Let’s have a (Beatrix) party!

Made By Rae Beatrix in Let's Have a Party

The Beatrix Sewing Pattern is now available! BUY NOW

My multi-week Beatrix Tease oops I meant Beatrix Preview (go ahead and put that in air quotes) continues today with this stunning voile version that I’ve been wearing all over the place lately. The fabric is from the Let’s Have a Party collection by Avril Loreti for Cloud 9 with a matching coral Cirrus Solid button band in back (full disclaimer: I made Cloud 9 a duplicate of this top for their Quilt Market booth in trade for the fabric. I am also a Cloud 9 designer). I’m so glad that these fun, bright, and cheerful prints are printed on voile; it makes them absolutely perfect for lightweight breezy summer garments.

Made By Rae Beatrix in Let's Have a Party

I was working on getting the length right when we sewed this one, so the hem is roughly 1″ longer than the final pattern will be; it’s hard to see why this matters in the photos because I happen to be really tall, but if you could see the photos some of the more average-height testers sent, it would be obvious to you why I decided to make it shorter.

IMG_3230 - Version 2

Made By Rae Beatrix in Let's Have a Party

The buttons are made of coconut (!?!) and came from Fashion Sewing Supply, a shop that if you’re not already familiar with you need to be if only for their awesome high-quality garment elastic and interfacings. Pam Erny runs it and does a fantastic job. Put that one in your browser bookmarks under “Sewing Supplies.” You’ll never buy waistband elastic anywhere else again. You’re welcome.


Made By Rae Beatrix in Let's Have a Party

Pattern coming soon…seriously. Many people have already asked me for the yardage requirements, so I’ll try to post that soon so you can know how much fabric to buy. Meanwhile, while you’re waiting you can check out the other versions of Beatrix I’ve made so far. And if you have questions about the buttons in the back, please read the comments on this post before joining in the discussion!

The Beatrix Sewing Pattern is now available! BUY NOW

17 thoughts on “Let’s have a (Beatrix) party!

  1. That is so cute! Love the fabric choice on this one. Do you use underlining or interfacing to make the voile less see-through?

    • hi Becky!

      This voile isn’t really see-though so it wasn’t an issue; when the print is on a white ground or really pale I like to use a plain voile lining though.


  2. gorgeous … love this one the best … oooh, wait … the plus sign beatrix is also gorgeous …. i guess i just have to make one myself …. now a question about making: i’m seeing a front bust dart – right? i have an *ample bust* and i’m very bad about *fixing* darts … can it be removed by laying the pattern *differently* or slashing and doing whatever you do after you slash the pattern?? any thoughts on how to remove the dart?

    darlene, pesty as usual …


    • Darlene – Yups, there’s a front bust dart. We have Front Bodice pieces for both A/B and C/D cup sizes, so hopefully you’ll just be able to use it as is! The dart should actually help make it look good on the amply-endowed!

  3. Gorgeous top, looks great with your hair, too. Would love to see photos of the insides of your garments, if possible?

  4. Cannot wait for this pattern! Cloud 9 fabrics are on special at my local fabric store at the moment, so hurry up with the yardage

  5. Glorious pattern/hair colour matching, there Rae! Resplendent.

    You know what you’ve invented, don’t you? You’ve invented the Back Button-Up Happy Dance For No Longer Needing To Account For Breastfeeding With My Tops Top. Sign me up for a dozen, a dress adaptation (journalists can be sensitive about the work hack 😉 ) or two and happy dances in between. 😀 😀 😀

    Nice woven separates, just what my fabric stash needed.

    JG x

    • PS have you considered an exposed zipper variation? I love buttons and have zillions to use up (just got a vintage czech iridescent blue glass set) but I can’t help but think of fabric/zipper combination too.

  6. I have that fabric! And hopefully I have enough to make a version just like that. I also have another great voile that might be great for that pattern too.

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