Bianca Top with poms

I went on a pom-pom purchasing binge at Purl about a month ago and this is the first garment I have managed to emblazon with my newly-acquired trims since then. There will be more OH YES THERE WILL BE MORE. I love it, despite the obvious impracticalities (will the baby eat my shirt? how will I wash this?).


I have always harbored a love of pom-poms. I would even argue I loved them BEFORE they made their recent resurgence in popularity *looks smug.* As evidence, see my pom-pom scarf and this pom-pom cowl for Clementine. This is the first time I have experimented with pom-poms this large on a piece of clothing rather than an accessory, however.


During this top’s construction, I solicited opinions via Instagram as to whether or not I should also add pom-poms to the armhole. Some felt it was very chic ala Frida Kahlo. Others mentioned a slight resemblance to a mariachi outfit. In the end, it seemed there was a pretty solid 50/50 division on opinions, so I decided against it.


I made the top using my Bianca pattern (Bianca is available as a PDF sewing pattern here) and a lovely off-white swiss dot, which is fairly easy to find, so it’s a nice garment fabric if you usually have trouble finding solid fabrics for garments. It has a drape similar to the Free Spirit voiles, but is lighter and less silky, making it an incredibly comfortable top. I chose to use the elastic shirring rather than an elastic casing (the Bianca pattern has options for both), and attached the facings to the outside of the garment after basting the pom-poms to the edges.


So. Would you wear pom-poms?

10 thoughts on “Bianca Top with poms

  1. I’d wear pompoms on a scarf, but honestly, that’s probably it. I’m SO unadventurous with clothes, though. I’m a mom and I’m in the garden and school gardens all the time and I teach piano a couple days a week, so except for teaching days it’s best if I wear my grubby stuff.

    • Oh haha you are TOTALLY right!! I completely forgot about that dress!! Ok, I will update the post — this is the first time I’ve used BIG poms on a women’s garment!

  2. Yep! I love this idea! I was looking for something to add to a plain shirt and think this might be it. I like the idea of monochromatic colors. Grey shirt, black poms etc. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the pom poms…not sure *I* could pull it off, but I’m no Rae 😉 I have however been scouring every inch of the earth and for rainbow pom pom trim, preferably without purple so I don’t have to do all the cutting and piecing. Have you ever seen any? I found one on ebay, but it’s from china and I’m just not so sure…and it has purple.

  4. Love your yoke of pom-poms!! I have always loved pom-poms, too! I had ball fringe curtains in my bedroom growing up and I still pine for them (my husband is not a fan). I have a beach cover up shirt that I made from a big man’s oxford. I put ball fringe around the bottom hem and then cut off the cuffs on the long sleeves and sewed ball fringe there as well. I then used the cuffs as curtain holdbacks.

  5. No, I would not wear pom poms, but its just a matter of personal taste. I feel like, in my late twenties, I already look like a 12 year old so I’d rather not encourage the look. They look nice on you though! (P.S. If you liked pom poms before they made their resurgence, does that make you a pom pom hipster?)

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