5 quick last-minute gifts to sew

With just a few days until Christmas, I thought some of you might appreciate having a few last-minute ideas for gifts to sew. So I’ve put together a little roundup of patterns and tutorials from my blog for you ALONG WITH A NICE PINTEREST-WORTHY IMAGE* just in case you’re still scrambling for ideas!


1 // Lickety Split Bag: This pattern takes the win for quickest gift that also is sure to impress. If you have a couple of yards of coordinating fabric and a couple of minutes to tape this pattern (it’s only five pages I think?) together, you’ll have a gift in no time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made this one as a gift; it’s useful as a shopping bag, diaper bag, gym bag, weekend bag…need I go on?

2 // Showoff Bag: This pattern of mine is one deserves some love because it’s an easy project that comes together quite quickly, making it a great gift. A yoga mat nestles nicely between the straps, by the way.

3 // Buttercup Bag: Probably deserves credit as the pattern that launched my business, the smaller sized handbag is free, and the larger size comes with the purchased pattern. Quick and easy and cute!

4 // Chevron Wristlet: This free pattern and tutorial is another great gift — if you don’t have time to piece together the strips, just use the main template for the outside and you have a super-quick gift.

5 // Pom-Pom Scarf: This is another free tutorial on my blog. I still wear this scarf more than any other I’ve made.

Sewing for kids? Check out my quick gifts to sew for kids post!

For more gift ideas, you can visit my pattern shop and click on “children’s patterns” to find more sewing patterns and free ideas, or check out my tutorials page on the blog!

*I am not above producing Pinbait. And this image took for-freaking-ever to make, so I’m also not above pointing out how much work went into it. haha!!

3 thoughts on “5 quick last-minute gifts to sew

  1. I keep wanting to make a Lickity Split bag, but I never have the yardage for it hehe. I love gifting Buttercup bags though, they are always well received 🙂

  2. The Buttercup Bag is gorgeous. I’m going to make another as an evening clutch. I’ve also got my eye on the cute pom-pom scarf. Thanks Rae – A lovely selection of gift ideas for all year round.
    Cheers. Kath

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