Flannel Baby Pants


Hugo has been wearing his many pairs of cotton Big Butt Baby pants and they always get tons of compliments (how could they not with such a cute model?). I wanted to make him a couple warmer pairs out of the new Fanfare 2014 flannels for winter, so I picked these two elephant prints with a grey solid rear panel.

Elephant Big Butt Baby PantsElephant Big Butt Baby Pants



The sewing pattern is my Big Butt Baby Pants Sewing Pattern, which is designed with enough room for cloth-diapered booties. It’s so fun to give the pattern another go with another kiddo; when I designed it back in 2010, Clementine was my little pattern tester!



I made one small mod to the pattern here which is so easy to do and yields such a cute result: instead of sewing the entire hem, leave a small gap along the top of the folded hem allowance for an elastic casing. Then thread 6-8″ of half inch wide elastic through the casing, overlap the ends of the elastic and stitch them together (try on baby first) to get a snug fit around the ankle, and stitch the casing shut. I’m a big fan of the elasticized cuff lately (moon pants anyone?).


Hugo is NOT actually walking yet, despite how these pics may appear — Karen was holding his hands just above the shot, though he does LOVE to stand up. I’m hoping he will refrain from walking until he is a bit older like his siblings (they both walked at 15 months). What do you think the chances of that are? A mama can hope, right?

11 thoughts on “Flannel Baby Pants

  1. Good luck with the walking thing! My third baby walked at about 11 months, earlier than his big brother and sister – altho’ as everyone else was on the move too, it didn’t really make a difference in the way that the first baby learning to walk does.

    He’s super cute, isnt he?! And who doesnt love a cloth covered baby’s bum?

  2. Knitlass said EXACTLY what I was going to say! My older two walked at 15 mos, Alice was just under 12 mos! She has been crazy ever since

  3. My two boys both walked at 15 months, too. I’m so glad they weren’t early walkers! Hugo is such an adorable model! The elastic legs are a great touch to these pants. I need to get the pattern and start making some pants for our baby on the way!

  4. My daughter (youngest, also 2nd kid) was almost 17 months when she walked and I was actually anxious for her to do so because it was a cold, wet spring at that time and we couldn’t go outside to play without her scooting around in the mud!
    Those baby butt pants are TOO cute. Some friends of ours are expecting a boy in a couple months and I might have to make a pair (or three) as a gift.

  5. Hugo is just so cute and comfortable in his little pants. I think that would be a great outfit for me! Did you see Sanae’s top this week?

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