11 months old gaaaah!!


He’s actually already 11 1/2 months because his birthday is March 22 which is now less than two weeks away *freaks out a little bit.* I know all parents say this, but where did that year go? It’s so weird to be staring down that milestone. Meanwhile, this past month has been better than the last; we’ve all been healthier overall and Hugo seems to be getting the hang of eating finger foods (video clip here) and even taking a bottle now, which is nice.



Hugo goes to daycare a couple days a week now, and he seems to really like it. It’s great for me to have some baby-free time to get some work done, and at the same time still feel like I have plenty of time at home with him. I’m still just trying to keep my mindset in Baby Mode and work priorities as low-commitment as I possibly can. I’m trying to protect these baby days as much as possible, so it doesn’t bother me too much that work stuff keeps piling up like crazy. I just don’t have much time for it right now. Oh darn. Peeps are gonna have to chill if they need something. The only thing that makes me a little sad is that I have no new fabric collections in the works right now; I would love to do another one and I’ve been sketching a little but not enough to really put a collection together. Art is really fun.



Oh was this post supposed to be about Hugo?? Right. OK, so the word of the month for this little guy: SCOOT. He can’t crawl yet but he’s figured out how to do a funny little seated butt-scoot that is getting him around the floor quite nicely. I discovered rug burn on his ankles and the sides of his lower legs the other day and realized it’s because he’s scooting so much. It’s time to put up the baby gates and go around the house and put stuff away. Yesterday he ate a bunch of bright pink Play-Doh when I wasn’t looking. I have no idea how much he actually managed to get down before I got to him, though I’m guessing I’ll be able to tell just how much once it comes out the other end in beautiful glowing pink terds. I am going to need to keep a better eye on him. and thank goodness it was just Play-Doh.


I printed out the first eleven months of “month-by-month” photos the other day — just one more and we’ll have a set of twelve! Crazytown.

please don’t pin or reuse photos of Hugo! Thanks!

PS. The squirrel pull toy is by Kid O / Orange diaper by BumGenius

16 thoughts on “11 months old gaaaah!!

  1. I have 3 things to say:
    1. Holy moly is he cute! The facial expressions just slay me.
    2. My cousin used to eat play doh on purpose so much her mom just started making it from scratch so at least she knew exactly what was in it. Said cousin is finishing a PhD now, so it clearly didn’t have long term effects.
    3. My daughter (now 7) never crawled. She was a butt-scooter all the way until she finally walked at 16 months. She loves to run and play soccer now, so I think it all evens out.

  2. like seriously, look at that guy!!! what a doll baby. this first year of baby 3 does seem to have gone insanely fast for me too. nature of the thing i guess? i know there’s a time delay on the whole process but since i haven’t gotten my grubby little mitts on any small world yet, you don’t seem like a slacker at all! 😉

  3. Oh my goodness what a happy little cutie-face! My third started butt-scooting a day after he turned one. It was pretty efficient and really, probably a lot more comfortable using a padded bum than bare knees on hard floors!
    Good for you sticking by your priorities. Work, mostly, can wait and the more we insist upon a decent balance, the more people will understand.

  4. He is adorable!! I also have an 11 month old who is getting into all sorts of mischief and thinks it’s hilarious.
    On a random note, I feel reassured to see that Hugo is in the biggest snap setting on his bum genius diaper – i’ve moved to that size too but keep worrying that i’m not going to have anything to move up to as she gets bigger as this is my first baby in cloth.
    Love your blog and your work!

    • Hi Nicole:

      YES so the snap settings — I’m actually a little worried about that too! My other two kids I used the velcro BG’s but by comparison the snap ones feel smaller to me…I really hope they last through his entire diaper career. On the plus side, I like the snaps better than velcro because they don’t stick together in the wash. I’m conflicted now though because i want to buy more diapers to replace a few of the 7 year old nasty ones that Elliot used, but I don’t want to buy more snaps if they’re going to be too small soon!!!

      On the other hand, kids generally grow taller rather than wider after about 18 months, so I just need to make it a few more months. Hopefully??

      • Have you tried Thirsties Duo wrap with snaps? It’s a nice cover. It’s reasonablly priced and worked well for my little one. I never made it to the last snaps, and she was late to potty train at 3 1/2. They are very adjustable and not baggy.

        I love the month-by-month photos of your cutie pie 🙂

  5. My little squish is a March 22 baby too! Although she’ll be turning 2 – on what in my neck of the woods is Maine Maple Sunday. So we’ll be celebrating with pancakes and lots of maple syrup and at least one (but maybe two, or three – if I’m crazy?) mama-made gift.

    I never did the monthly portrait thing, but seeing your photo spread at the bottom makes me sad I didn’t!

    Congrats to you to on another (almost) year with a newborn!

  6. Lovely pics of your little Hugo! He’s a gem. I also love reading about your adventures in balancing motherhood and creativity. They remind me that I’m not alone in seeking that balance. P.S. Just made my first Geranium dress for my GT… she was the hit of Sunday Brunch. And BT’s got a pair of Big Butt Baby Pants (in pirate flannel) coming his way soon!

  7. Hugo is adorable Rae!! I know what you mean, I have two of my own and they are growing exponentially – time slow down please.

  8. What an utterly adorable baby! My baby is turning 2 on March 21st, although she keeps telling me “I not a baby any more, mummy”. Sob! Love love love your fabrics – just made a baby quilt for a friend from some greedily-hoarded Lotus Pond, and I’m planning a Geranium too.

  9. oh my gosh! I love seeing all those pics together at the end! Too too cute! He is…well, just the cutest! Can I say CUTE any more?? Okay I’ll stop. Hugs and kisses to you Hugo.

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