Lion Shorts for the boys


I’ve been trying to keep up with this hot summer weather by making shorts for the kiddos. With three children I’m starting to realize that making handmade clothing for each kid each season is not a realistic task, but that doesn’t prevent me from trying. One way to maximize the use of my time is to cut two pairs of shorts out of one fabric. It’s cute when my kids match, but it’s more about not wasting fabric and working quickly than anything else. I made these shorts from the Moon Pants Pattern (for Elliot) and the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern (for Hugo). I turned the pant pattern into shorts using my Turn Pants into Shorts tutorial, which is so, so easy. Seriously.

The fabric is one of my favorite prints designed by Sarah Watts for her very first Cotton and Steel collection. I love those lions! Mr Rae commented that this print would also be great as a wallpaper, and I completely agree. I can totally see it in a kids’ room or a fun entryway wall, can’t you?

Lion Shorts by Rae

I got a few photos of both boys wearing them at the same time, which was a minor miracle, although Hugo wasn’t exactly in the best mood. He managed though. Elliot meanwhile was showing off his now nearly toothless smile. He has been missing those two middle top teeth for what feels like half a year and I’m starting to wonder if the new teeth will ever come in. Is this normal??

Hugo doesn’t like grass. Just like his sister when she was little.

Lion Shorts by Rae

He likes the swing better.

We got this swing from Hearthsong for the kids to replace one the cheapy plastic one that came with the house when we bought it last year, and it’s great. They make even bigger ones that could have also been pretty fun, but I’m not sure our poor tree would have been able to support all of the neighbor kids on one swing so it’s probably best we stuck with the smaller size. It’s really easy to put Hugo on it by himself without worrying that he’ll fall off. Or he can sit in one of the kids’ laps, which he loves. The kids love it too, as you can see!


8 thoughts on “Lion Shorts for the boys

  1. Love this print too!
    We got the big version of the swing – up to 400lbs – best mother’s day present ever – in our front tree, just drive nearly to the south end of 7th Street if you ever want to check it out. I might be in it reading and avoiding housework and kids.

  2. Great shorts. It’s nice to see some pics of Elliot in handmades again. I have two boys around his age, so like to see what you are making for him for inspiration.

    My seven year old has one front tooth missing that also seems like it’s been gone months with no sign of the new one yet. My nine year old usually didn’t lose a tooth until the new one was already growing, so it’s good to hear that other kids take months to get the new teeth too.

  3. lion pants, they’re so cute! agree it’d make amazing tenenbaum-esque wallpaper, and seriously i love the photos of your boys together. i never had one brother let alone two, but seeing mine (and yours) together is just adorable.

  4. Have no fear- The teeth will grow in. 🙂 My son was looking toothless for almost a full year! The dentist assured me that in all his years of dentistry (a lot) he had never seen a front tooth be missing. …. And sure enough, the teeth grew in. And I do miss his toothless smile. Cherish while you can!

  5. My 9 year lost both her front teeth in October and they JUST started to come in now!! Crazy the way that happens.
    I am thankful they finally did come in. Now she can bite food. LOL

  6. Hi. I am still looking for a really good pattern for women’s shorts and I thought I remembered that you wanted to offer one. Since I love your Washi dress pattern and found it really easy to sew and a great fit I hoped that you would help me make some shorts for myself, too. Grownup shorts, not skinny teeny tiny young girl shorts, that is.

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