It feels like weeks since I posted. I’ve tried so many times to sit down at the computer to pound out a blog post, and it just hasn’t happened. Too many other things going on. For one, The Little Dude is getting more active every day. I’m going to have to either embrace a patchwork work schedule for the foreseeable future, or else figure out some childcare pretty soon. I realized the other day that by this age, I already had Clementine at a babysitter two mornings a week. It’s hard though…when you’re on your last baby, you want to soak up every moment. And as I typed out those words, I realized that was totally an insult to Clementine, like saying “hey, middle kid: not as important!! Go chill with the babysitter!!!” SORRY CLEMENTINE. Ack. Hee.

Anyway, you can see from these pictures that Hugo is growing like a little weed. Sitting in a high chair!?! Dropping toys!?!! It’s killing me.


Another reason I haven’t been writing blog posts lately is that all my computer time has been spent working on my next fabric collection for Cloud9. YAY!!! I’m super excited about this one you guys. Not sure when I will be able to show you anything but I’ll be sure to dish as soon as I can! Before that I was working on launching a new shop for the sewing patterns (you’ll have to click over to see it if you haven’t already!) and if you’re here on the blog you can see some new colors and fonts and and we rearranged some stuff over here too so it’s nice and shiny and new. The blog has been buggy as hell since we launched but pretty soon I’ll give you the tour. And then there’s a secret sewing project I’m working on. Plus we just got proofs to review from the printer because I’m putting Geranium into print. OK, so I’m busy…I guess I have an excuse. But my blog…see, it seems to me like my blog is the machine that keeps everything else moving, and it’s the place online where I want to be present, more than any other, so to neglect it feels a little strange.


And then: my grandmother passed away last week after a very long life (96 years), so my family gathered last weekend for her funeral and burial, to celebrate her life. It was sad to say goodbye to her, but I had a nice time with my family, reminiscing about Grandma and what a character she was. We lost my Grandpa just a year and a half ago — he was 99 — so it felt a bit like a replay. We were all just there, together, but this time it was for her, if that makes sense. I could write about Grandma for pages (and maybe sometime I will), but for now just processing the fact that she is gone seems like it’s enough.

OK, that’s the latest. Gotta go. xoxo

15 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. My condolences Rae on your Grandma’s passing. Funerals are nice for bringing folks together if for nothing else.

    Hugo looks darling and huggable. Which reminds me that at age just turned three, my son declared his super power name to be The Great Huggable.

  2. Hey cute little baby. You look so cute..awwww..
    Actually I was in search of cute little baby clothes and I got redirected to your blog. Such a Nice and Cute pictures and dress too, just love it.
    Anyways Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just found your page and am loving it. Love all the great ideas for boys! (I will soon have my 3rd grandson, yeah!) I am loving that red booster chair. Did you make it or buy it and if so where can I find it. Thanks for you posts and Family always comes first.

    • Just saw the above response on the chair “Stokke Tri[[ Trapp” . Guess I should read not only the comments but the responses before I ask a question. Again, Thanks for your wonderful posts.

  4. I was struck by how this post captures the crazy dichotomies of life – the highs, lows and chaotic business that fill our day to day. Celebrating a new life but wondering how can time be passing so darn fast. Mourning the end of a loved one’s life, but cherishing the memories. Trying to budget enough time to be present where we want to be (the blog!) but without sacrificing new and exciting opportunities (the fabric lines, patterns, etc.). Your life sounds particularly busy right now. I hope you are able to enjoy the good parts and pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments. Would love to hear some Grandma stories some time. I think storytelling is so important for keeping memories alive! Your blog is such a great place for me to visit — thank you!

  5. I lost my grandma last year at 94. We saw it coming, but it was still hard. My condolences.

    Life is constantly busy, so it’s all understandable, but I can’t wait to see projects you’ve been working on.

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