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Today is my mom’s birthday. In addition to being smart and beautiful, she also happens to sew. Despite my supreme obstinance as a child, she also managed to teach me to sew, so obviously I appreciate what was I’m sure an admirable effort on her part.


(my mom, sporting an awesome handmade dress, above. we can discuss my dad’s bow tie or why she matches the curtains some other time)


Lately, my mom has been using her sewing skills to sew for an international non-profit organization called Days for Girls that provides girls with handmade, reusable feminine hygiene kits so they can go to school instead of staying home when they’re having their periods. Without access to feminine supplies, girls in impoverished communities are missing significant portions (the estimate is about 5 lost days per month) of their education each year; the overall goal is to break the cycle of poverty by providing supplies and education to girls in over 75 countries around the world so they can stay in school. If you want to read more about what they do and how they do it, the Days for Girls website is quite informative.


Mom’s been working toward her goal of making 63 reusable shields by her 63rd birthday (today!) to send along with her church group to El Salvador. As you can see, at the time of these photos she was making good progress. These shields will get snaps so they’ll stay put and then go in a kit along with a bunch of other stuff including panties and reusable pads that fit inside the shields. Pretty nifty right?


I’m super proud of my mom for getting involved in such an awesome cause. Days for Girls can always use more volunteers, fabric, or funds, so if you’re interested getting involved, either by sewing for or donating fabric, you can get in touch with your local chapter. There’s quite an impressive number of volunteer chapters around the world (my mom’s one of the Snohomish, WA team leaders *looks proud*). You can also donate directly to Days for Girls or sign up for their newsletter if you like.


Happy Birthday, Mumsy!!!

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  1. happy birthday to your mom! I heard about this issue on the radio a while back. So glad its getti g (some) of the attention it deserves. I may well strike up some sewing on this as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing this on your site Rae! A couple of my friends at work have recently been making kits for Days for Girls, and it is such a great cause. I am so happy that you are adding some awareness to it. 🙂

  3. A big happy birthday and hooray for mom! I recently heard about this and wanted to get involved. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  4. OMG Rae….I thought this was you with Clementine kissing Hugo (with all of those filters to make a photo taken last year to look like it’s from the 80s). What a beautiful family! Happy Birthday Rae’s Mom!!!

    I think I started purchasing reusable cloth pads before I learned to sew and some of these companies do donate to causes like Days for Girls.
    Now I’m glad I can do more to help from a more grassroots level. Thanks for the info, Rae!!!

  5. Happy birthday to your mom, and thank you for sharing this. I have done volunteer service knitting projects but never sewed for service before. I checked the list of chapters in my rural area and there are actually a couple options. I will look into this some more.

  6. I live north of Snohomish right next to the town where Days for Girls is located. A few weeks ago two of my friends and I sewed up 60-some pads for a friend taking kits to Africa this summer. I think we’re going to do another day of sewing soon to get some more done for them. Feels so good to use our sewing skills to help out.

  7. i am part of a Days for Girls group in southwest Ohio. We have fun gathering once a month to sew and chat and assemble kits from our efforts! It is fulfilling to be able to put our skills to good use for such a worthy cause.

  8. A way to help, but not sew is to provide the organization with fabric. The remnant section often has perfect options for the types and colors of fabrics desired, so every time I’m looking for remnants I also keep my eye out for appropriate fabrics and keep them separate at home until my pile is big enough to be helpful and then I drop it off at a local chapter. There are specific requirements on the website for the desired fabrics.

  9. Hi My name is Donna and I am a chapter leader from Narrabri NSW Australia. We have had a small group of ladies sewing for a few months now .I get soooo excited about DFGS that I can not stop thinking about it. I feel so happy and proud that I am involved with this wonderful organization. It is the best use of my time plus such and enjoyable hobbie. . The fact that it helps so many women and girls give me a great sense of joy , satisfaction and achievement.

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