10 months!

Our little Hugo-bugo is 10 months old!


It’s been a bit of a rough month, to be honest. It seems like he’s been out of sorts more than the usual amount, but it’s hard to separate whether that’s teething issues, or feeding issues (the child seems ambivalent towards solid food), or the fact that he’s been sick a few times in the past month. I always find it a bit annoying when parents say “he’s TEETHING” as if that explains everything, because aren’t they pretty much teething for two years straight? But…he’s teething.


I’m also trying not to get angsty over the fact that he isn’t crawling yet, or even really trying to crawl yet. He’s just happy sitting and watching his brother and sister run around like Crazy People, like he really couldn’t care less if he ever moves or not. I tried the thing the doctor suggested at his last checkup where you put them on their belly and put a toy just out of reach to motivate them to crawl, but he just gets really pissed off. And…I don’t want to come off as overly critical here, but his pincer grasp could use some work, so we are just now to the point where he can pick up a Cheerio. I keep comparing him to my other kids (“wasn’t Clementine doing that at eight months?”). For some reason it seemed easier with them. Not exactly sure why.


On the plus side, Hugo has such a sweet little personality. He plays peekaboo with his blanket, and “so big” and he can clap, and he’s got this mischievous little grin that just kills me. I probably just need to chill the heck out a little bit over his motor skills, because if he ever does start to move it’s going to be Trouble.


Also new this month: his first haircut!! It was seriously starting to resemble a bad combover on the top of his head. I’m not sure why I waited this long, but now it’s so cute!! He was a total champ for the haircut too; he was so mesmerized by the little kiddy salon we took him to that he sat quietly the whole five minutes it took to cut his hair. It was pretty amazing.


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  1. I stressed when my third wouldn’t crawl…she scooted instead. She was a late walker (at 16 or 17 months I agreed to take her to a physical therapist…and of course she started walking like the day before her appointment!) and now at 25 months she walks up and down stairs and runs whole blocks at a time. She didn’t say much until almost two years, and within two months already had full sentences. If your gut says everything is OK, it probably is 🙂

  2. My elder daughter was a late crawler (I forget when exactly…she’s almost 8 now!) and a v. late walker…20 months! Turns out, it’s totally her personality…she’s cautious and only wants to try something when she is pretty sure she will be successful. Dr. would tell you if they were concerned. Try not to worry!

  3. It’s a little early to be worried. And, he’s the third – there’s always someone to entertain, feed, help or communicate for him. I’ve seen it so many times. That said – trust your Mama instincts. If you think you’re good, by all means wait it out a bit. If you’re worried, ask for a developmental eval. My experience is pediatricians are all over the board in their expectations. And, while all kids develop at their own pace, it’s better to intervene earlier for those that need it.

  4. what a cutie! Isn’t it funny how much we worry about each stage then afterwards think, what was all that worry about?! I’m going through it for the first time. Worried for months about how much, or little, solids my wee boy ate & now at 15months he’s eating so much that today I worried he’s eating too much – until I remembered how much I used to worry & then had a wee laugh at myself.

  5. Hugo is beyond cute & gets cuter with every passing month! My second passed over the crawling stage altogether, and did none of the “practice” walking (around tables and such). She just stood up & walked one day. Each kid is different & they”ll all be walking by the time they start school. If your “Momma” senses say he’s okay, go with your gut.

  6. That puppy dog sweater!! So cute. He is just completely delicious! I find myself wondering the same things with my third baby – did baby #1 crawl this early or was #2 teething at this stage, etc. Totally normal to be angsty, Mama!

  7. My third is 8 months and she’s not into food either. She will tolerate oatmeal but seems to hate the texture/taste of everything else! Fruit and veggies alike. Both of my older kids are late crawlers and walkers- for us it came along with a cautious personality. I have all girls so it’s fun to watch your hansom Hugo grow!

  8. Such a cutie! My third was slower to hit his gross motor milestones than his brother and sister too. He didn’t crawl until much later than the other two and was past 14 months before he really walked. Eventually I realized that he was the kind of kid who wasn’t all that interested in doing any of it until he could do all of it. He didn’t roll until he could roll all the way across the room. He barely crawled because he almost immediately started pulling up to standing. Hugo will get there in his own time!

  9. My second boy didn’t walk till he was almost 19 months old! He was also a slow talker, and though I’m not much of a worrier, I found myself worrying and comparing to our first. My main reassurance was he was a happy baby, who comprehended pretty much everything, even if he wasn’t saying much. Now he’s a cheerful 3 year old who won’t stop talking and running! 🙂

  10. Rae he is ADORABLE! Don’t worry so much about the crawling thing. My mom says that I didn’t really crawl, I went straight to walking. She says that she didn’t think I liked the feel of the carpet on my legs. Enjoy him while he’s not mobile yet, because then he’ll turn into trouble!

  11. Oh he’s just totally squeezable-looking! And he’s starting to get his own real ‘look’ rather than just ‘duplicate Rae baby #3’, heh. I totally reiterate all the ‘don’t stress’ comments on his moving etc. My third only started bum-scooting at 1 year. He had too many willing slaves. At seven we’re still working on his self-help skills, ahem, but he’s super-active in non-constructive ways!

  12. He is adorable with a Capital “H.” It’s hard not to compare to E and C…but as someone said “what’s the rush when everyone entertains me?”
    ( think of the challenges as birth control! Ha! )

  13. so adorable! thought i’d add my reassuring two cents….my 5th didn’t start crawling until a week after he turned 11 months old. he was so happy and enjoyed sitting and watching his big siblings and looking at his books, not to mention his siblings always brought things to him or picked him up and brought him around the house, so no reason to move! 🙂 now at 14 months he prefers to crawl like a master and cruise the furniture and walls around the house and last week just started to stand for a few moments unaided. i have also found the more babies i have the less intentional i have been with making sure they reach the milestones, and find that playing with their siblings, being read to, listening to music and being snuggled and doing daily things like banging spoons on bowls and putting clothes pins (or crayons or bean bags or blocks…) in and out of buckets it takes care of itself. so as the old adage goes, all kiddos are different, but you know that cause you’re a mom. love him to the moon and back and you’ll know he’ll grow just as he ought to. 🙂

  14. Wow, I could look at pictures of that boy all day long. What a cutie-patootie! I’ll just echo the sentiments of others — my daughter was late to crawl and walk, as well. And it’s all turned out just fine so far. It’s natural to do the whole comparison thing. As has been said, he’s got everyone willing to do everything for him, so he’s in no rush to do it himself! 🙂 I found I had to prevent my son from constantly bringing my daughter toys, etc. just so she’d feel a little motivation to get off her butt! But she also became quite PO-ed if we kept things just out of reach to try to make her crawl. Too funny. Of course, now that she’s three and the tantrums have started up, I kind of feel like we’re back at that stage! Not so funny this time around.

  15. Oh he is darling with his new haircut! Two out of my four girls were like this…no interest in moving..at all, while being super sweeties, but not even walking until closing in on nearly a year and a half, while my third was up and running, skipping crawling all together, at 9months. It is so hard not to compare, just letting them be as they are, who they are, in whatever form that takes…or a little glue on his hand might make him look really good at picking up things when you are in public 😉

  16. Thanks for sharing these snippets of your life. I love when people share the normalcy (craziness?!) of their lives. I hear ya on the feeding ambivalence and I’m trying not to get worked up about my little 8 1/2 month little guy not being keen on eating food. (It sure would be a lot more helpful if he did something other than nurse sometimes, though!) I would think that by the fourth kid I would be some sort of expert or something. HAHAHAHA, not even close!
    Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  17. Hugo is so extremely cute.
    This post makes me smile. I was thinking exactly the same about the teething today. My little boy (3rd kid) is 4 months now and loves his hand in his mouth since he found out he has one and people already start asking again if he’s teething…
    Well yes some day eventually he will be teething! More than once hopefully.
    My oldest son suddenly started crawling around 10 months. Did not try more than sit before that. Same for walking. My daughter tried and tried and then moved on her belly, then tried again for crawling. It shows their different personality a bit. Looking, waiting, doing it versus trying, failing/falling and trying again!
    It’s difficult not to compare your kids when they can be so interestingly different!

  18. I rarely comment here (normally just a stalker :)), but I had to say how utterly gorgeous Hugo is. So adorable! And I am so glad that he is not yet crawling etc. My son is 9 months on Friday and is equally resistant to movement, and tummy time. He’s not even rolling over yet. They will get there eventually, but I think it’s natural to worry – especially when your older kids did it earlier – my older son was rolling at 4 months and crawling at 6 months.

  19. First off, I never comment on ppl’s blogs…but Hugo is a CUTIE!! And I would not worry about his motor skills. My boys never clapped until they were practically 15 months or so…waving was similar time frame. They crawled earlier, but I think the skills all even out eventually! This mama of three boys (ages 5.5 and under) says “BE GLAD HE ISN’T CRAWLING YET!” Your cupboards will stay organized and you won’t have to navigate through a sea of baby gates for another month or so.

  20. My daughter never crawled! She scooted on her bum and didn’t do that until she was almost a year old. Walking came at 16 months and then she ran! Don’t worry about Hugo. He’s enjoying being entertained by big brother and sister…

  21. My third threw me for a loop, too! It’s like just as you think you’re on top of this whole “baby” thing, everything changes. My third was too skinny, late crawling, late walking, late talking — late everything. Now he’s 4 and hilarious and fine. 🙂

  22. My Hugo just turned 3 this week, and I’ll admit it is only now that Ive ceased to worry about the milestone-lag that he kind of displayed compared to his older brother – now I’m just enjoying ENJOYING them both – just the simple things 🙂

  23. You know, it’s been four years since I did my lactation counseling training, but I seem to recall being taught that pincher grasp corresponds to solid food readiness. My kids didn’t seem too interested in solids until their teeth came in (9 months!). And they were never into the pureed baby food thing. Have you heard of baby led weaning? Essentially, they just eat off of your plate, you can mash things up slightly. But that worked well for all of my kids.

    Hazel is not quite 6 months old and is crawling already. She’s raking things into her mouth off of the floor despite vacuuming our rugs daily. And sometimes I find rug fuzz in her diaper. Yet she gagged when I introduced mashes bananas! What gives? I say, enjoy him in his non mobile stage. And man, it doesn’t get any cuter than Hugo!

  24. HUUUGOOOOOO! Oh man I love that little guy, his hair and his little cherub face are just scrumptious. And yep, add me to the chorus of #3s doing things a little slower. Though honestly, I remember just sitting in Em’s nursery with her helping her stand up, practicing walking, doing all sorts of focused one-on-one work with her that I never think to do now. And then C surprised me by standing a couple seconds on his own the other day, after seeming totally unsteady about it! He’s also totally content to just sit and unload a box of toys or investigate stuff on his own – my sister (#3) was the same way as a kid, she always roots for him when I show her his self-entertainment skillz. Haha.

  25. What an adorable little guy! The eyes are sooooo pretty. I just love the blue!
    Hugo is almost the same age as my little monkey who will turn 10 months in just about 11 days. You are right about “Trouble” once they start to crawl. My monkey (and there is really no better nickname for him) has been crawling since he was 5 months. It has been so tough and rewarding at the same time. It is funny how we parents decide what a baby should do at what age. We were certain Alex would be walking by now as he has been practice walking for a long time now. But it seams he prefers to crawl. I’m having my hands full with him so I am not in a hurry for him to walk. Sometimes I secretly wish he was still not as mobile. Just to get him to change a diaper is a challenge these days. I end up changing him as he is crawling away from me.
    And just like Huge it seams Alex isn’t ready to move on to solids. He will eat them, and even enjoy some for few bites, but he is not ready to give up his breast milk. All the other babies that I know ate solids much better at his age. I am glad to know that Alex isn’t alone here.

  26. He is just so darn cute…
    Trust your gut. If you feel something’s up, push for help. My eldest didn’t crawl till 11 months, and at 7, still has coordination issues and weekly OT. My little one wasn’t talking much at 2, and now at 3 is in Speech therapy and catching up quick. The earlier the intervention, the less likely the issues will continue. It’s okay to be called an overprotective Mommy! 🙂

  27. Such a sweet looking little man!

    I was wondering which cloth diaper he has on. I recognized bumgenius and thirsties from other posts. but I loooove the vibrant color and don’t recognize the brand.

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