Little Romper Thingy for the Drool Machine


This was a spur-of-the-moment project (inspired by this little romper on Pinterest).  As with the dress in the last post, sometimes when I wing it it works, sometimes it’s a disaster, and sometimes it just needs some tweaking.


please feel free to pin this romper but don’t pin any photos of Hugo — thanks!


I drew the pattern for this free-hand-style and cut and sewed most of it in less than an hour. The only step that took a bit more time was adding the snap placket to the inside of the legs.



This fit is a wee bit wide in the neck — he’s showin’ a little baby shoulder — and could use a little tweaking. Next time I’ll just make the neck smaller and narrower and add more length to make more room for his cloth diapers. The yellow striped knit was left over from this Flashback Tee I made for Clementine last fall — that’s the great thing about baby sewing projects, they take almost no fabric so it’s not a huge investment if it doesn’t work out. Wouldn’t a little micro-pocket look cute too?


I’m completely helpless when it comes to editing photos of Hugo. I can’t delete any. Even looking at this post I realize there are roughly four shots that all probably look the same to everyone else, but to me are so nuanced in expression they all needed to be included.


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17 thoughts on “Little Romper Thingy for the Drool Machine

  1. You do not need to edit the Pictures at all! Hugo is adorable! I’ve enjoyed your post of him. This morning I gave a load squee and made my Hubs come and see. 🙂 He said “cute baby”, so you get 2 comments in one for this post.

  2. Your baby is so adorable! Love the clasped hands–so sweet! I made a similar romper for my own bubby, who is just a month older than Hugo, using the front bodice from the Geranium pattern in the 3-6 month size. Then I just improvised the bottom. Worked like a charm!

  3. This pattern is what I love about your patterns. It is simple and straightforward with a “give it a try approach.” Things that look perfect never work out that perfect for me and then I get discouraged.

    Hugo is so expressive. Please don’t edit. Holding his little hands!! Did he just discover them?

  4. I love the chubs! He sure does look like a little Clementine, doesn’t he?! But all his own at the same time, I’m sure. So cute!

  5. “So nuanced in expression”…I love it! Hugo is luscious. No editing please! I was the same hopeless sap phtographing my third baby knowing he was my last (I also have boy, girl, boy). Enjoy every heavenly moment.

  6. aw that little hugo! this is such a fun age – aware of stuff like their siblings and their hands and feet…so cute. and i love this romper on him, great for summer!

  7. LOVE the romper & what a sweet little babe to fill it up. I just wanted to add a tip for those that may wing it & find this neck hole issue (I am good at creating this issue with wining it on clothes for my narrow shouldered baby)… If bad enough, you can opt to fix a few ways. One is to cut off the entire top & add a chest seam & new top (I like to use contrast or add piping detail, so it appears purposeful). A second option is to turn it into almost an overall style, so you are only removing the shoulder & replacing with straps & button holes. And of course, you can leave it when it isn’t so loose (like on Hugo here)…my skinny mini can just slide out the top of off the rack rompers many times. :/ I often use leftover & upcycle, so I tend to cut it close. I also modify off the rack, so when adding straps, it’s an excellent time to also add a pocket that matches your straps & then it certainly looks like it was always meant to be that way. 🙂

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