Last minute gifts to sew for kids!

With just a few days until Christmas, I thought some of you might appreciate having a few last-minute ideas for gifts to sew. This blog has a bunch of tutorials and patterns that tend to get lost in the archives, but lately I’ve noticed (on the sidebar, where the most viewed pages show up), that two of my older fleece tutorials have been getting a bunch of love. That gave me the idea to put together a few ideas for you ALONG WITH A NICE PINTEREST-WORTHY IMAGE* just in case you’re still scrambling for ideas!


1 // Snowblossom Hat: This super adorable made-to-measure fleece hat is usually sewn for girls, but if you leave the flowers off, it also makes a great gift for your favorite boy (bonus: it’s a free tutorial on my blog!).

2 // Handmade Pajamas: I made these cosy sets for Clementine and Elliot last year (and they still wear them, by the way!) by pairing the Charlie Tunic with the Parsley Pants; both patterns are incredibly versatile on their own, but put them together and you have a recipe for instant cute.

3 // Dragon Slippers: I think the ric-rac down the center and buttons are a great addition to these fleece slippers, but if you wanted to make them more big-kid-friendly, you could just make them without the embellishments. This tutorial is made-to-measure as well, so it’s great for kids of all ages!

4 // Backpack: My little backpack pattern comes in a small toddler size and is really easy to enlarge for a bigger kid — clear instructions for that are included in the pattern, as well as how to line it — so if you’re looking to make something that will both impress everyone and be practical, look no further. (FYI — this one is not a *quick* sew!)

5 // Big Butt Baby Pants: These pants are quick and easy and they make great gifts for babies and toddlers still in diapers. Give a whole set in fun colorful fabrics. For notes on gathering the cuffs as shown here, visit this post.

For more gift ideas for bigger people, check out my 5 Quick Gifts to Sew post!

Or visit my pattern shop and click on “children’s patterns” to find more sewing patterns and free ideas, or check out my tutorials page on the blog!

*I am not above producing Pinbait. And this image took for-freaking-ever to make, so I’m also not above pointing out how much work went into it!!