Elsa Dress for Christmas


A couple of months ago it seemed like every single one of my sewing blogger friends who had a daughter was dedicating themselves to recreating an Elsa dress because Halloween was on the horizon. There were some pretty impressive versions, I have to say, but I was totally smug. I had no intention of sewing a single stitch for Halloween. MY daughter was going to be TINKERBELL and I was going to order that costume online and be done with it, BAM! No slaving away over some stupid princess dress for me, NO SIR! BWAH HAH HAHAHAHAHAHA! Shoulda known.



The thing is, when your kid asks for an Elsa dress for Christmas, and then you go to the store and look at what the $40 Elsa costume looks like, somehow it seems completely sane to immediately make a beeline for the nearest JoAnn so you can buy $50 worth of fabric to make your own (I KNOW. I didn’t have the 50% off coupon. GAAAAH!!! *smacks head against wall*).



But I will tell you, the look on her face when she opened it up on Christmas Eve and then proceeded to put it on and prance around the house and then wear it every waking hour since that time has made it totally worth it. Completely and totally worth it. She has been spinning and twirling and singing “Let it Go” like it’s her job. The best is when I catch her staring at herself in the mirror with sophisticated Bad-Girl-Snow-Queen expressions.


Her favorite part is the giant train. She races around the house with it flying behind her and her neck twisted as far back as possible so she can see it. Two yards (and $30 worth) of (probably plastic) snowflake fabric, gathered and carefully inserted between the two pieces of knit that comprise the sheath dress. I would also like to mention that sandwiching a gathered layer of poofy plastic between two layers of knit is not as easy as it sounds. Neither was sewing that heart-shaped seam on the front (shown below; let’s all pretend that she is singing Let It Go rather than expressing her frustration with the photographer). But otherwise the design is pretty simple and the dress itself is super comfy.


There was also an enlightening conversation at dinner this evening which began with Elliot asking why it was called a “train” and was that related to a choo-choo train, and then ended with me discovering that Mr Rae has no recollection whatsoever of my wedding dress:

Me: I had a short train on my wedding dress.
Mr Rae (suddenly paying attention): Ah yes, I remember it well!
Me (looking skeptical): Oh, REALLY. What did it look like?
***long pause***
Mr Rae: Well…it had sleeves…?
Me (laughing): No it did NOT. UNBELIEVABLE.
*intermittent hysterical laughter continues throughout dinner*

Anyway, for a really good time, ask your husband to describe your wedding dress. I’m completely serious. Please do, because I really want to know what happens.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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  1. This is the real Christmas spirit. She looks so proud. And, her dream came true. Great work! Makes me so happy.

  2. Well, my husband went around the reception asking people to please take my caboose off. That was 45 years ago.

  3. Joann app on the phone. Or get the coupon on their site. I believe they take competitor coupons too.

    Merry Christmas. In my house I made an Elsa doll for my three year old.

  4. Her Elsa dress is adorable!

    My wedding dress as reminisced by my husband:
    – Me: Do you remember what my wedding dress looked like?
    – Him: …
    – Seriously? Do you at least remember if it has sleeves?
    – It had… mmm. doily sleeves.
    – …
    – and there were embellishments. It had that lace thing at the back… that you were into. It was off white to symbolize… something.

    • will have to hunt them down — miraculously, I do have digital versions of my wedding pics even though they were shot on film, but I have no idea where those files are!!

  5. I love making costumes for my kids! My girl is so appreciative, they get SO much use and I really enjoy making them. I wanted to make her one for Christmas so I asked which she might like and she said “An Ariel dress.”
    Me: “Which Ariel dress?”
    Her: “The white one.”
    That’s the wedding dress. And though she didn’t know what the veil was called she knew she wanted it! Turns out there’s a discontinued pattern that I was able to get on eBay. It was a hit!

  6. Asked my husband….

    Hmmm. Well…it was white? (Yes)
    I remember it had lots of lovely cleavage showing… (Not unless you’re standing right next to me and tall like him)

    Anything else?

    Well… I think it had a shorter train and lots of buttons in back? (Yes)

    So basically he didn’t remember that it had embroidered flowers all over it or anything else, but he remembers my *ahem* critical assets and what it took to get me out of the dress.

    I guess not too bad for 12 years in. Thanks for giving us a good laugh!!!

  7. I asked my husband about wedding dress and his reply was it wasn’t a dress but a suit (correct) it was purple (again correct) and he bought my shoes which were hugely expensive (again correct) but he hadn’t liked it (news to me) but did the dress I wore to go off on our honeymoon in because it showed of my “puppies” and was all floaty and twirly. Right on all accounts and I was completely gobsmacked! Thanks for a great conversation starter over dinner.

  8. well, the dress is awesome. i saw this at joanns and i’m glad you have tipped me off on the cost and time. my 3 and 5 year old girls are really into frozen right now. i have, in the past, not been too interested in disney or barbies. but i have to be honest and say that i think frozen is very well made. indigo, my 7 year old commented, “why does elsa have such a tiny waist and yet breasts like she is nursing?” ha! but outside of potential body image issues, there’s not much to complain about. my younger girls love to act it out and that costume looks deceptively simple, but reading this, i ordered costumes online instead. so thank you.
    i have to tell you, i asked my husband about my wedding dress. “do you remember my wedding dress?”
    ‘totally. it was off the shoulders, like this.’ [points to just underneath the shoulder].
    “ummm. noo. it was sleeveless.”
    ‘yeah, off the shoulder, like this.’ {points again}.
    “no, honey, there were no sleeves. like a tube top. a blogger said i should ask you if you remembered.”
    Him: oooooh. she just wants you to get pissed at me. Niiiiiice.

    • “breasts like nursing” BWUAHHAHAH that’s great. She totally does.

      and heee: “she just wants you to get pissed at me.” That’s great.

  9. aw it’s awesome, way to go! looks like you actually chose some smart fabrics, not like dumdum me and the lame/poly organza from hell. anyway it sounds like her reaction was completely and utterly worth it and if B wasn’t asleep on the couch right now i’d totally ask him to describe my dress. so curious.

    merry christmas!

    • haha yes I took a quick lesson from your post and headed directly AWAY from the lame/organza section, thank you for learning that one the hard way for me LOL!!! 🙂

  10. I had to come back and tell you, Rae, that the 4.5 star Elsa dresses that I bought for my little girls on Amazon both have holes in them already! After only one day of wear! I just had to re-sew a bunch of the seams and fix the holes!!!! So your costume is sure to be a million times better! 🙂

  11. I was one of the mothers that made an Elsa dress before Halloween. Yup, I made two. I have two daughters. Go ahead, laugh.

    In all honesty I am the one who wanted them both to be Elsa. I mean, no way was I going to make two different costumes. Plus, I bought sari fabric, 5 yards for $5. And I needed to practice on the smaller one, as I am no great sewist. My little girl ended up insisting she was Cat Elsa. She wore her knitted cat sweater and tail with her Elsa dress. Both had hand knitted “sleeves” and I was surprisingly satisfied with myself.
    As for wedding dress, I just got married in June, even though my man and I have been together for 15 years. I wore a nice white thing and I looked like Cinderella. My husband really liked the dress and likely still remembers it!. He was steaming out the creases for an hour or so the day before, so he got to admire the details.

  12. Haha!! Love this story. Hilarious.

    One of the benefits of eloping is that your husband is with you when you buy the dress. Which means my husband remembers exactly what it looks like, and fully expects me to wear it again this year for our 10th anniversary. Which means: no cookies for me. (Garg.)

  13. This EXACT thing happened to me! My daughter was a witch (originality points for me!) for Halloween, and on Nov. 2, started asking me when it was going to be Halloween again, so she could be Elsa. I didn’t want her sighing and being unfulfilled for a year (modern parent award, again to me), so off to Joann’s we went. The supplies cost more than my prom dress, and Anna hasn’t taken off the Elsa dress yet. I came down Christmas morning to find her not in the new hand made Oliver+S jambes she’d fallen asleep in, but in her Elsa dress, at 6 am.

    So now I’m pretty sure I need to ask the hubs what my wedding dress looked like, because it’s likely to be an exact copy of your husband’s recollection.

  14. Best laugh I’ve bad in years Rae! Thanks for prompting a funny conversation between Chef and I.

    Him: …. Um, it was white.

    Followed by my uncontrollable laughter. I married captain obvious.

  15. I just asked my husband to describe my wedding dress (we’ve been married just over a year and a half).

    He said, “It was white? And it had frilly things on it. I think I could see your shoulders? It was really hard to get you out of.”

    It was indeed white, with an illusion neckline, cap sleeves, a lace overlay over the whole thing, and it had buttons up the back. My thing is that it was really hard to find, because I wanted a tea length dress that wasn’t strapless, and apparently no other bride wants that.

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