric (Leah Duncan Tule) that Carrie in Stitches chose for her Washi Tunic!

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Swoon! Blogged here.


Jessi made a bunch of Lane Raglan tops; I’m diggin’ this sweatshirt one!


Natalie blogged about her peplum top here,


Spring Top Sewalong 2014 is underway! Read more here; add your photos to Instagram with the tag #springtopsewalong and/or add your photos to the Flickr Pool to play along!

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  1. AGH! If only the 4th one down weren’t blogged in French! That is totally the perfect top for me but I can’t find anything like it stores to buy or a pattern to make it.

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