Josephine with sleeves, BABY.


I would love to think that people read my blog simply for the merits of my (always perfectly and never excessively punctuated or parenthesie’d, and of course I never make up words or unusual spellings, that would just be silly) exquisite writing skills, not to mention my glorious and always well-executed (and never slap-dash or messed up) sewing skills, but who am I kidding there’s probably a rough 50% of my blog readership that are just here for pictures of my kids. Having a baby this year has more than quadrupled my readership. OK I’M TOTALLY KIDDING that’s actually NOT TRUE AT ALL —  but wouldn’t that be funny if it were? Like: Rae, we think your sewing and ramblings are OK, but what this blog really needs is more BABY. SHOW US MORE BABY. !!! Still, I can never be too sure that my own set of merits and winning personality (and not my ability to procreate) produces the faithful readership I enjoy, dear readers, but you won’t hear me complaining.


At any rate, when Hugo decided he was done entertaining himself with his toy bar during the roughly 30 seconds I thought I had to snap a few pictures of this new Josephine top with my phone the other day, I figured it wasn’t such a bad thing if he made an appearance. Maybe that was his plan all along. Sneaky thing. Always has to hog the spotlight. As you can plainly see he is a shameless DIVA for the camera:


This is the second Josephine top I’ve made with the tucks partially sewn (the first was this sleeveless rayon one), and I still maintain this is probably one of the most brilliant modifications I’ve made to the pattern so far. One simply sews the pleats as far as one wants them — it helps to mark them first of course — and leaves the bottom portion unsewn. The result is roomy and comfortable and looks quite fetching if I do say so myself.


I also decided to curve the hem on this one so I carved it out like a shirt-tail hem, which worked insofar as it produced the more casual look I was going for, but ended up a wee bit too short on the sides. When I raise my arms over my head, anyone in the vicinity receives a full view of my post-baby muffin top (and I think the only thing worse than a muffin top is the actual *term* “muffin top”)….THE. WORST. ACK!!! Oh well, I will just keep my spontaneous baby dance party moves on the more conservative side then, which means NO KERMIT ARMS today. Sorry Hugo.


OH! The fabric is a lovely lightweight cotton with a loose weave that has colored threads running throughout; I procured it online from Guthrie and Ghani, a UK-based sewing shop owned by Lauren from the Great British Sewing Bee; she carries a lovely assortment of apparel fabrics (including this fabric, which is still available in the voiles and lawns section as of this writing).  The pattern can be purchased as a PDF in my shop, right here.

Well then, I think that about sums it up. Clearly I am a bit too slaphappy to be trusted with a keyboard and the Internets today, so I’ll be hitting publish then before I start having second thoughts about editing for the sake of coherency or the appearance of sanity. Who needs THAT? Have a great weekend everyone!



21 thoughts on “Josephine with sleeves, BABY.

  1. Love love love!! (The brilliant blouse AND the dashing young man.) I covet this pattern. However, I’m an E-cup and just can’t decide if this top would work for me. Perhaps with the 1/2 sewn pleats…….

  2. You are all cute, all the time, mama! Keep up the cute baby pics, the muffin covering mama tops and the awesome sauce pattern making! You’ve got skillz! I love it all. Happy weekend! I’m off to make a Josephine for myself!

  3. This is SO wild. Just last night I was laying in bed thinking… I really want a short sleeve pleated blouse with pleats ending at the bust. I wonder if I could alter the josephine to do that.. AND BOOM.

  4. words words cute shirt more words HUGOOOOO!!!! words words words OMG HIS CHEEEEKS!!! words words HUGO AGAIN!!!!

    happy weekend, Rae! (clearly we’re in the same boat)

  5. Favorite. Words, baby, shirt — all of it.

    Although I’m missing the kermit arms. Kermit arms forever.

  6. Lines like “for the sake of coherency or the appearance of sanity” is totally why I read your blog. And the sewing. And the cute kids. But seriously, your patterns are amazing and so versatile, love it.

  7. I think this might be my favorite grown-up sewing from your blog so far. I LOVE that fabric. I’m heading right to this fabric shop immediately.

    So, I know you think the term “muffin top” is bad. I do too, but it is nothing compared to what my sister calls the after baby extras around the middle. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, I laugh out loud at every mention. At least you’re not calling it a “skinner-tube”. Awful, I think. A much more depressing term than muffin top, for sure.

  8. what’s up with muffin tops? Never thought I’d have one -but baby #3 put me over the edge there. This shirt is darling, and dang your baby is crazy cute! I made a few of the buttercup purses a long time ago, but perhaps someday my skills will allow me to reach the heights of clothes for me, sch as your lovely blouses. a girl can dream.

  9. I’m just here for the cowbell. (I’m still waiting.) Great top, love the mods. LOVE that fabric. Also your topknot. Did you paint your wall in your studio? It’s a very fetching charcoal color. Great with your selfies.

  10. Alright, so I am guilty of mostly commenting on cute baby posts. But I am totally here for the sewing, too 🙂 Love the tucks only halfway sewn. And I love that fabric, too!

  11. I am in maybe the same boat as the first commenter, Heidi G. I have never done bust darts before and I’m wondering if now is the best time or worst to try. I am petite but still nursing so I have a small rib cage but a very large cup size until the little one is weaned. I love this pattern and the new modification but will I be in over my head?

  12. Hei, found you website looking for sewing blogs and really, really enjoy reading your ramblings 😉 As soon as I find some time on my hands I want to sew something from your patters. And before I forget to mention: I LOVE the name of your son, incidentally, my 2 yo carries the same name. Go figure 😉

  13. LOVE your blog, and your baby! My number 3 Gilbert is not much older, he is nine months now 😀 can you PLEEEAAASE tell me where his baby grow is from? Tooooooo cute x

  14. I love how this top looks and have just downloaded the pattern… Do you know the name or manufacturer of the fabric- it’s gorgeous and I would love to find some. Guthrie and Ghani no longer seem to have any left…

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