Josephine Blouse with release tucks


Sooooooo it turns out that not much of my extensive handmade wardrobe from BEFORE I had Hugo is fitting so great right now. Much of that clothing is either not nursing-friendly, or it’s just a wee bit tight around the armpits from the fact that I am ahem just a little more well-endowed than normal. This means I’ve had to make some new tops and dresses just to have more to choose from when I look into the closet in the morning. Fun fun!! (and um please pardon the phone pics…this sewing mama is finding the full shoot to be a bit challenging with a wee one right now)


This Josephine blouse is super comfortable because it’s made with some nice flowy Field Study rayon (the same rayon as I used for the sleeved Ruby top I made in this post), AND because instead of sewing the pleats (ok technically “tucks”) all the way down the front, I only sewed them part-way to make the blouse more roomy around the waist and hem. I really recommend trying it this way if you have the pattern, because it’s such a fun way to mix it up a bit. Do you like it this way or do you prefer it with the pleats sewn all the way down?


The other change I made was to use the bias binding at the neck to close the center front slit so that it’s a bit like a keyhole (just not rounded). I decided to do this after I noticed that when you use rayon, that front slit flops around a bit. Which can be a great look, I just thought this was kindof cute too.


Josephine with sleeves is of course a great blouse for fall, but I like pairing the sleeveless versions I’ve made with sweaters to make it last even longer into the cool season. I bought this sweater for myself for my birthday a few weeks ago:



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26 thoughts on “Josephine Blouse with release tucks

  1. The half sewn tucks just blew my mind. It looks great! I’ll be trying that for sure next time! Which will now be a lot sooner since I am so inspired.

    Also! No need to apologize for the iPhone pictures. You’re doing a fabulous job, I love your blog and am always so happy to see your pictures and read what you have to say.

  2. I bought Josephine as soon as you released it but haven’t made it yet — I was busy gestating. πŸ™‚ But little peanut is finally here and I LOVE the variation of not sewing the pin tucks all the way down. Perfect way to hide that bit of muffin top sticking out of all my pants still. I hope I can make the time to sew one up soon! PS: The washi dress I made pre-pregnancy was the only item of clothing that looked just as good on me non-pregnant as it did at 42 weeks. Seriously. That thing is like magic!

  3. I love this version! Such a simple change that makes such a difference in the outcome. I now want to make one ASAP.

    P.S. I wholly agree that the Washi dress is magic. I have made 3 and they are in constant rotation in my wardrobe.

  4. I love the look of the tucks only going halfway down. I have a pretty substantial muffin top right now so I think I would rather make mine that way.

  5. Genius idea to stop pleating half way down!!! As a new mum everything flattering around the waist and hip area is super duper welcome, isn’t it??? πŸ˜‰
    Have to try it!

  6. Hi! Great idea for postpartum and not very far along maternity. I was thinking of doing something like that but making it up myself. Following what you have already worked out has such a better success rate! So I’m going to try it. I love it. It’s always great to see an update from you anytime in any fashion, πŸ˜€ Btw- woobiliness is an awesome word. Love, Paige

  7. Oooo, I love this look! My second kid is already two, and I still could use a little camouflage in the middle. This should do the trick πŸ™‚

  8. Oooh, I really like the release tucks and the keyhole/binding trick. Nice! And the fabric choice is great. It all makes me realize I need to start sewing for myself more often!!

  9. I love your blog Rae, and I love your writing style – you sound like you’re having a chat with friends, just really natural and fun πŸ™‚ I love this whole outfit tbh, and I am loving the Josephine with the pin tucks finishing mid way down; you’re right, it does just mix it up a bit.
    x Sam

  10. Hi Rae! Love your blog. I’m an advanced beginner. I can follow a pattern but hesitate to alter them. I want to make some Josephines for my nursing wardrobe. Several months post baby I’m a 34H and 5’4″. Yikes! Your top looks amazing on you. If I stopped the pintucks a bit higher than you’ve done here, do you think that might create the illusion that my breasticles are higher than if I sewed them longer? I’m trying to mask the sag that I’ve got going on. Wow. Never thought I’d be typing this on the Internet. Anyway, your best guess and humor are welcome.

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