Pink Dotted Geranium for Clementine

pink and gold dot Geranium

Other people might be fooled by your doll-like appearance, your proclivity towards pink. But I know the truth, Clementine: you are a tough little nut and every ounce as stubborn as your mother. Delicate would not be a word I would use to describe you. Strong, silly, fierce, smart, mischievious. Then also: adorable, affectionate, and sweet. An interesting combination that keeps us on our toes.

Pink and Gold Geranium

You draw ninjas instead of princesses. Another recent drawing that comes to mind featured a bomb. And a person cut in half on the ground.

Pink and Gold Geranium

You have a spider-sense for locating lost objects, which comes in handy given the fact that I am a complete space cadet. When something’s missing, we ask “Hey Clementine! Where’s Hugo’s pacifier??”

pink and gold dot dress - 07

You have the most hilarious expressions and faces. Cross-eyes, silly smiles, teeth over the bottom lip. The fact that you can’t say your “R’s” yet makes it even cuter.

pink and gold Geranium

Despite your many tantrums and screaming fits (what IS it about this age??), you also know how to snuggle like nobody’s business. You can’t stop giving Hugo cuddles and kisses. And when you crawl in bed with us in the middle of the night after a bad dream and fall asleep next to Daddy, you look like an absolute angel. You know, as long as you’re asleep.

pink and gold dot dress - 08

Dress: Geranium Dress Sewing Pattern, with a velvet ribbon added at the bottom of the bodice
Fabric: Michael Miller Pearlized Dots, purchased at Pink Castle

pink and gold Geranium

pink and gold dot dress - 06

Made By Rae Geranium Dress

12 thoughts on “Pink Dotted Geranium for Clementine

  1. I love it! I just love everything about it! The bow is perfect. I’ve been thinking about how one makes a bow like that. It’s so awesome! And such a nice post, too. My girls are just like that as well. Indigo might be the only girl in the world that doesn’t like Frozen. “Too cheesy,” she says. (hahaha)

  2. ahah! That would be a perfect definition for my girl 🙂
    No one would tell it because they look so angelic (and yes, they are the sweetest, especially when they are asleep …)

  3. Can we blame it on the dimple?
    Great addition of the bow – it kicks the dress up a notch.
    I’m almost finished with 3 Geranium dresses for my daughters, only the hems left to go… Whee!

  4. it’s a beautiful dress and i love the post too. fun getting an insight into the kids’ personalities. she sounds really fun. 🙂

  5. Beautiful Girl and Beautiful dress!! My kids draw pictures like that all the time and we don’t particularily watch those kind of shows nor do they really play video games. They must have seen it somewhere, right? Please tell me your kids draw people and or animals with pee and poop coming out of them too!!!

  6. hi, I’m making a geranium dress for my niece and I want to put ribbon on it like this dress. when and how did you do the ribbon, was it had sewn after the dress was done or was it stitched above the seam allowance before the skirt added?

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