Fanfare Fat Quarter Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for the enthusiasm! Winners will be announced soon.

Now that the weather is cooling off, it’s the perfect time to sew with flannels. And guess what? My Fanfare Flannels line for Cloud9 Fabrics is going into its third printing! To help celebrate, my sponsor Fat Quarter Shop is offering up two fat quarter bundles featuring prints and solids from the Fanfare 2014 collection.

The Pomp Bundle includes 10 fat quarters in the quieter colorways from the line.

The Shine Bundle has 7 fat quarters and features all of this year’s new colors!

For a chance to win one of the bundles, leave a comment telling us what you’d make with this squishy flannel! Include your preference (if you have one) between Pomp and Shine, and we’ll see if we can accommodate.

To be entered in the drawing, leave ONE comment on this post by 10pm EST on Thursday, November 13, 2014. Two winners will be randomly selected, assigned a fat quarter bundle, and contacted via email to provide a mailing address. Each winner will receive one of the bundles listed above by mail. Void where prohibited by law.

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290 thoughts on “Fanfare Fat Quarter Giveaway!

    • I am new to sewing and I have been wanting to buy the blue and pink or purple fabric with the fox. I have twin grandkids, Ezra and Lyla, they are 19 months. Wouldn’t they look cute in their little fox pj’s. There are so many of these fabrics I want.

  1. I want to make a pajama with these fabric.
    And I absolutly would like the Shine bundle. (I can’t find the dots fabric anymore in this color)

  2. I’d love to make a little lap-sized blanket for our cold office! I especially love the colors in the Pomp bundle.

  3. I would make my first baby quilt. Having this adorable fabric would be the excuse I need to start quilting. I love the pomp set.

  4. I love this fanfare collection and owns several of the fabrics now, but I definitely won’t mind an extra fat quarter collection! I’d be making baby blankets & bibs if I win. Prefer the Pomp collection. 🙂

  5. Flannel always make me think of cuddly pajamas so I’d probably use them to make new ones for one or both of my girls. The Shine color way is my favorite.

  6. What a great giveaway! I love the Shine colors, and I know my daughter would too- she’s been asking me to teach her to sew, and these FQs would be great for a first project!

  7. I am thinking of making a set of soft balls for my son who is dying to learn how to juggle (Elliott, 3 and a half). And with the remaining fabrics, my girl (Anna, 19 months) would be happy to wear a nice and soft pyjama.
    I prefer the Pomp bundle.

    I take the chance to congrat you Rae for the birth of Hugo and your amazing work. I gave a try to your Washi and Ruby patterns this summer and definitely love my new dresses ! Can’t wait to try Josephine. Thanks.

  8. I would make pajama pants (colourblocking to make the fat quarters work yardage wise for my tall girlies!) for my girls…I know, boring, but super essential now that winter has hit us where we live! (Both are gorgeous but I’d pick the Shine colours!)

  9. I have about 500 pregnant friends right now, it seems like. I would make tons of baby gifts, especially Big Butt Baby Pants. Yay!!! And I would prefer pomp, but I love shine, too!!

  10. I would make a cute little blanket with these wonderful fabrics! I really like both sets, but the colors in Shine are fantastic.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. I would love to make my little guy due this January some burp cloths with the pomp collection! Maybe even a puzzle ball!

  12. I would love to make some pj’s. I think I like the shine colors better, but they’re both great. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I love the colors in Pomp! (I love the colors in Shine too, I just love Pomp more, lol). I will have to get my hands on some to make my new born nephew something extra special cuddly. 🙂

  14. 11 week old 3rd baby has so far stifled any sewing. I’m in creative mourning! But if I had a shine bundle then maybe, just maybe I could turn it into splendid pjs…

  15. I would make some big butt baby pants, because they are my favorite fast project when I have a little cute fabric. I love the purple foxes of the shine colorway!

  16. I like the Shine colors better, but maybe only because they’re so girly. There’s a softie elephant pattern I’ve been looking at. making for my little one. An elephant made out of… elephants? For sure!

  17. It’s snowing here and my little girl could use a nice, new, warm quilt. Fanfare flannel would be a great fabric to use!

  18. A lovely bloggy friend of mine has just given birth so i’d love to make a quilt for her new baby in the Shine colourway – thanks for the chance

  19. (didn’t mean to reply to the previous post..) lots of little ones popping up around here to plan projects for – would love this!

  20. I looooove the pomp flannels!! I would make some yummy winter jumpers for my new baby girl. Maybe some cozy baby girl pants for her juicy thighs??

  21. I’d love any of them to make some reusable, washable, double-sided tissues. Flannel is so soft on the nose, much better than real tissues, and I’m all about going green.

  22. I’m sure these would find their way into something for my sweet, little granddaughter. Shine is my first pick but both are beautiful.

  23. I love these flannels! I would use the Pomp flannels to make p.j.s for my grandsons, ages 2 months and 2 years old. And probably a bib or two.

  24. Both bundles are gorgeous! The Shine bundle would look adorable on my daughter, though. 🙂 I’d make PJs for her and use whatever is left for a cushion cover.

  25. ooh, I would definitely make something for our new baby girl that is on the way! a little patchwork blankie, maybe? and i love the pomp colorway!

  26. I would make the toddler backpack for my youngest. She needs a soft tote to hall her library book finds home in.

  27. I think I’d make some patchwork big butt baby pants, a doll quilt, and maybe a toddler backpack as well. I love both colorways but I think Pomp is my favorite. Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. I would make a warm pair of PJ bottoms and a little snuggle blanket for my grandkids! Love Love Pomp design!

  29. I would sew some pj’s for both of my kids. Those prints would suit them so well and I can totally see them on a ‘don’t-wanna-take-my-pj’s-off’ Sunday…!

  30. Love them both, though my girls would love the Shine colors more – these will make some nice vests for the girls!

  31. I would make some nice cozy pj’s for my little nieces and nephews. And I can’t decide which I like better. I am in love with both!

  32. I would make some PJs and some other baby things. I used the gray elephant print for my baby’s quilt (now almost 2) and he loves it. It’d be fun to do some coordinating. I love both, but the shine is really fun!

  33. I think I would make a cute little baby quilt. Love your flannels. They are so adorable. I’m not sure I can choose my favourite colour way even. Maybe Shine wins out by a tiny bit. But either would be absolutely marvellous!

  34. I would make pyjama pants and a matching pillowcase for my orange-loving toddler. I like both sets of colors but would prefer Pomp (’cause orange!)

  35. Your designs are so adorable! We are expecting a baby in May, and I’d love to bundle him or her in some jammies and a blanket made of these beautiful prints 🙂

  36. Me encantan esas franelas…pero me vendrían mejor las Pompa para hacerle camisetas calentitas a mi hijo¡¡ Gracias¡¡

  37. I’m going to join the baby quilt chorus. I’m done having my own babies (two is quite enough for me) but there is always a baby in the family or among friends to make things for! I can’t decide which I like better, but I love that they are not gender-specific!

  38. LOVE the Shine bundle – if I won the giveaway, it would be tempting to hoard it all because it is so beautiful. 😉 Really, though, I’d love to make a quilt or some burp clothes for my new little nephew!

  39. I love both, but I think Pomp is my favourite!
    I’d make my little brother a few things (he’s due next week)- A colourful quilt, or some little pairs of pants 🙂

  40. I would probably make a blanket for my baby girl that’s due in February. I love the animal prints! I like the Shine collection the best.

  41. Both colorways are great but I think I like the Shine the best! It’d make a great quilt for my little grandson!

  42. I love both bundles- those animals are just too cute! I would love to make a cozy blanket and maybe a matching softie with the coordinating solids! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Pomp Fanfare is my favorite and it would be used to make a few baby buntings, plus matching bibs! I’ve got a stash of baby things in waiting for my “grandmother” days!

  44. Loving the quieter colorway in Pomp.
    PJ’s for two girly girls and me too! Of course I’d need more fabric and I love to shop on line.

  45. Rae, your fabrics are so adorable!!
    My boss/friend is pregnant with her first baby
    and I was just started planning a baby gifts
    for her, I’ve already made little Geranium
    dress! So those super cute Fanfare will be
    perfect for blankie or bibs!

  46. I have most of pomp tucked away for making things for my own little one, if the day ever comes, but with my first little niece or nephew (not sure which yet!) on the way I dream of using shine for the cutest ever burp cloths, wipies & newborn bibs. I am pretty sure I got the “patterns,” from this site, actually! They are my go-to gifts for baby showers, and these are the perfect flannels ever for them. This particular baby is coming after years of my brother and sister in law trying and hoping. At 18 weeks they are still very nervous about it all, but I know that homemade, adorable, cozy gifts like this would make them feel so good about the pregnancy and bring them joyful anticipation!

  47. I’d love to make some nursery bedding and change mat cover with the Pomp flannel for my soon to be newborn girl who is due on the 6th Dec.

  48. I pick Pomp! It is adorable! If make a snugly little quilt or blankie for our 4th baby girl who just turned 5 months. She is so sweet, just like Pomp.

  49. Rae, I adore your work! I made your Briar Rose rainbow quilt, I have a bundle of Lotus Pond for my next quilt, and would love some Fanfare. I like both color ways but if you twisted my arm I’d pick Pomp. I’d love to make a quilt for my baby girl and also try making some of those bunny ear teethers as gifts!

  50. Oh my, those are sooo lovely! I’d make a cozy blankie for my sweet little girl. And I love either colorway, I’m easy!

  51. I would LOVE the pomp fanfare bundle and would make a blanket but I probably will buy some yardage so I can make some onesie using the Brindille & Twig pattern. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  52. Ooooooh I would love the shine bundle and I think I would use it for pjs for my wee girl, along with some matching pjs for her rabbit (stuffed!). Or a quilt for her and her big brother to snuggle up under when they watch a movie

  53. I’d love to make some cute gifts (burp cloths, a sleep sack!) for some special little babies soon to be born! Loving the Pomp!

  54. I think what I would make would depend on which color way I receive! Pomp would totally go for some baby presents or some cute pj bottoms for my son…but shine may make a cover for my (new!) sewing machine. 🙂

  55. I LOVE the pomp flannels.
    And I would likely make some little slippers and tops for my niece and nephew. Or a blanket/quilt, because that would be simply adorable.

  56. I love both, but given a choice, I’d pick Shine and make some wonderful sleeper bags and burp cloths for my granddaughter who is due November 21st. I would use leftover scraps to make matching clothing and little burp cloth for my little grandson’s baby doll. He’s two years old, and having a new sister is going to be quite an adventure.

  57. I think with flannel it’s gotta be PJ’s! I’d love the Pomp bundle to make some for my 2 boys.
    My eldest is also starting school next year so I’d love to make a library book bag for him too.

  58. Ooo. I love both of these. But I would prefer Pomp. I would use them to make a quilt or some pajamas for my little 6 month old. 🙂

  59. I love both, but the Shine calls to me. I would make some items for my grandchildren. I’m thinking a soft pillowcase for each of them. How wonderful with the colder months just starting here in North Texas. 🙂 🙂

  60. These would be great for Big Butt Baby Pants for the coming winter, pajamas and a little nap pillow for my youngest.

  61. Your fabrics are all beautiful!
    I’d love to make myself some cozy patchy pj’s with the FQ’s in Shine.

  62. I’d make some cozy baby pants for my baby due this winter. I love the shine fabric but the other colours would be fine too. Thank you!

  63. These are gorgeous flannels! I love both lines but I think the Pomp bundle would be amazing for my newborn baby boy. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  64. I love flannel, especially for babys and small children. I would make a gift for my sister, she ‘s pregnant and also a soft toy for my youngest daughter of three.

  65. I have three new babies in my life that I get to be an auntie to and I’d love to be able to use this collection for on of the baby quilts that i need to get done, as well as an Eleghant carrying case for a new big brother using the shine collection.

  66. I would dither between making a snuggly pillow for my daughter, or a series of little bags for us all to fight over. Either way, it has to be Pomp – love all those foxes 🙂

  67. I love pomp and would love to use as trim for some big butt pj pants for my kiddos! Or maybe a cozy blankie. 🙂

  68. Love these prints and would love a chance to work with them! I have several friends having babies soon so I would love to make them burp cloth sets – it’s a great way to spread the word too! Love both colors but I think “Shine” is my favorite! Thanks!

  69. I’d love to win the shine bundle. I became an aunt for the first time this year and would love to make a snuggly blanket for the baby!

  70. I’d be making all sort of baby things for my newest grandson! He is due anytime now and I have been looking for a wonderful soft fabric for some nappies and swaddlers. I do think Shine will fit that need. Thank you!

  71. i would make some cuffs for my son’s pants with this flannel! He’s tall and I like to take the hem out and line it with flannel so he can cuff them so they’re longer.

  72. I like both, but would choose the pomp bundle. One of my best friends is expecting a baby girl and has set up a pastel elephant nursery. I would make a quilt for baby girl!

  73. I’d love to win the Shine Bundle & I would happily use them for applique accents. Thanks for the comp!

  74. I would make bunting to place over a crib from the main fabric; then use the leftovers to create bright pops of color as patches on jeans, shirt sleeves, etc.

  75. Definately pjs. They are both so cute. I cant decide . Cant wait to tey your new clementine fabric sooooo cute.

  76. Lots and lots of new babies at our church so I’m making lots of bibs, burp cloths and fabric balls. It would be fun to make them with these cute as a bug fabrics! Pomp or Shine I certainly can’t decide so if I win I’ll be thrilled with either!

  77. i would love to make a peek-a-boo bonnet with warm fabrics–especially since my toddler won’t leave on any hat other than her bonnet. 🙂

  78. Baby pants, bags, doll quilts, just for starters! Love your fabrics, thanks so much for the nice giveaway. P.s. Your itty bitty baby dress is my go-to shower gift for girls. I have made literally dozens – often up cycled from fancy fabrics I find on skirts or blouses from garage sales. I’ve shared it with many friends, too. Thanks again.

  79. Coordinating PJ’s for my 4 yr old and 3 month old! Both lines are so cute I can’t choose, guess I’ll leave it up to fate (:

  80. I would love to win Pomp FQs and make a little quilt for my new niece/nephew, and some bibs and burn clothes! Love your collections!

  81. First of all, so excited to find organic flannel for baby items. The foxes are adorable and the lavender of the Shine group is yummy. Second, pleased to meet the designer! Very nice to put the face with its creations. Good work!

  82. My little guy (almost 3!) needs his own quilt and mama has been very slow. I’d make him a snuggly quilt. Big sister already has one.

  83. I love both colorways, but I think I like the warmer colors in Pomp for making a baby blanket or some cozy pajamas. Something to combat this snowy day!

  84. I love your fabrics! I would love to make some purses for my 4-year old and how about some rice warmies! And though I love all of the colors, I would probably choose Pomp. Thank you!

  85. Both bundles are lovely and I could be perfectly content with either. 🙂 I would use them to make a cozy lap quilt for my kids

  86. I would love to make a blanket and/or some small toys for my nephew! Heck I might even try out another pair of pants since I have now discovered the secret to making seams that last thanks to you rae!

  87. Love the pomp! I’d make some newborn clothing for some dear friends who are expecting their first babes. So soft!

  88. Oh man, there are so many things I’d use that for: clothes for the new little man and the toddler, stuffed animals, doll clothes, clothes for the girls…its prints are so versatile there’s no limit. Maybe even a warm quilt for the whole family to snuggle under. MMmm.

  89. I just had a baby and love these! I would make a quilt!! Both fabrics are cute, but I really love Shine!! Love your site! 🙂

  90. I love these fabrics and have been planning a purchase to make things for the baby we are expecting in March. We want Baby and Papa matching PJ pants for instance. This bundle would be a great start for the newborn! I like both colourways, but prefer Pomp ever so slightly – more foxes 🙂

  91. So adorable! I think I’d choose Pomp, but love the colors in Shine as well! And, I’d use these to make special blankets for our NICU, they are always running low and do so much for the tiny ones in our community. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  92. Pj pants for my 3 girls! And matching ones for their “buddies” – Moocow, Rocco and Pink Dog of course :p

  93. I would have to say that the fanfare flannel has been my favourite material to sew with – it is sooo soft, washes amazing and my kids love the jammies I made for them with it. If I won the “pomp” bundle, I would sew up a baby quilt for a friend….

  94. I want to make an adorable jacket with a hood out of this fabric. It would be so cute. Of course a small quilt for my daughter would be perfect as well but I’d also want to make bunting out of the fabric to add a little color/decoration to her room as well.

  95. I’ve been making lots of pajama pants for my baby for winter and these would be perfect! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  96. I would make some ferret bedding. I know that sounds weird but it would just be so cute in a hanging hammock.

  97. What beautiful fabric to make a rag quilt. Either or would be wonderful to receive. I so enjoy your site and all of the things you make and share. Thanks for the inspiration.

  98. Little baby shoes are a must and some patchwork pj pants or a baby onsie. Or even a blanket. Oh how I would love the chance to make some stuff with Pomp!! Too many choices!

  99. I am expecting a little one any day now, and would love to make him some flannel b3 pants and cozy little snuggle blankets out of these!

  100. Love these prints! I’d make some PJs for my baby girl and 2 year old boy, they seem to outgrow them constantly! 😉

  101. I choose POMP. I love the colors, foxes, and elephants. I can just imagine the soft baby quilts I can make with these fat quarters!

  102. I’d make several divided baskets for all Those little babies out here! I prefer the Pomp-serie 🙂

  103. Sweet giveaway. Thank you.

    My gf is pg with her third and If I were to win, I’d be making burp cloths/lovies, bibs, and some kind of sofie for her lil babe.
    Since it would be for gifts, I’d pick POMP FFO.
    (But, if it were for me, I’d have to say Sunshine 🙂 Ah, love them both.)

  104. naw, I love those foxes! going to have to buy some yardage so I can make my son pyjamas. but the bundles would make such a cosy quilt, wouldn’t they?

  105. hope i’m not too late! i’d made some patchwork pajamas or a pillow case for my little one (she’s just started using a pillow and i’ve only got the one case).

  106. Love them both, I think I would make a squishy lap throw for my two new kitties. Especially since I can’t sit down in my chair.

  107. They are all so cute! Now that cold weather is here I am thinking of lots of flannel clothes for my kiddos!
    Both are amazing, but I think I am leaning toward shine as my fav.

  108. Love both color ranges and the fabric quality is amazing.! Already have a stack to make two dresses for my 9 month old granddaughter and a small quilt for an expected new baby girl. Would love to have more prints and colors for another quilt.

  109. I would make a cosy blanket/throw for the couch with this. Even though there are no babies in our house anymore, the 2 adults and the 11 and 8-year old would love to cuddle with these foxes and elephants this winter!

  110. My daughters are kind of big, 8 and 4, so I would not be ablt to make pajamas. I would try a patchwork skirt or two. Or some soft toys. My older daughter is sews things too and she made a heart shaped little pillow out of the fanfare foxes in pink and orange that my little one treasures. I could work with them to make some “creations”. I prefer pomp!

  111. Both are great!!!! I have made probably 20 pairs of BBBPs and would probably make a few more for our newest addition! Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I have two granddaughters – almost 4 years old and 8 weeks. I really like both colorways, but since the oldest granddaughter loves purple (A LOT!!), I must request Shine. So many projects could be made with this beautiful flannel, but pj’s come to mind right off the bat.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  113. Oh I just love those little elephants! I would make a flannel quilt for my best friend’s first baby, due June 2015!! (I’m almost too excited to be an honorary auntie!)

  114. I would make everything baby with Pomp! Our first family baby (our nephew) would be so cute his first Holidays this flannel! I love the foxes and my husband loves everything orange – double win!

  115. I would love to make some baby items for my grand niece/nephew who is due quite soon! I love Pomp! thank you!

  116. I would make my first quilt! New to sewing. I have been making dresses for my daughter and her American girl doll, but I am eager to start quilting. I have lots of friends who are having babies soon! I would love the shine collection.

  117. I would love to make my son’s first pair of “big boy ” pajamas with this flannel. Both colorways are wonderful.

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