Beatrixalong Day 6: Facings

It’s Day 6 of the #Beatrixalong…two days to go (if I manage to get all these photos uploaded, that is)! Ack.

If you’re just joining us, we’re sewing with my newest pattern, Beatrix.  You can find the introductory post here with basic info and a timeline for the sewalong. And here are Day 1Day 2Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5 if you want to go back and see what we’ve done already.


Today we’ll finish the neckline and prepare the back extension:

  • Sew facings together
  • Fold and press back extension; stitch at top and bottom
  • Attach facings
  • Clip and understitch neckline

First, assemble your facings

Sew the Front Facing to the Back Facings together at the shoulders. Press seam allownces open (no need to finish those seam allowances), then finish the outer curved edges with pinking shears, or with a zigzag or overlock stitch. Set the facings aside for a moment.

Beatrixalong Day 6

Now, prepare your button placket for finishing:

On each side, fold the button placket along the second placket fold line toward the right side and pin the top and bottom in place.

Beatrixalong Day 6
Beatrixalong Day 6

Stitch across the top edge of the folded portion with a quarter-inch seam (note narrower seam allowance at neck) on each side.

Beatrixalong Day 6

Stitch across the bottom edge of the folded portion with a half-inch seam. Continue sewing around the entire bottom of the garment, half an inch from the edge. Finish by stitching across the other side of the folded portion. This line of stitches along the hem will make pressing and sewing easier when we do the hem tomorrow.

Beatrixalong Day 6

Attach the facings to the neckline

Pin the assembled facings to the garment neckline with right sides together (note: the button placket is still folded to the right side), lining up center notches and shoulder seams. The ends of the back facings should cover about half of the folded portion of the placket.

Stitch around the neckline with a quarter-inch seam (IMPORTANT: Note smaller seam allowance).

Beatrixalong Day 6

Clip neckline seam allowances.

Beatrixalong Day 6

Press the both facings and the neckline seam allowances upward, away from the garment.

Now we need to understitch the facings to help keep them inside the top when you’re wearing it. To understitch, sew the neckline seam allowances and facings together (three layers of fabric), an eighth-inch away from the neckline seam as shown below. Don’t skip this step!!!

Beatrixalong Day 6

This is what your understitching will look like from the inside of the garment when its finished:

Beatrixalong Day 6
Beatrixalong Day 6

And that’s it for today!

OK, let’s review today’s assignment:

  1. Sew facings together
  2. Fold and press back extension; stitch at top and bottom
  3. Attach facings to neckline
  4. Clip and understitch neckline

And here’s your extra credit assignment:
5. Post a photo (crappy phone pics are fine) to Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr showing me hard evidence you’ve done something from today’s sewalong post with the tag #beatrixalong. If you blog about it, post a link in comments.

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4 thoughts on “Beatrixalong Day 6: Facings

  1. I’m a day late (and a dollar short, as my mom might say) on this post. Life stepped in between me and my sewing machine yesterday, but I’m back now. When you say to “finish the outer curved edges (of the facings) with pinking shears, or with a zigzag or overlock stitch” do you mean to turn them under (like a hem) before zigzagging (what I have to do) or just zigzag over the raw edge without turning under? Your edges look turned under in the photo, but I’m not sure.

    • Susan – no need to turn the edges under; we just want to prevent them from fraying. They won’t be visible, and folding them under would probably add a little bulk.

      • Thanks, Rae. I’m getting behind due to a few things in life coming in between me and my sewing machine, but hope to jump back in the fray (not literally, at least in the sewing sense) on Friday and maybe even catch up in time to cross the finish line with the rest.

  2. Rae or anyone! I’ve been moving along at a snail’s pace, but there have been no problems so far. (Miracle) I even got the sleeves set on the first try!

    But when I pinned the interfacing to the neckline, it seems to be a little short. The ends don’t reach to the edge of the placket.

    I posted a pic on Instagram (vodkillah) if you want to see what I’m talking about. Should I continue, or should I take the interfacing apart and resew to make them a tad longer?

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