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I’ve spent a great deal of time lately pondering blogs, how blogging has changed, and what the future of blogging might look like. It’s hard to remember, but when I started reading blogs back in 2006, blog photos were tiny and the focus was on writing and journaling rather than on design. Naturally blogs — especially sewing and DIY blogs — have evolved to focus on the visual and design aspect, which I love, but I do miss the everyday blatherings that used to typify blog posts. People felt more free I think to just ramble on about their day, which felt more personal. But as average reader attention span has decreased and more and more readers are using Instagram and Facebook to keep up with their favorite bloggers, blogs in general have changed.

As of this month I have been blogging here at Made By Rae for seven years. SEVEN. YEARS!!! Elliot was just a wee six months old (as Hugo is right now) and I was just starting to emerge out of the baby haze. After my previous job as a physics teacher, motherhood felt rather unstructured and haphazard. This blog was a fun way to chart my accomplishments, a place to keep track of the things I had managed to create, a way to feel productive, and most importantly, connect with other creative people. What started as just a simple journal of projects has now morphed into something much, much bigger.

I’ve just been through a ginormous web overhaul with the help of the web design firm Aeolidia (this is actually the second overhaul I’ve ever done; the first was in 2011 when I hired a local design firm here in Ann Arbor to help turn my Blogger site into a WordPress site — you can see the launch post and pics of that here if you like). It had been a few years since I had done a redesign, and in addition to a new shop (which I’ll give you a tour of very soon), I wanted to give the blog a makeover as well, to spruce it up a bit. I was getting sick of the old aqua nav bar and wanted a bit of a change. I also had a project carousel on the old blog that wasn’t going to work with the latest version of WordPress, and I’m not even sure anyone was using that thing anyway. 

shiny new blog!!!

So even though it’s been up and running for a few weeks now already, I wanted to show it off and point out a few things about my SHINY NEW BLOG that I think you might like:

1 // Ok first of all, doesn’t it look pretty?? New, more pastel colors! Cute little graphics! Fancy fonts!!!

2 // We’ve added links to the shop in the upper right hand side of the blog so it’s easy to find the patterns (including the free ones) in the PATTERN SHOP

3 // There are two new nifty newsletter sign up forms on the sidebar. Entering your email address into the box that says “Subscribe to posts by email” will actually deliver an email to your inbox whenever I post a new blog entry! You can even read entire posts right there in your email, and it looks just like it does here on the blog. The newsletter is less frequent and usually contains news about new patterns, sales, new fabrics, and other updates from me.

4 // I’ve added a section for TOPICS, where you can find the various topics I’ve covered in post series like Knits, Celebrate the BOY, and Spring Top Sewalongs. Leave comments if you have questions or ideas for what else you’d like to see in the topics section!


5 // The “favorite posts” section on the sidebar shows the most popular posts on this blog, which might make it easier for you to find the most popular freebies and tutorials on Made By Rae.


6 // The TUTORIALS page is very similar to what I had before and it’s always been one of the most popular places for blog visitors!

7 // I’ve also still got the archives section set up on the sidebar near the bottom of the page so that you can see every post I’ve ever written, should you have the urge to go back and peruse the archives.

8 // The FABRICS page is pretty cool; you can see all the posts I’ve written about each line of fabrics, as well as go to the stockist lists on the Cloud9 website if you want to find out where to buy each line.

9 // The Rae Made Me Do It photo pool has a special little spot down at the foot of the page — I just LOVE seeing all the projects you’ve made with the patterns and tutorials.


Anyway, that’s a quick tour of the blog! I want to give a HUGE thank you to Aeolidia, and especially Christine and Shoshanna for me to helping execute what I’m sure was a much more ambitious project than anyone anticipated. The folks at Aeolidia were kind, patient (I did go and have a baby about halfway into the project, so that slowed things down considerably), and a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them if you are interested in taking a website/blog/shop to the next level. I also really need to thank my lovely coworkers Jessica and Elli for all of the hard work they put into updating the new blog and shop as well!

And getting back to the topic of reader attention…if you’ve read this far, I give you a gold star for defying the norm. GO YOU and your ABOVE AVERAGE ATTENTION SPAN!!! Since you’re obviously a top-notch blog reader, I’d love to have your feedback on my blog. Do you think the blog is a dying platform? What do you think about the changing internet? Are you still a “blog person?” Or do you prefer to get your updates from other places online?

Speaking of which…you can also find me on: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Heh!

59 thoughts on “Shiny New Blog!!!

  1. The blog looks great! I love the font you are using also. As a fellow sewing blogger I can appreciate all the details you’ve added to each section and tips. As a web designer I have to say everything looks very stylish and clean. Great job!

  2. I enjoy blogs; I’ve been reading yours for years (my first sewing project for my first daughter was the Itty Bitty Baby Dress and I’m loosing count of how many Geranium dresses I’ve made but it’s well into the double digits). I use Facebook for my “real-life” friends and family. I’m not on Twitter or Instagram.

    I don’t think project blogs are dying. I do appreciate hearing about personal lives, like your musings about Hugo as a last child versus how you were with the others. I like knowing who you make the projects for, and why. It’s not just a cute new top, it’s an alteration to be more nursing compatible and hide a post-partum tummy because that’s what you really need for your life. It’s not just a pair of pants for a boy, it’s how he runs and plays and loves a certain color and goodness he keeps growing!

    The design aesthetic is beautiful. I also love the font here in the comment box. It’s making me happy as I type. 🙂

  3. Hi Rae! The new blog looks great. I feel like the patterns are easier to find.

    As for blogs… I am definitely still a blog person. I feel there has been a shift, lately, but I can’t tell if that’s because there is a natural progression on individual blogs (start out with few readers, gain a following, start making money, get bigger, have sponsors, etc) or if there really is change afoot. There are a few ‘newer’ blogs out there that I really like, but also some other bloggers that I love that don’t post much anymore (if at all). Maybe that’s just the normal ebb-and-flow? I also follow bloggers I like on instagram…

    I’ve been following your blog for a year or two; I love seeing what you make for yourself and your kids.

  4. I really love the new shiny blog!
    As for if blogs are dying…I’m not sure. I for one love being able to quickly look through instagram but I enjoy the much deeper info and personal connection I get through reading a blog. Also I love details and you just don’t get those with facebook/instagram. In short I think for some blogging is going out but I like to think all the changes in the internet gives bloggers an opportunity to reach a bigger audience :0)

  5. I’m still a blog person!

    I really like your blog posts– they really inspire me to try new things. As a quilter who’s really only getting started sewing other things, I find your tips, tutorials and patterns REALLY helpful. I think the blog is easier than most things to go find an old post (“didn’t I read something on Made by Rae about this?”).

    The new design looks great!

  6. Hmm. I think some of the platforms like Instagram and Facebook make it easier to find new artists and makers. I do, however, miss the depth that was often in blog posts. I enjoyed reading a number of blogs but have found that many people blog less frequently and now only post about sharing finished objects. The blogs feel a bit more “showoffy” without the daily thoughts and background interspersed. I follow some of these bloggers on instagram to keep in touch between blog posts. Hmm. I also miss the flickr community. I still post photos there because it helps me keep then organized. I do feel like there are too many places for people to post. I can’t keep up with everyone. I’ve been thinking I should go back to putting more of my artistic process back on the blog. It is more easily accessible there than on Instagram. That said, blogging takes a lot more time than posting to Instagram.

    • I still use Flickr too…I deliver all my photos from Flickr, because it supposedly makes the blog faster? anyway, I do actually like their copycat Social media look too even,

  7. I personally like reading the blog. I feel like Facebook is always bombarding me with adverts, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter don’t really give you an opportunity to get to know the person who is writing/blogging/whatever. So I don’t think it is dying! Or at least it better not die!

  8. The new design looks great! I love the clean, easy to read font and layout.
    I have not been blogging/reading blogs as long as you, but have seen some changes. I do see more less-personal, more-professional look blogs these days. I wonder if people like to keep personal things on facebook/instagram and have the blog for business only. I like blogs and don’t use other sns sites, I do not have time to check and keep up with them all. So I hope the blogs remain strong.
    btw, some photo pools in the gallery page has flicker tag errors.
    I may not comment as often, but I do love reading your blog!

  9. I’ve been reading your blog since before Clemintine was born, and have always loved it. I like when you mix funny stories with patterns and cloing for you and the kids. It seems like it’s getting harder to balance privacy and wanting to share things anywhere on the internet. And posting to Instagram is much easier than uploading pictures and writing text for a blog post but I hope you’ll continue. You always inspire me and make me laugh.

  10. Rae, the site looks beautiful. I am sure it feels so good to get it done. I am definitely a blog person and don’t mind lots of words. I miss those days a bit when bloggers were more free to just ramble on as you said. Don’t get me wrong, the gorgeous photos are always appreciated but I know how hard and time consuming it is to write a post nowadays(why my own blog is so lacking) and it seems more and more bloggers are getting worn out and moving onto other things. I always love what you share and please don’t stop! I know how hard it is to juggle with little ones, you’re doing awesome.

  11. I’m still very VERY much a ‘blog person’! I love it when my fave blogs have new posts for me to actually read (and, yes, I do read them). I don’t know if that makes me antiquated or not : )

  12. I have heard (ahem, read) the sewing blog format described as the modern version of the sewing circle, and I find that, for me at least, that rings true; I read sewing blogs for inspiration, so I suppose Instagram and Facebook could provide that, but I read a few blogs daily because I treasure the words, the personal glimpses that make the online sewing world feel like a real community. As for the future of blogging … I find myself wondering abou that as well. The relationship between blogger is so one-sided that I can only imagine it being draining, in the long run, so I suspect there is an innovation waiting around the corner somewhere.

  13. I like it! I prefer to read blog posts vs. snapshots via Instagram. I love the little snippets of life that are sandwiched in between patterns launches and fabric photos.:). Don’t stop blogging, I enjoy your smiling face and seeing the kiddos grow.

  14. I have been a Made by Rae reader for 5+ years. And call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer to read my favorite blogs, yours being one of them. I believe that there will always be a place for well designed and well written blogs. I think when it all shakes out, many people will eventually tire of the abbreviated “drive-thru” style of instagram, twitter, and facebook. Not that those will completely go away either, but rather that some individuals will desire content that is more substantive and restful, and really quite enjoyable. Love the blog re-design!

  15. I have read your blog since the Itty-Bitty dress days. 🙂 My blog feed is short, and I mostly stick with the old-school type who blog personally and with minimal commercial interruptions. If you know what i mean. Good writing is a plus/must.

    I keep up with a (few) blogs through FB if I don’t care for the writing but want a quick look at their projects.

    I don’t Instagram. Or use Instagram. Or whatever part of speech IG is. Ha.

    So no, blogs are not dying for me, as long as there are good blogs to read. I want to maintain my longer than average attention span! and I hope you keep blogging! particularly in your original, chatty style. I have always liked how your patterns develop via the blog and you ask for reader-input. And I don’t mind lapses in posts either. This is real life and you are busy.

    P.S. And I am *finally* making a Charlie dress for my gals this Fall. Soon. I so enjoy making and seeing my girls wear your patterns. 🙂

    • whoa!! you are a REAL old-timer!! so glad to know you’ve stuck around!. and yay for Charlie dresses! can’t wait to see them.

  16. I love the blog. I don’t have a particular stance on blogs as a concept and didn’t know there was a debate about them dying even, but I do check in to them often, especially as a break from other work or family stuff on other formats. So yep, I guess I am a regular blog reader and will continue to be. And yours is a firm favourite. I love the writing, the help we get with our own sewing and the patterns. It’s more about you than the mechanics of the blog, of course! But the lovely new site is some gorgeous packaging for the whole MBR experience. And, FYI, I am channeling the knit fearlessness and experimenting with a walking foot right now this very evening. I think it may just work… Thanks again. JG (aka that woman in Morocco).

    • JG: You know, I will always know exactly who you are…no reminders needed!! 🙂 I think I still owe you an email — from the day Hugo was born in fact — on the topic of knits+wovens. Time is hard to find!

      And yeah…now I’m worried I’m starting rumors (“RAE SAID BLOGS ARE DYING!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!”) but the phrase I keep seeing on IG is “IG killed my blog,” meaning, I spend so much time on IG and it’s easier so I stopped blogging. That’s part of what has me thinking — there are some people, at least, who have quit blogging because it’s just easier to use Instagram. And I know some people just spend all of their time on Facebook. Google Reader is gone, so… unless you picked a substitute or don’t mind typing in web addresses or using bookmarks… Anyway.

      • Glad the sky isn’t falling! My list of things to remember not to panic about keeps growing. Judging from all of our comments, I think all of these formats have their natural uses. I was just considering joining IG this very afternoon. I couldn’t think of another way to share the fact that my husband had asked me to patch his shirt, just a functional mend on a rip at the back. He said it only needed to hold together for a trip to a malarial zone (messy work, good garment cover) and didn’t matter what it looked like. So, I patched it nicely with an appropriate fabric and thread and thought ‘job-done’. Then my eyes wandered to the decorative heart stitches and my glossy red machine embroidery thread. So I added one. He had said he didn’t care what it looked like, after all, in his cameramanly way. He thought it was hilarious. Good sport. Ha, anyway, struck me as an IG moment.
        No worries on the reply, btw… you were pretty busy. My favourite thing about blogs is the amazing education we get, combined with the wonderful sense of friendly community. My only regret is when the bloggers who provide such a kind and generous service apologise for less than infinite efforts. The only things that should be infinite are your scarves (unless you, like me, are still into the traditional finite scarf).
        Keep doing what you’re doing. You do it well. x

  17. Love the new look! I think you’re right about blogging changing and it does seem to be more polished and picture heavy and less day to day stuff but it could just be the blogs I read. I am still in baby haze so anything new appears on instagram weeks before it makes it to my blog. My babies don’t sleep either apparently so who knows when/if I’ll be a regular blogger again.

  18. I like it! And I really love your patterns. All of mine have turned out.
    And I am that type of reader who still likes the written word- I like the harlot’s writing style and smitten kitchen and knit and tonic too. That’s what you’re reminds me of! Oh and organgette too!
    Thanks for keeping it going as some of my favorites are melting away.

  19. I love your new blog page. And I do prefer reading blogs. They are much more personal, better information and I have learned so much from reading them, and getting to know the blogger’s. Thanks for staying in this format. Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are okay, but often it’s just too much information “in your face” at one time. I like to read and enjoy my favorite blogger’s. Keep it up! We love you!

  20. The new site looks great! I know what you mean about pondering blogging and how it’s changed, I wrote a post about it on my personal blog ( not too long ago myself.

  21. First of all, the new blog looks AMAZING. I love it. Also, how did I go this long without realizing/learning that you used to teach physics?!? That’s what I do right now! Thanks for the new blog tour. I do like to follow along with people on Instagram, but one of my weekly rituals is sitting down and catching up on blog posts (I think of it like my crafting newspaper).

  22. I can’t believe blogs are “old fashioned” already. Good grief.

    I’ve been blogging since my son was born over 8 years ago and I don’t have a wide readership, but I keep on keepin’ on because it’s something I like to do.

    I, for one, love your posts and patterns. Good work!

  23. I have read your blog since Clementine was a baby. I enjoy your writing, your pictures, the pictures of What Rae Made Me Do, etc. I really enjoy keeping up with your family doings and the children growing like weeds. Also, I always enjoy seeing pictures of your shop in action. It has been lovely sharing your happiness and success!

    I check for posts every day! I really like the new blog! I think blogs are changing. I also HOPE that blogs are not on their way out. I read my favorite blogs every day. I am only on Facebook to keep up with family. I click on Flickr or Instagram on each blog when there is something on the blog that catches my eye. I am not on Twitter. I realize how much time, effort, work, energy goes into your posts. I appreciate it very much. I do hope you continue on. I enjoy the feeling of community among the sewing blogs, the Mom and Grandma blogs, etc. I don’t think I have ever commented before. I made up for that in this one fell swoop! 🙂 Sheryl in WA State

  24. I don’t think blogs are an outdated platform, at least not for blog readers. I think the problem is many long-term bloggers have found Facebook and Instagram to be a faster, easier, and more instantly-gratifying way to connect with “readers”. Less time is spent creating content for blogs; more energy is put into real-time conversations via other social media. The bloggers’ shift of focus has steered readers to frequent other platforms, not the other way around.

  25. Love your new look and I love blogs in general. Can’t stand Facebook which seems to randomly pick and choose what I should be looking at, and IG is fun but has no substance. I love reading the stories behind the ideas or photos, love the process explanations, that sort of thing. IG’s a bit of a tease, but blogs are robust and dependable. I think blogs are still going strong but comments are much harder to come by – folks don’t have the time or can’t be stuffed with those silly little phone/ipad keyboards. I miss the comments, but I still really enjoy posting on my blog, not just for others but as a record for myself and my littles. I hope everyone keeps up with blogging as I love seeing (in depth) what people have been up to.

  26. Love the new look! Your site is always one of the first I come to when I want to look at how blogs are styled. I’ve always liked the look of your blog. I can’t decide what is happening with blogs. I remember when I started following blogs and I had a huge list of favorites that I would click through every few days to see if anything was new. Boy, how times have changed! Now there are so many ways to follow a blog, but I get overwhelmed a bit because I think I follow too many, and then I often just end up browsing the pictures, when I started reading blogs for the writing! Where’s my crystal ball when I need it?!

  27. I’m still a blog reader. I’ve noticed the shift as a non-blogger. And in some ways it’s frustrating. I don’t like the super small soundbites from micro blogging. I’d rather dig in and have something meaty to experience. I’m not sure that blogging is dying either. I mean, folks have been saying for a while that print media is going away. And then I just read an article that the number of independent book stores is growing. Go figure.

    I do like the redesign a lot. Very clean, uncluttered, and the colors are nice still bright but more subdued. It feels like a very natural evolution.

  28. Rae, I’ve been a reader of your blog for years and years…please keep blogging! Your blog is one of the four blogs on my bookmark bar alongside Gmail and The Weather Network. I check everyday and read everything you write 🙂 I only joined Instagram this summer and I’m not in the habit of checking it regularly yet.

  29. Lovin’ the new blog! It is fresh….

    Libby at Truly Myrtle asked the same thing about blogs awhile back. If I remember she was looking for the best way to keep in touch with her readers, whether via the blog or some other platform. I prefer the blogs. Facebook and IG can be just as personal but not in the same way that blogs are. I have thought many times about starting a blog (actually have it started just not started if you know what I mean) because I really would prefer to have my loved ones see us from afar easily but not in a limited number of characters. I love the openness that bloggers share with us and it isn’t the overt openness i tend to see elsewhere. It seems to be a truly special and shared connection that you enjoy giving as much as we enjoy reading.

  30. Love the redesign and still love reading your entries. I like the detail and the humor! I don’t think blogs are dying. I spend more time reading blogs with good/interesting writers (like you), and am less patient with less organized writing. That could be the “mom of two live wire kids” factor, but I think its also like finding your favorite authors and sticking with them. You do a great job writing technical information and making it funny; stick with it!

  31. The new blog looks fantastic! I may have to “borrow” the color scheme for a quilt! I used to love reading blogs, but now so many posts are sponsored and don’t feel genuine (some sponsored posts are fine, bloggers have to make a living too!, but if that is every post, I am not interested) and I think people don’t feel free to be as personal as they used to. I mostly stick to crafty blogs and instagram now.

  32. Beautiful refresh of your blogspace, Rae! I’ve been with you a long while (I came over from your sister’s knitting blog, maybe in 2008?) and I personally love the longer narrative style of blogging. Maybe someday I’ll get with the cool kids and join Instagram and all that nonsense that my middle school students love. In the meantime, count on me to read to the very, very end.

  33. Hey Rae! I love that you brought up this topic! It’s so interesting. I’m kind of an anachronism in that I quit both FB and IG. I did so for a couple of reasons – 1 – it seems like people who have a lot of time for FB in particular can be downers or people who like to stir up conflict by posting provocative things. I get that that’s a huuge generalization and maybe it was just my feed but ain’t nobody got time for that. 🙂 2 – I could easily get sucked into IG and it was a big time waster for me. I found whenever I had a few moments, I’d be checking, which is totally MY problem. My husband and I joke that our kids’ generation as adults will be on their therapists’ couches saying their parents spent their childhoods on their phones. I think it’s a real problem in our culture, in fact, when my sister-in-law came to visit from Cambodia she said the biggest thing that has changed in the US since she last visited 3 years ago is that everyone is on their phones, all the time. She found it very sad and I guess, so do I. I think we’re looking for connection and yet the studies I have read suggest ultimately social media makes us feel more lonely and anxious.
    I do enjoy blogs and I see them like I used to view magazines. When I want to decompress and be inspired, I like to read for 10 or 15 minutes, especially while I’m nursing. Blogs these days are so good that I actually think magazines pale in comparison – by a long shot actually.
    I think the bar now is so high for blogs. Waaaay higher than it was when I started blogging 6 years ago. And maybe this is why bloggers are turning to IG. It’s so much work and it’s hard to make money at it. For me, keeping my blog is like a part time job – except I don’t get paid. I am 100% okay with it. I sew what I want to sew, and I chronicle our photos and some family stories. I keep it as a record for myself and my kids. But we are not in a position where we are financially struggling, so this works for us. I enjoy the outlet as well as the connection with other bloggers. I think if one was struggling to make ends meet, it would be easy to resent blogging, just because of the amount of work it entails.
    And unrelated – I love this font, too! Maybe that’s why my comment is so long! 🙂

    • oh wow, so many good thoughts here. I totally agree it’s sad how addicted we are to our phones. We need to do something about this!!

      And I’m so glad you blog — I LOVE your blog!! The other day I was cruising your archives and I couldn’t believe how long you’ve been blogging. I love that you do it for fun. Keep it up, I really enjoy seeing your amazing creations!!

  34. So, while it may be (becoming?) old school, I really do love reading blogs. Even more old school, I never subscribe. I have a tab where I bookmark all of my favorite sewing blogs, and then I click to visit. I like the anticipation of whether or not there’s a new post. And reading the blogs is usually my indulgence time, when the kids nap or are at school, and I can grab a cup of tea. Even subscribing seems too automated to me. And, as it is, I can barely keep my inbox cleared out to my liking, so less emails is a good thing! The overall changes to blogging, the less personal content and more commercial shift re content and styling, is not my favorite. I’m with you- I like the hearing the silly stories about home life interspersed with sewing stuff. When I see a blog make a big change to be all about selling and self-promotion, I usually start following it a lot less. I like your decision to keep your sites separated somewhat. And I like the new design!

  35. I am definitely one of those people that loves blogs. I think that as a 20-year-old, people are surprised that I read blogs (especially what I think many people would consider “mom” blogs), but I really love them. Many of my favorite blogs are the ones that “talk” more than “show”. I love photos and pretty designs, but I also love hearing about people’s lives. Of course, it’s quicker to read the other blogs, but it’s also less meaningful. I don’t even subscribe- I like that I can simply check out the blogs I want to read when I feel like it, without feeling the pressure. There is one blog that I get posts by email, but I’ve stayed away from that with other blogs because it seems less personal. I’d much rather read blogs that are about life, struggles, joy, and adventures than those that are full of content just to have a better presence on Pinterest.

  36. Congratulations on your new blog design! It looks beautiful and I *love* the font in this comment box!
    I was a knitting/sewing/cooking blogger from 2005-2010 (and followed Elli’s blog too!) and went on hiatus when I had my daughter in 2011. When I was ready to think about returning, I realized that the blogging world had changed and the vast majority of my “blogging friends” were no longer blogging. It seemed like everyone was on FB and IG. While I use both for following friends and family, I actually don’t follow bloggers there. I find both platforms too overwhelming that way and feel like I can never keep up!
    I’ve been reading your blog for years – I can’t quite remember how many, but definitely at least four. I made the Big Butt Baby Pants in 2010 and I remember that when I emailed you with a question, you responded super quickly and you were so kind. Even though I don’t sew a whole lot anymore, I still enjoy reading your blog. Your always come across positive yet genuine. Thank you for blogging!

  37. Hey Rae,
    I love your new blog. Loved the old blog too. I agree with your post and a lot of the comments here that social media, on phones especially, have changed our consumption patterns, serving up a quick bite with little effort. Instagram is easier and faster than sitting and reading a blog. But for me, on IG I miss the feeling of having a relationship, of tracking the creative work, and seeing where someone will go next – “threading the needle”, if you don’t mind the pun. I follow so many people on IG that I don’t really have a sense of anyone’s body of work or creative style (apart from a few sewing celebrities). I have to go back into their list of images to remember who they are and what they’ve done. And you’re often wading through a lot of cat and dog pics, promotions, and other clutter.
    I love seeing the creative progression from the bloggers I choose to follow. It’s a shorter list, more carefully chosen because of the time commitment, and more fulfilling in the end. It’s the difference between cocktail chatter and a great dinner table conversation. You come away feeling more satisfied.
    All of this is to say that I think the pendulum will come back. There is too much great content on good blogs, and creative inspiration from good bloggers.
    Full disclosure – I’m a sponsor. I sponsor blogs I love and read regularly. BTW – The difference between blogs and social media is mirrored in the traffic they generate to my shop. Blog readers spend more time looking around, are more interactive, more purposeful, and the traffic you get from social media spend less time, look at fewer pages, are less interested in general. I don’t know if these are mutally exclusive groups, but the headspace they’re in coming from a blog has more value for me in the end.

  38. I love your new site design! I have made several of your patterns for my kids and loved them all!! I’m not sure if your site is functioning properly. When I click on your logo, the “home” page is your post from Sept. 2nd instead of showing your most recent post. I can get to the most recent post by clicking that post and skipping forward by each post. It could just be my computer, but you never know. 🙂

    • Hmmm that’s funny! I just tried it, and it goes to the latest post. But we’ll look into it. Thanks for letting me know, Holly!

  39. I miss the “blatherings on” that exemplified early blogging and the blogs I enjoy the most are the ones where bloggers talk about their normal day-to-day lives. If a blog has too many crafty sewing pics I get bored, and yes I sew and craft and enjoying seeing peoples projects, but in the context of their lives. That’s why I still read SouleMama and Posie gets Cozy. Their crafting isn’t divorced from the goings-on of their households, but part of the rhythm of life.

  40. Oh, boy! What a topic! I think about blogging and where it’s headed an awful lot. I’m quickly approaching my 8 year anniversary and it causes a lot of reflection. Personally I hate reading the phrase “IG killed my blog”. I think people that say that may feel guilty that they don’t blog anymore, therefore proving the merits of blogging? I don’t know, I haven’t figured it out. But I do think that SOMEbody needs to write the content. Right? It’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out.

    I’m very thankful to have loyal readers who have supported me over the years. It’s quite a compliment.

    I think your new website is great! It looks happy and clean. Polished and consistent. Well done, all around!

    • Thanks so much for commenting Amanda! Yes I agree I cringe when I hear the “IG killed my blog” but I think you are right that it is mainly guilt-motivated. But I think that is unfounded — no one should ever feel guilty for not blogging, because then it is a chore. And yes, someone needs to provide the content, I agree. And thank you for the compliments on the site(s)!

  41. I love blogs. I come for the READING. I like pictures but it’s hearing about people’s thoughts that I really want. When there’s too many pictures I jump to another blog. So … we exist! Thanks Rae for making the effort to share your thoughts with us.

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