The baby is 2 months old already. Whaaaaaat?!


I figure it’s about time for a HUGO UPDATE! He’s now…um…about 2 and a half months old, so here are the photos I took of him when he turned 1 month and 2 months old. I especially like that first one where he is cross-eyed. In my head, I was going to post awesome weekly photos of him in his handmade clothes on my blog with updates on his developmental milestones, you know, in between all of the other amazing things I was sewing for my other kids. BWUAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!! That’s a good one.


In reality, he grew out of most of the newborn stuff I made him before I could take any pictures (WHEN did THAT happen?), I haven’t sewn much at all, for anyone, and I’ve forgotten to write down most of the cool things he’s been doing like chewing on his hand and smiling at us and that one week when he started crying real tears instead of just making a lot of noise and it just about broke my heart.


I only slept about 4 hours last night (which is actually pretty strange because overall he’s been doing quite well at night) so I really can’t think of anything else interesting to say because my brain is just going MORE COFFEE MORE COFFEE MORE COFFEE right now, so I think that may have to be it for this post. XOXO, Rae


*Please don’t repost/pin pictures of Hugo. Thanks!*

16 thoughts on “The baby is 2 months old already. Whaaaaaat?!

  1. He is adorable. I always think I am super woman and can do all those things. Then I remember that to four little people I AM super woman and have to do nothing special at all, just be me! Even when that is a slightly frazzled mom with hair that was washed….. uhm, I can’t remember. (I do shower daily though)

  2. Hugo is so cute, and look at how much he’s grown!!! BTW I love those chairs you have him propped up in.

  3. I’m sure I’ve asked yout his before but which chair is this? I adore it. Is it from DWR?

    HE’s adorable! I can’t believe he’s already 2 mths!!! Where has the time gone! What a cutie!

    • Yeah they’re the Eames molded plastic chairs with the eiffel legs; DWR has some awesome new colors (like a shiny green that I LOVE)!

  4. Oh my yes, I remember that happy fog of fatigue you live in with a new baby. I will imagine all the cool photos of him in your mama-made things. I adore his cutey cute face. The lips! He looks so much like your other kids. Enjoy your time and get some coffee for pity’s sake.

    • I didn’t make these particular ones, but I have made diapers for hugo (newborn ones that he’s now too big for)

  5. He is so beautiful, and so much personality in his face already! Unlike mine, your kids definitely look related.
    So great that he is sleeping well at night. My daughter is still waking up twice at night and is mostly up at 5ish and she is almost 9 months old!
    I can barely function, my latest test-knit has been really rough-going because my brain is like, omg MATH??

  6. he looks so much bigger after a month. No wonder he grew out of his newborn things. It is comforting you couldn’t do much that sewing. When my babes were newborns i could barely do much beyond look after the baby in my sleep-deprived state!

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