Beatrix in Alison Glass Plus print

Made By Rae Beatrix in Alison Glass Handcrafted

The Beatrix Sewing Pattern is now available! BUY NOW

Another Beatrix top, this one in Alison Glass‘ beautiful Handcrafted plus print (I also bought the pink one, I love those pluses). This is the simplest and easiest version of Beatrix (View A), with the button band literally just a folded extension of the back bodice. I also love the dark buttons against this print. While I don’t really want to endorse using quilting cotton for tops, there’s enough ease built into this pattern that it’s actually comfortable enough to wear. The truth is though that it’s not as comfortable as the cotton lawn one I posted the other day. I just want to be honest about that; I enjoy showcasing fun quilting cotton prints for samples but the tops (and dresses) I wear most are made out of apparel fabrics.

Made By Rae Beatrix in Alison Glass Handcrafted

Made By Rae Beatrix in Alison Glass Handcrafted

I guess that’s all I have to say about this one for now…I’ll probably just keep plugging along and posting Beatrix samples until the pattern is ready unless anyone has any questions! You can see the other Beatrix tops I’ve made by clicking here.

The Beatrix Sewing Pattern is now available! BUY NOW

16 thoughts on “Beatrix in Alison Glass Plus print

  1. I am anxiously waiting for this pattern release! My youngest is now 1 and I’m finally ready to sew for myself again. Who wants to sew right after having a baby and then have it not fit in a few months?

    • Hi Emma,

      This view also has a separate pattern piece for a longer sleeve; it’s about a 3/4 length on me, but it could be lengthened very easily if need be!

  2. This fabric is lighter weight and less stiff than most quilting cotton. too, since it’s stamped and dyed instead of printed.

  3. The top looks stunning! I’m already a fan. Only one question, though: Is the top opening big enough that you can button the top buttons and still slip it on over? Or is this a “Honey, would you please …”-type top?

      • I love the blouse front, but I always found Buttons in the back uncomfortable, when you sit – and most uncomfortable to button up in the back! Do you have a solution for that?

        • These are great questions!!

          So yes, this blouse does pull over the head without having to unbutton; though I usually unbutton one or two buttons to make putting it on/off a little more comfortable. But no it’s not absolutely necessary to have the buttons. I’ll be honest, the buttons are mainly a design element: the button band adds visual interest in the back to an otherwise quite basic silhouette.

          If you wanted to make this without buttons, it would be really easy to cut it out on the fold in the center back (the center line is clearly marked on the back pattern piece) and make it a complete pullover. That would be very easy to explain in a tutorial, so I’ll try to add that to my list of things to talk about if we do a Beatrix Sew-along! 🙂

  4. This is really cute! thanks for the tips about different kinds of fabrics. What do you do with those apparel fabrics that tend to be a bit see through? Do you line or double them?

  5. I love it, I have to say I’ve made a lot of pretty great tops and dresses out of quilting cottons! It’s so simple, fun, and cost effective. I do of course use lawn quite a bit, but never shy away from simple quilting cottons:)

  6. Oh I have to have this pattern when you come out with it! I love the fit! Great for hiding post pregnancy bellies that never go away. 🙂 And those buttons all the way down the back are to die for! I have been seeing this Alison Glass fabric and I have to get me some! So gorgeous. All of it.

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