Small World

I attended Quilt Market in Houston this past weekend with Hugo. One treat was that I got to see the first set of strikeoffs (test swatches to check color) for my next fabric collection, Small World, so it was almost like Christmas. I really love this one!! Here’s a look at the samples:



With its crayon box of bold colors and stripes, this collection of large-scale prints on colorful corduroy was inspired by bold Scandinavian style. Small World uses simple imagery and and everyday objects to depict childhood and the world of play. A playful follow-up to the youthful prints found in Fanfare and Lotus Pond in this third collection from designer Rae Hoekstra”  

CORDUROY! Organic corduroy. Woot! Shipping in February, allegedly.



CLEMENTINES!! My dream of dressing Clementine in clementines will finally come to fruition.



There will be a few minor changes yet — for example, on the balloon print, the background needs to be darker so the clouds will stand out more — but you get the general idea…which is that they are going to be AWESOME!!!!


My little art director approves.


30 thoughts on “Small World

  1. I can’t wait. I see bags, a skirt or blouse for me, maybe a skirt or jumper for a great niece, a throw, doll clothes, or my big dream my personalized back pack! I love the colors. I can see a western style shirt for me. You make want to sew! Even at my daughter’s with kids in school. Oh well I will need to be satisfied with yarn for now. Since that is what is already packed for my trip. Hope you & baby Hugo enjoy your time together. They grow so fast.

  2. Best yet! I’m so glad you started designing fabric, and that it’s organic. Ooh – I just tried to post that and got an error message: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” I just got a smack on the hand from WordPress! That feels really odd. I still love the fabric though.

    • Hi Jane! Yeah I get that error message too when I try to reply to people’s comments. Another bug I need to get figured out on the new site, sorry about that!!! Will fix it asap.

      So glad you love the designs!!

  3. What cute, fun prints! Looking forward to seeing those clementines on Clementine! 🙂

    I have it on good authority that your little art director behaved like an angel at QM. 🙂

    (P.S. Thanks for the photo on IG!)

  4. These prints are fantastic! And I love corduroy, these will be great to make pants for the kids out of!

  5. I’m such a sucker for corduroy – there’s something so lovely about little boys in cords in wintertime. I can’t wait to add some Small World to my little guys’ wardrobes!

  6. Oh Rae Terrific JOb! Could you pretty please give some of this away on your blog… for people like me who are on a super tight budget and can’t afford it? Can’t wait to see the finished results.

  7. Hi Rae, it was so great meeting you at Market last Saturday! I was the one who gushed about your “Celebrate the Boy” series and we talked a little about how to find time to work on our sewing businesses. Love the new fabrics! I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian design. If you need help putting together another “Celebrate the Boy” let me know. I’d love to participate!

  8. Corduroy! Love. It. What a great choice! Such fun fabrics, they make me want to make a quilt. Wouldn’t that be fun, a corduroy quilt?!

  9. there is not nearly enough cute printed corduroy in the world, and i’m glad you’re doing your part to fix that. can’t wait for this line – wheels are turning! i’m thinking a mini boden-esque jacket for Em would be a really great idea…

  10. I love these prints! I was just thinking I needed some fun fabric appropriate for the skinny jeans pattern I just bought in little boy approved prints. I think some skinny jeans in corduroy in the balloon fabric or the dog print would look great on a 2.5 year old of either gender. Too bad I have to wait until February!

  11. I’m the president of the Corduroy Love Fan Club, giggle. I have a long standing love affair with the stuff, dating from my younger years in the 60s and 70s. It’s so versatile and your prints total cuteness. I’ll be stalking the shops as I love making bags and quilts with corduroy, especially baby quilts.

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