Meadow Blossom from sketch to fabric

Here’s another sketch that turned into a Lotus Pond print. Can you recognize the print in this sketch?


The idea for this design came from a simple comment that Michelle Engel Bencsko made when we were planning out the collection (Michelle is co-owner and art director at Cloud9 Fabrics; I am a licensed Cloud 9 Collective designer); she mentioned that it would be nice to have a large-scale floral to round out the collection. So I sketched out the design above, and she loved it. Then I took the design into Illustrator and turned it into a digital design, added some colors, and sent this back:


I also sent this yellow version to Michelle. I love to play around with the colors and see what happens!


Then Michelle took the basic design and made it into the cascading floral repeat that became the final design, which is good because this kind of repeat is a bit of a challenge, and I’m still a bit of an Illustrator newbie. I just love how the flowers cascade across the width of the fabric, which you can see below in this photo from Cloud9’s Instagram feed:


(photo courtesy of Cloud9 Fabrics)

We landed on a bold blue and white background for this one, and it’s one of my very favorite prints in the whole collection!


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3 thoughts on “Meadow Blossom from sketch to fabric

  1. so both of these sketch to fabric posts have me hoping cloud 9 will have you do a “lotus pond at dusk” line, with the moodier blues and deeper mustards. i see those and i want to sew with them!! please? 🙂

    • haha yes — originally that was the color direction I was headed in but then inevitably ended up with the RAE! BRIGHTS! as you would expect.. but yes there is something fun about the “moody” colors too… hmmm, we’ll see!! 🙂

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