Snail Trail Sleepsack for Hugo

We are big fans of the sleepsack around here. All three of my children needed a good snug swaddle to sleep for any decent amount of time. Plus our doctor mentioned multiple times at Hugo’s early checkups that we should NOT use a basic blanket to swaddle, that instead we should always use the velcro swaddler, so there you go. They’ve gotten plenty of use by our clan. So this free snuggler pattern from Lotta Jansdotter‘s Simple Sewing for Baby book on Make magazine’s site (that first link goes to something called a Craft podcast, but the free pattern is there…yeah, I’m confused by that too) seemed like the perfect way to pair some of the plain white Fanfare flannel I had in my stash with some new Lotus Pond snails!


The snuggler is easy to use, it’s just a matter of folding the two outer flaps over each other; your baby’s legs go in the pouch portion at the bottom.

Snail Trail Sleepsack

Snail Trail Sleepsack

Snail Trail Sleepsack

I should note that I didn’t find the free pattern to be completely intuitive; I had some issues piecing the pattern pages together (an issue that would, admittedly, have been a non-issue if I had actually purchased the book rather than downloading the free version…you get what you pay for am I right??) and the instructions took us a few thinks to get right, but once it was together it made total sense and I think the design is totally adorable. So there’s that for my 2-cent review. Most importantly, Hugo will sleep in it, so clearly he likes it too!

This snail fabric is one of the prints from my new line of fabrics for Cloud9, Lotus Pond! To see all the posts from our Lotus Pond Extravaganza, click HERE.

26 thoughts on “Snail Trail Sleepsack for Hugo

  1. I made a few of these for my boy, but he was always too big for them unfortunately… It is a v cute pattern, and great in your fabric!

    • I got the impression — though I didn’t really push it — that they were afraid the regular blankets would come undone and suffocate the baby. The velcro seemed to make them feel more certain that it would be less of a suffocation hazard, because it sticks shut I guess?

  2. Hi Rae,
    I’ve read your post already on Facebook and would like to ask you something about the experience: How long will it fit? My little one is two weeks younger than your sweet boy and I wonder if it would make sence to sew it up right now. How long would it last?
    All the best!

    • So this swaddler seems like it won’t fit much longer — I love it right now but I’m guessing in a few weeks it will be too small. Should have sewn it up right from birth I think, though my sister is having a baby so I figured if it didn’t fit we’d just pass it on to her.That said, it’s a pretty quick project so if you think you’re up for it it could still get some use!!

  3. OMG – Hugo is SO CUTE! The expression on his face is hilarious, I wanna eat him up! The snuggler is adorable too. Both my kids were snuggle/swaddle haters. They needed them to sleep but always broke out!

  4. Wow, this is incredibly cute! I love it. I’m really curious – do you know why the dr recommended not using swaddling blankets? I’m a doula and lactation counselor (though I haven’t been working as one in a couple of years) and I have never heard that before. However, the research I was exposed to was pretty anti-swaddling in general – blankets or swaddlers. That said, I think everyone has to do what works for them. πŸ™‚

    • I *think* (?) that they were afraid the regular blankets would come undone and suffocate the baby. The velcro seemed to make them feel more certain that it would be less of a suffocation hazard, because it sticks shut I guess?

      • Thanks, Rae. We have a baby due at the end of July, so I was curious as to how/if the recommendations had changed. πŸ™‚ The things I had read against swaddling were in regard to the overbundling and SIDS correlation and then, like another commentor had said, something about an increased risk for hip dysplasia. Some of my lactation counselor/consultant friends have also said something about not swaddling during breastfeeding because it’s important for the baby’s hands to be free and I can’t remember why. This all said, I know there are lots of people who advocate for swaddling (most even?) and that it’s a lifesaver for so many people, so I wasn’t asking to be judgmental at all. I sure hope it didn’t come across that way. πŸ™‚ I’m not the best at staying up on the current research anymore and I just hadn’t heard that before.

  5. Swaddling totally encouraged here in Australia, would love to have made my babies their own personal ones. Well maybe if number 3 comes along… !

  6. Lovely! And are your floors oak or ash and do you know the stain?? We are reno’ing πŸ˜›

    • hmm don’t know…I should probably know this!! But they were done before we bought the house. I do know that they are pre-finished Chelsea plank floors. Maybe that helps?

  7. Maybe the anti blanket thing is because they’re moving away from having their hips swaddled in because of the potential risk to babies with a predisposition for hip displasia. We used muslin swaddles but just around his upper body, so the same as these kind of bags.

    Love the colours. Going to have to track some down for my 5m old! I think he is in need of snail pants!

  8. Gorgeous! With number 4 due in late November will have to make some of these. My other 3 just wouldn’t stayed wrapped in the muslin wraps I had used for them. Their little fists always managed to wriggle their way out and I was always scared of wrapping them too tight!

  9. I just bought like 8 million yards of your colourful snail fabric, and the gold snails too, and the orange frogs… I LOVE your fabrics!!!
    My little brother is going to be born early November and I’ve been making several pairs of Big Butt Baby Pants!!!
    Also- I love your Fanfare range of fabrics but you should consider printing this fabric out in a plain cotton, I love the flannel but it’s going to be Summer when he’s born so flannel doesn’t really work but I still would really like to buy it, elephants are foxes are totally adorable.
    Thankyou for your awesome patterns and gorgeous fabrics πŸ™‚
    xx Alexandra

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