Introducing: Sewing Superstars

Today I want to kick off what I think will be a fun series! Quite often the people who get featured on my blog are already well-known makers and bloggers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; I think it’s inevitable that many of the friends I’ve made since I starting blogging are now well-established in the sewing community because let’s be honest I’ve been at this for a very loooong time. But very frequently when I’m scrolling through Instagram checking the #raemademedoit or #madebyrae tags or looking through the Rae Made Me Do It photo pool on Flickr, I stumble across a new face who grabs my attention because they are putting out some really amazing work, often with my patterns (which I’ll highlight here) but also very frequently other designer’s patterns, or even their own designs. That’s the great thing about social media: ANYONE can put work out there that is really fantastic.

The purpose of this series will be to highlight some of these “Sewing Superstars” who might not have made it onto your radar; maybe someone who is really prolific with their sewing, or clearly skilled in some area, or doing something interesting or different with patterns, or maybe it’s just someone who consistently nails it with their fabric/pattern combinations. I’m calling this series “Sewing Superstars!” because I find their work inspiring and they deserve recognition, and I’ll be featuring each person with a special post (they’ll also receive a fabric gift certificate to thank them for letting me feature their work, as well as just being awesome). I’m hoping that you’ll find someone new that you might not have already been following! And if you have someone you want to nominate, please feel free to comment!

5 thoughts on “Introducing: Sewing Superstars

  1. I think this is great, Rae! I nominate Hayley Cason, @hayleysews on Instagram. She has made so many clothes for herself and is great at fabric selection also she is young, so it may be nice to get another perspective. I would love to also see women of different sizes sewing for themselves and people sewing for older children (pre teens and teens). Can’t wait to see what is to come!

  2. Awesome! I nominate my daughter Lucy. She’s not online (because she is twelve) but she is a designer in the making! I taught her how to sew a patchwork quilt when she was eight (which is about as much as I am capable of) and she hasn’t stopped sewing since. After four years, she is now creating stunning dresses and shirts (and bags and anything else) for her sister, her dolls, and herself. She has already started selling doll clothes to earn money for girls camp and wants to start a business. To date her best project were matching fully lined regency style dresses for her sister and herself.

    Right now she’s working on a blue satin dress for herself with a pleated bodice and a high-low skirt. I saw the practice dress (made out of flannel) and the finish project is going to be stunning!

    Let me know and I’ll gladly email you some samples of her projects 🙂

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