Happy Birthday, Dear Washi

happy birthday washi Day 1

Just a quick reminder that today is the day to enter the Happy Washi Birthday giveaway over on Instagram; just post a pic of you wearing your Washi and tag it #happywashibirthday!! I’m wearing mine (see slightly nerdy pic, above)…are you?? Also: If you’re playing along with the Wear Your Washi contest, today is Day 1. Otherwise, just post your pics with the tag #wearyourwashi just for fun. Check out this blog post for all the details!

PS. Want to have a chance to win a print Washi pattern of your very own but don’t have a Washi to flaunt yet in order to do so? Don’t fret, we’ve got a giveaway planned for you on the blog, soon. Stay tuned!!

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dear Washi

  1. Congrats, Rae!

    You must be so proud – being the designer of such a beloved pattern must be an amazing feeling.

  2. Making my first washi right now! It will be the first dress I’ve ever sewn! I got the pattern from Fabric Spark in Toronto.

  3. Thankyou Rae for designing the Washi Dress! It’s just awesome and the compliments are constant whenever I wear one of my 5 that I’ve made. (two tops, 3 dresses)
    (I don’t instagram, so a belated happy BD Washi dress!!!!!!!!)

  4. I’ve been DYING to try one of these dresses! I’ve been obsessing over fun fabrics for days trying to decide what I want. I’d love to win one for sure!!

  5. I poop this pattern. So eye catching and beautiful! Would poop to win one to make for myself! Thank you!

  6. Ok so my husband changed my autocorrect so that the word LOVE changes to poop! I LOVE the washi dress! Oh husbands…

  7. Hi I was just searching Instagram and found you! Love your patterns and love the Washi blouse you made! Would like to make me one.

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