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We’re in West Michigan this weekend for a cousin’s wedding. Left Ann Arbor just in time to avoid Graduation Weekend Chaos, and then realized it is Tulip Time Insanity here in Holland. Next year: somewhere else.

beatrix: my newest pattern, Beatrix (you can see a version I’m working on, upper right), is in the works. We’re working very hard to get it done and get it done right. We’re finished with our second round of testing as of this week. You can see some great photos over at Cherie’s blog and more under the #beatrixpattern tag.

mmm15: I’m going to try to wear handmade this month as many days in a row as I can for me made may ’15. Never participated before, we’ll see how it goes. I certainly have enough handmade clothing to go for a month straight; the challenge seems more to be about getting a decent selfie more than anything else. Logging my ensembles over on The Gram.

baby update: dropped Hugo’s crib down to lowest setting and pulled up the rail now that he can reliably pull himself up, second tooth has appeared. Discovered he CAN crawl, but he’ll only crawl on our bed, not on the hardwood floors.

haircut: am feeling v. springy with a newly coifed head of hair, some teal extensions. This is my second time with color extensions (the first set was pink and much more subtle). I really like how you can just have them taken out when you’re sick of them. Cut off about 8″ of hair; it was nearly long enough to donate, but not quite.

watching: The Good Wife (very good), just finished Daredevil (enjoyed this quite a bit), the latest season of Girls (i love this show, but this season was a little meh), and some of The Americans (SO GOOD). I used to sew at night, now I watch TV. Must be the three kids thing.

pants: am reading Pants for Real People. I don’t have much to show for it yet, but I’ve decided that sewing pants for myself is on the agenda for this year (and FYI “pants” does not mean “knickers” here in the US; it means trousers).

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  1. those are ingela Arrhenius prints, I believe I found them at “the Kid WHO”which is an online shop; google it!

  2. rae, that tulip post. gah! could not handle the cuteness. man it’s such a small world. we went to this hippie church here for awhile and 80% of the staff was from Holland, MI which you mentioned on IG. Hey, you might even know them! Before that, I had never even heard of it!

  3. Never watched the Good Wife. Agree about Girls being meh this season. The only good episode was the last one and that might only be because I’m pregnant and the birthing scenes cracked me up.

  4. Is this the pattern from the Bespoke double gauze shirt a few months back? Yahoo if yes!

  5. A few thoughts… 1. Girls, a few episodes behind but laughed out loud at the last one I watched, which has a way of making me forget the meh-ness of prior episodes, 2. Do you Netflix? Watch Bloodline! 3. Clicked thru to the Pants for RP link, and the photos are everything that has made me dread sewing my own clothes. It reminded me of how I used to abhor the thought of pregnancy, in part, due to the nasty maternity clothes I saw people wear – when I was old enough to realize those women were pregnant, not just overweight (a candid but not necessarily polite observation). Hopefully the text is much, much better than the cover illustrations!! If so, maybe I’ll purchase a used copy, because I’d live to make a pair of perfect pants! We are about to enter graduation season in New Haven – a/k/a madness – so I am jealous of your escape!

    • I agree, the cover shots are…a little scary. But I love the point of the author, which is that no matter how you are shaped, you should be able to create clothing that fits. And when clothing fits, you look better, even when you don’t look exactly the way you want to.

      And yes, Netflix, HBOGo, and Amazon prime are the only way I watch TV anymore. Will check out Bloodline!! 🙂

  6. that sums it up nicely thanks Rae “I used to sew at night, but now I just watch TV – must be the 3 kids thing”! ditto over here. I spend quite a bit of time watching TV, thinking “I really ought to go and do some sewing….”

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