Up So High Moss Skirt

Hello everyone! Jess is stepping in today to show you the Grainline Moss Skirt she made as part of our Small World Blog Tour!! Without further ado, here’s Jess:Small World Moss Skirt
Heyyy there Raeders! (or do you prefer to go by Raesins?) I thought I’d show you that big kids can wear Small World too! I’ve had the Grainline Studio Moss Skirt Pattern for a couple of years now, and I’d even sewn up a muslin and made sizing adjustments before setting it aside. But the second this Up So High yardage entered my sewing lair, I started cutting out this little number.

It is kind of little, eh? It’s advertised as a mini skirt, though, so I can’t complain. I usually wear skirts like this with tights or leggings, and they’re more of a cold-weather staple for me, but this does make for a wonderful summer skirt if I do say so myself. Lest the mini-ness of this skirt deter you from trying it, let it be known that (a) my legs are disproportionately long for my 5′ 6″ body; and (b) the Moss Skirt pattern does have an option to add hem bands for extra length. Also: since I purchased my copy, Jen has updated the pattern with a little added length, and it’s now available in print format too!

Small World Moss Skirt
The pockets on this skirt are fully functional. Look! I can actually fit my big man hands into them! This is the single most exciting thing about this pattern; all my store-bought jeans and skirts have tiny, pretend, why-bother pockets, and this is such a great example of why making my own clothes is so gratifying.

Small World Moss Skirt
The Moss Skirt pattern is definitely more advanced than the average women’s pattern in my stash, but the details aren’t too tricky with a little practice. Know that it is completely worth your time to do a couple of practice zipper flys before diving in on the real thing. You might even have a small temper tantrum when you attach the pockets to the pocket linings, but that’s totally normal if you cut out the wrong-sized linings (ahem).

Small World Moss Skirt
This corduroy is so soft and easy to work with. I didn’t have any trouble with the fabric stretching and shifting while I sewed, which is something I’ve previously experienced with other corduroys. I can’t wait to make more garments with Small World. Don’t you think a pair of Maritime Shorts would be amazing in, say, the Apples print?

Small World Moss Skirt

Small World Moss Skirt
Big thanks to my friend Kanitta in DC for the photo shoot!

Here are the all the stops on the It’s A Small World (blog tour), After All so far:

Stay tuned for more Small World…I’ve hopefully got a couple more posts coming yet!


Small World is printed on 100% organic baby wale corduroy from Cloud9 Fabrics and is being sold in shops now. My sponsors Fancy Tiger Crafts and Fabricworm have it in stock now.

If you’re already sewing with some Small World of your own, please JOIN US! and share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #smallworldfabric or in the Small World Flickr Pool!

7 thoughts on “Up So High Moss Skirt

  1. Jess, your skirt is so fun! I love the idea of using this fabric to make shorts, too. It may be time for me to finally bust out my untouched Maritime shorts pattern!

    • Thanks, Teri! You and I can break out our languishing Maritime shorts together. The zipper / fly element was really the thing holding me back, so maybe I can move on now.

  2. Skirt looks great – suits your frame perfectly! I think your top is great, also. Which pattern/tutorial, if I may ask? Please don’t break my heart and say it’s just RTW… seems like I’m always searching for those ruched/gathered effects with the double “channels” and ties.
    PS: I learn so much from your blog, thank you 🙂

    • Meg, I have to break your heart! That top is from Costco of all places. I had to wear it with the skirt because the blues match *perfectly.*
      You could probably use a regular tee pattern, lengthen it, and give it extra-wide seam allowances to add your own ruche-ing channels…?

      • Thanks for your suggestion. Extra-wide seam allowances… why didn’t I think of that? Guess I should feel silly for drooling over Costco garb, too…but I’m not proud, haha. Flattering is as flattering does!
        Happy sewing 🙂

  3. what a great idea! I wouldn’t have thought to go grownup with the small world. A lemon blazer would be pretty awesome though. Your legs look great in the mini!

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