Sleeping Beauty Super Tote

Hey look I made a Super Tote! This ultra-popular pattern is from Anna of Noodlehead and turns out it’s the perfect size for a me-bag-slash-diaper-bag. When I saw this version that Gail made I knew I wanted to try a version with the piping and bust out some Heather Ross Far Far Away sleeping beauty canvas I’ve been hoarding forever. Well, since 2009, which in Blog Years is forever. You know it’s only a matter of time until they reprint this line, and I still have a huge pile of it sitting around begging to be made into something. So: Super Tote! And: it matches my rain boots! That was a happy coincidence, since I’m not usually a huge purple fan. But for some reason when I was pregnant last year I went through a purple phase.

Super Tote Far Far Away canvas by madebyrae

My only regret with this project was I wish I had added the (recommended) stiffer interfacing. I used quilt batting for all of the layers but I wasn’t sure I wanted to use fusible interfacing on my precious Far Far Away canvas so I skipped it. Looking back I think it would have made the bag stand up and look a little sharper, but that’s OK. Next time.

Super Tote Far Far Away canvas by madebyrae

It took me a long long time to make this only because I kept setting it aside for higher-priority projects. That’s one drawback of being a pattern designer is that I end up with next to no time to make anyone else’s patterns. Wah-wah. On the other hand, I kind of suck at making other people’s stuff anyway because I usually end up hacking it or “improving” on it because I always try to change something (that is more a testament to my personality than the quality of the pattern in question, by the way). The fact that I did NOT change anything about the Super Tote pattern is a testament to it’s fineness. Especially fine: this nice zipper closure at the top:

Super Tote Far Far Away canvas by madebyrae

I’ll be taking this tote with me to Austin next week; our whole family is headed to Texas to visit my new niece in Waco and then head over to Austin so I can make a stop at QuiltCon on Saturday (you can find me at the Stitch Lab booth on Saturday afternoon around 3pm if you want to stop by and say hi!) and teach a Buttercup Bag workshop at Stitch Lab on Friday that is SOLD OUT, wooot I am super excited! (But: there are spots open in a couple of Stitch Lab fabric printing and screen printing workshops yet next weekend, so check those out if you’re going to be in the area).

Super Tote Far Far Away canvas by madebyrae

So, since it’s our first time in Austin and we have three kids in tow, I would really love some suggestions for places to go and eat while we’re there. Mr Rae will be on the town with all three kids for a couple of days while I’m at QuiltCon so he ESPECIALLY appreciates any advice you can give!!

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  1. I have this pattern cut out and ready to sew into a diaper bag, once I find the right fabric. I sadly don’t have a stash of Heather Ross to choose from. Perhaps some Lotus Pond would be good 😉 Thanks for the interfacing tip though! I have no Austin tips, sorry. I don’t leave NH very often.

  2. The bag looks great! I love all of Anna’s patterns.

    Here is a great site for finding out cool and free things happening in Austin. On their tab for anytime fun there are more recommendations including restaurants.
    One great local place that our kids always enjoy is Kerbey Lane Cafe. There are a few locations and they use great, local ingredients and you can order breakfast any time of day…so my kids usually end up ordering the pancakes. Have a great time!

  3. I was in Austin 1,5 years ago.

    I highly recommend the Summermoon Coffee bar, it is on the same street as Stitch Lab, I think ,just 2 miles south. Or so.
    Drink a half summer moon latte, and please, manage somehow to make them give you the recipe. I want one so badly *sob*

    The magnolia cafe has several locations over Austin, and I think the food was really good.

    There is a big supermarket in “whole foods” style (well,and the biggest whole food I have ever been to, of course) on north lamar boulevard called “Central market”. They have a large cafeteria, and the cafeteria has an outdoor area next to a gigantic playground! And the food was really good.

    Then there is Cafe Mozart on Lake Austin. Super nice spot, and great cakes

    Austin also has a presidential library, it was the first I have ever been to, and I loved it. They have a lot of interactive stuff, and an oval office, so your older kids might enjoy it.

    One can go inside the capitol, and get a tour for free. They will take you to the capitol cafeteria (in the “reverse capitol”) and they had pretty good lunch options too.

    book people is a great book store with a large, large children’s section.

    Have fun! I wish I could come too! I loved Austin. and stitch lab. and summer moon latte.

  4. I’m gonna have to make one of those totes! And I’m super bummed I missed the boat for your class at Sitch Lab, but I hopefully can swing by and say hi on Saturday. Take the kids to Zilker park and ride the Zilker Zephyr train. It’s just a few bucks for a 20 minute scenic ride that goes along Barton Springs and then along the lake downtown for a little ways. It’s right in the heart of Austin. And, if you want convenience, there is a little restaurant next to the train station and a gigantic playground my kids love. The zoo is pretty cool too. The secluded drive out there is really nice. Oh! And The Thinkery! It’s Austin’s new children’s museum! Totally awesome! But bring a lunch, because the food there is minimal.

    Another good kid friendly restaurant is Phil’s Ice House on South Lamar. There’s an enclosed playground and an ice cream place right next door. (I pretty much make all my plans based on playground proximity these days since I usually have 3 kids under 5 in tow.)

    You should go get a yummy Mexican breakfast (or any meal) at Curra’s on Oltorf too while you’re here. From what I hear, tortillas in the north just don’t cut it. Not sure what area you’re staying in, but I pretty much just drove you all over town. Have a fun trip!! :o)

  5. gail’s supertote is a thing of beauty…and so is yours!! love that sleeping beauty, the colors are really nice. it’s been on my list forever too but now anna released that caravan tote and i feel like it jumped in line! decisions decisions.

    the baby feet peeking out in photo #1 are killin me! 😀

  6. I love the Supertote pattern! I use mine all the time. Yours is gorgeous…that fabric matching your boots is so cute! It’s such a useful bag. No tips for Austin…but if you ever come to Canada…! (Hint, don’t, it’s too cold.)(just kidding…please come!!)

  7. beeeautiful bag, such a perfect use for that fabric! you’re gonna love carrying that thing around! i love your boots, too, they’re awesome. have a blast in austin!!

  8. Hi! Nice tote, lovely color!
    Im a colorist in Europe and web you said that you did have a Purple phase in your pregnancy I had to smile ☺️. Did you know that 90% of the women like Purple while they are pregnant? And doesn’t matter if they were liking purple before or not. Amazing isn’t?
    This have an explanation, but to write it here would be too long.
    Hugo likes purple (and pink) too. This will change around the age of three.
    PS: I love your patterns I guess I have already about 10 washis in my wardrobe!

  9. LOVE this fabric!! Just beautiful. And the bag is awesome too…I’ve been sitting on some adorable fabric printed with sewing tools and notions all over it and the idea to make it into a bag for my cross-stitching supplies. This pattern looks perfect for that!

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