Gold Dot Knit Dress


I should have considered the fact that this shade of nudey-beige is NOT the most flattering shade on me before buying yards and yards of this dotted knit last spring, but I was drawn like a magpie to those gold dots and I just couldn’t resist. In fact I broke a number of my own “rules for buying knits,” as it ended up being more sheer than expected (I didn’t request a swatch), and it was pretty cheap, which seemed great until I realized I was starting to get a pilly knit dress. Why oh why did I think it would be different this time? Two words: GOLD DOTS.


I also should have remembered that I’m at least a whole size larger than I was last summer when I decided to add a longer skirt to the same pattern I used for the Strawberry Peplum Top. As a result, I now have a really cute dress that is waaaay too tight on the top half. But it has GOLD DOTS!! Even with a tank top underneath it shows EVERY line of my bra, which you can see in the last picture of this post, and is pretty embarrassing. I keep wearing it though. Despite the pilling and sheerness and the fact that this project was probably Not A Win. I think we all know why.


On the plus side, the pink scarf (JCrew, two seasons ago) does two things for this dress: it covers up some of the sheerness and tightness, and it adds some delicious color to the ensemble.


I love the aqua flower necklace (found locally at a gift shop in Kerrytown) with it too, but I need to figure out a solution to the “skin-tight” problem if I’m going to wear this without the scarf in public, as you can see above. One possible solution is to just wear the baby in a carrier over it, like I did to a wedding a couple weeks ago. After all, babies make great accessories.

12 thoughts on “Gold Dot Knit Dress

  1. Ha! I bought some of that fabric too, because GOLD DOTS. When it came in the mail I decided to just sew it into an infinity scarf and I didn’t even wash it because I just knew it would pill up! Hey- it’s a cute dress, even if it doesn’t last. And babies are indeed a great accessory 🙂

  2. the exact same thing happened to me!!! i bought 3 yards of this because i was lured in by those gold dots. but yeah i also experienced the faux naked effect from the color and cheapo sheerness.

    just keep repeating, GOLD DOTS…GOLD DOTS…

  3. I love the pretty dress!!! an easy solution would be a jeans jacket, that way you can still see the necklace. You are so talented! I’m just learning teaching myself with a 4 year old and 2 year old so it’s taking some time.

  4. being not a huge fan of the whole “OMBRE EVERYTHING” I actually think that might be a good solution for this predicament. Dip dye the skirt to bring the bright color it needs. Test a scrap, the gold dots might still be gold……

  5. Man, I totally bought this stuff too. In person! Clover has a very pilly beige nightgown now. It was supposed to be a dress from a fbst hack, but she refused to wear it until it was too short to be a dress. I had trouble using it with a freezer paper stencil too when I made a tee for violet. At the time, I didn’t realize there was synthetic in it. I never buy synthetic! And I hate when I get the bra line problem. At least your problem is due to some glorious Hugo boobs. High five!

    Can you add a placket to the front and wear it partway unbuttoned for extra breathing room? The scarf trick works great too. And yeah I hide under the baby carrier all the time. Hahahaha. Hides the belly too.

  6. Gold dots! Maybe layer a cardi or blazer over it? Also it’ll probably fit better when you’re finished nursing. I put on a woven top the other day and the darts are now totally in the wrong place since I’m nursing. Haha.

  7. I’ve been a lurker for a long time and this is my first comment. It’s nice to see that even though you are a sewing/pattern designer/fabric designer rockstar, that even in your world, projects don’t always turn out as expected. Gold dots, bling bling, we all have fallen for the sparklies before 😉

  8. Thank you for sharing a less than perfect project — I appreciate the honesty. Too often internet-world makes everything seem perfect and easy. 🙂 I bought a dress in a similar nude-ish color last summer. Loved the cut, it was inexpensive, etc. I’ve worn it once. Ugh. Yours is a lot nice though. Gold Dots!!! Have a great weekend.

  9. Love the dress, even if it is a bit tight! I’m glad I’m not the only one with child #3 as well – mine’s 2 months old! What diaper pattern did you use? I have a few cloth diapers, but not enough, and making them in cute fabrics looks like fun!

  10. you know who looks good in this color, fits in this dress, and has a nude slip? YOUR LITTLE SISTER. just saying…if you find it falling to the back of your closet, i can HELP YOU OUT.

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