Made for my kids

Made For Kids 2014

It’s JULY! and that means that Made For Kids Month is officially over! This challenge was really fun! I went easy on myself and told myself it was OK if I didn’t get a photo of my children wearing handmade every day, not only because they had a few days when they were less than cooperative, but also because they didn’t actually wear handmade clothing EVERY day, which is fine. It also revealed some holes in their wardrobes (for instance, Elliot wears these red Parsley shorts almost every day, so it might be time to either make or buy him some more shorts). A no-pressure challenge was just about the right speed for me right now. Anyway, I managed to catch a photo of my kids wearing handmade every few days, so about a third of the time. Not bad for a mom with a newborn, right? How did you guys do? If you put together a round-up of your month, please post a link in comments so we can all take a look!

Made For Kids 2014

For more information on what this Made for Kids thing was all about, you can see my intro post HERE. Special thanks to Liesl for being such a fun co-host (you can see her Made for Kids posts right here, and her final roundup here), and thanks to everyone who played along! It was so fun looking at the #madeforkidsmonth tag on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram and seeing all your kids in handmade!

Made For Kids 2014

Made for Kids Month June 2014

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  1. These pictures are so cute! I love how much you were able to do with a newborn! I had a baby & 10 yo & never was as good as you about getting pictures. Of course that was in the 80s! So glad you share your children & their hand made clothing. I used cloth diapers at homeback then. So glad you use them.

  2. this was so fun. i loved taking photos of (and seeing) photos of kids in real life handmade outfits, not blog-styled outfits. i pretty much let mine pick their own outfits for MFKM (sometimes i’d make suggestions but for the most part they were all their own choices) so it was especially fun to see what got worn. let’s do it again next year!

  3. I didn’t follow through with getting pictures these last two weeks, but had fun participating at the beginning of the month! I too loved seeing all the pictures of kids in their clothes during everyday moments and wear. So fun- thanks for hosting!

  4. I had a lot of fun participating and seeing what other people’s kids were wearing. It was nice to see the everyday photos vs. staged photo shoots for a blog post. I kept it very low key (one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much, I think) and didn’t even tell the kids what was going on so that they wouldn’t purposedly choose handmades. Though, they did catch on mid-month.;) I hope Liesl and you do this again next year!

    My round-up:

  5. Where did you get the fabric for the coral and white striped leggings? I absolutely love them!

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