Get ready to parrrrtay.


Can you believe that Washi is three years old?? Whaaaaat. How is that even possible? The Washi Dress was my very first garment pattern for women, and when I released it back in August 2012 I was so nervous I almost threw up. I was so worried no one would like it. I never in a million years anticipated how well it would be received, or that it would still be such a hit to this day. The response to Washi was so encouraging and gave me confidence to work on other women’s patterns, and now look at the collection we’ve gotBianca, Ruby, Josephine, Beatrix, and even a Washi Expansion Pack (aka “Washi XP,” a companion pattern with bows and collars and linings and more)! Sometimes I have to pinch myself, it’s kinda crazy.

It’s clear you guys love Washi. So to celebrate three years of this pattern, next week I’m throwing Washi a birthday party on Instagram. The party will start on Monday, August 10. The party will have two three parts:

Wear your Washi

I’m adding this after-post because I realized that many of you may have a Washi but a) might not be interested in entering the giveaway/contest (see below) or b) prefer not to post on a deadline. So if you just want to help celebrate, wear your Washi any time you like and post it with the hashtag #wearyourwashi! I’d love to see everyone’s wonderful Washi creations!!

The Happy Washi Birthday Giveaway

Next Monday, August 10, wear your favorite handmade Washi dress or tunic and post ONE picture on Instagram with the hashtag #happywashibirthday. I’ll randomly pick one of the photos; the winner will receive a printed copy of the Washi Dress pattern and a printed copy of the Geranium Dress pattern. **Note: All photos posted on Instagram before Midnight EDT on August 10, 2015, will be considered.**

Won’t it be fun to see how many people wear their Washi dresses on the The Same Day? So pull those Washis out of your closet (or finish up that one that’s been waiting for a hem) and get ready!!!

The Wear Your Washi Contest

Since there’s no denying that there’s still a little Washi madness going around, I thought it would be fun to see how many days in a row people can wear a different Washi dress or tunic they’ve made. I know many of you have made at least two or three. Some of you Crazy People have even made more. So let’s have a Wear-Your-Washi contest! This is similar to a dance-off, so to participate you must not only START on Monday (August 10th) but you must also wear and post one different Washi DAILY on Instagram until you run out of Washis. No repeats, no skipping days, and please make sure you show the WHOLE garment in your photo. All of your Washis must be made and worn by you.

Each entry photo must also include the following info in the photo description in order to be in the running (feel free to include other info as well, but this is a MUST):

  • the DATE
  • the DAY (of the contest, to help me keep track)
  • the hastag #wearyourwashicontest

Example: “Aug 10 /  Day 1 / #wearyourwashicontest”

The contest starts on Monday, August 10th, and will run until the last Washi-Wearer runs out of Washis to wear (so when the last person — who started on Day 1 and posted daily — posts their final photo). That person will be the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. If there is a tie, I’ll figure out some way to break the tie. I reserve the right to use my own judgement and discretion when determining a winner for this contest. I reserve the right to declare the contest over early and select a winner from the remaining contenders. I reserve the right to choose more than one winner. If it gets too crazy, I reserve the right to pull the fire alarm, call the cops, and slip out the bathroom window. I don’t even know what this is gonna look like, but I think it could be really fun.

What is the prize, please?

WHAT? You don’t think that Enormous Honor and Privilege that comes with winning is prize enough?? I’m sure we can all agree that alone would be pretty awesome. But OK, you’re right, it would probably be even more fun with a little prize. I’ll happily send the contest winner a sewing-related grab-bag of goodies which may or may not include some printed patterns and some of my fabric.

Details, Schmetails

Yes, your first (August 10th) post for the #wearyourwashicontest should be the same post as #happywashibirthday if you want to participate in both the contest and the giveaway, so include both hashtags if you like.

Yes, Washi Expansion Pack versions of Washi count for the contest and giveaway

If you’ve hacked the pattern, it needs to resemble the original design enough to be recognized as a “Washi.” I love a pattern hack as much (if not more) as the next gal, but please don’t include pattern hacks that no longer resemble Washi. I know that’s a bit of a grey area; please feel free to check with me if you’re not sure!

Yes, both the contest and the giveaway are open to contestants outside of the United States. We will ship prizes internationally if necessary.

All garments must be finished and not “in progress.” That means hems, facings, bindings, people.

Your photos must be on public profiles so we can see them.

Please keep things light and cheery! This is meant to be GOOD FUN!

The giveaway and contest winners will be determined at Rae’s discretion and contacted to provide a postal address. Void where prohibited by law.

OK, any more questions? If you need any clarifying details, please post in the comments or shoot me an email. I’m trying to keep this really chill, so while I do not want to get caught up in all the details, I want to make sure it’s also clear.

Please TELL YOUR FRIENDS and get those Washis ready!!!

12 thoughts on “Get ready to parrrrtay.

  1. Oh my gosh I’m so excited about this! I am going to make a few more washi’s this week to make sure I have enough to win 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I was wondering the same thing – surely the people who’d be most thrilled to win a copy of the Washi pattern would be those who don’t already have it!?

  2. Awesome contest. I’d love to see the results here on the blog! I wonder what the maximum number of Washis will be. I’ve made over a dozen Geraniums for my daughters, but never more than three in a single size.

  3. Fun! I don’t have a Washi yet but I really want to make one after learning some more basic sewing skills with my new machine! After doing some research last weekend I realized that you also live in Ann Arbor! Are you still doing any local classes?

  4. Happy Birthday Washi from your nr 1 South African fan.

    I had my own Washi mini challenge a few months ago – wanted to sew a Washi a day for 10 days – made it to day 6.

    Still need to hem all 6, will do that before Monday for sure.

  5. I have never sewed clothing and have been eyeing up this pattern forever!! If i won it, this amazing dress would be my first try at sewing a dress:)

  6. I’m pretty new to sewing, or new again — haven’t sewn since my adult daughter was a child. I enjoyed the Beatrix sewalong and found it very helpful. I was delighted to see my version above and would love to try my hand at the Washi dress

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