And now for some PANTS!


I’m not entirely sure, but I think this might be the very first pair of pants for myself that I’ve ever posted on my blog.

Update: Luna Pants Pattern is now available!   buy now

I’ve made my fair share of schleppy pajama pants and one year, back when I was a teacher, I spent a great deal of time making a pair of fancy pink trousers complete with pockets, a waistband, zipper flap, and belt loops — that is to say, I’m not a complete novice when it comes to pant sewing — but I don’t think any of those ever made it onto the blog. In truth, I have felt for so long that I was waiting for my body to return to a stable size that I didn’t feel it was really worth the time investment to sew pants, not knowing how long they would be worn. I’m really excited about these! They are similar to pajama pants in the sense that they are comfortable and were incredibly quick to make, but the pockets and fabric choice especially makes them appropriate for out-of-the-house-wear. I also love them with Birkenstocks.



I have ventured out of the house in these quite a few times now, and I have gotten SO many compliments on them. This surprised me at first, actually, because floral pants can be a bit, well…Crazypants. But I was reassured by the comments they got, and nothing is more rewarding when wearing one’s creations out and about than receiving unsolicited compliments on them, I do believe. The fabric is downright lovely, so that is half of it right there; this is one of Leah Duncan’s prints from her Meadow line for Art Gallery. Leah has since joined the roster of Cloud9 designers as of this fall (yay!!), and I’m very excited to see her new line with Cloud9. I’ve loved all of her fabric lines; her artwork is lovely and the colors she chooses are really spectacular, and this deep green floral print is one of my favorites.


I do think this pattern may be a strong candidate for my next sewing pattern; I love that these are basically a ladies’ Moon Pant, just not quite as wide at the bottom, but also not as tapered and fitted through the calf as some of the pairs of elastic-cuffed pants I seem to be seeing around latelt. At first I wasn’t sure that the waist should be completely elasticized, so I might experiment with a flat-front waistband for these yet, but we’ll see. For now I’m just having fun making (and wearing!) my own pants. Above all I am about keeping it simple and not making them too fussy or tailored; that’s really what’s led me away from most of the other pant patterns I’ve seen on the market this past year (though, I said this before and I’ll say it again: I really would love to make a pair of Ginger Jeans at some point!!), so I’m focusing on that right now.


So, what do you think? Would you wear these out of the house?? Or would these be utterly mortifying for you?

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  1. Sweet baby Jesus please make a pattern. I have a store bought pair EXACTLY the same (well obvs not same print. Has elastic waist and cuffs). And I love them. And I want to sew some but I’m too lazy/busy/wanting to sew other things to take the time to figure it out. Please a pattern. Please. 😀

  2. Ahhhhhh! want want want! If you make a pattern, I will be the first in line- I love these! I would also be very interested in seeing what they look like with a flat front.

  3. I admit I was a little nervous when I saw your first glimpse on Instagram of just your ankles and new danskos, but I do LOVE these! totally awesome! And so fashionable! I swear I see stuff in store windows, and I really think fashion is taking its cues from indie sewing and front runners like you.

  4. OMG YES PLEASE! I have a RTW pair I wear ALL THE TIME and would desperately love to sew a pair myself. They’re so comfy and perfect for runs to the grocery store or to take the dog out for a walk. Please make a pattern!

  5. Rae they look great. I certainly would wear them outside the house. I like to wear comfy pants straight after a shower when we have been at the beach or gardening. Looking forward to a pattern. 😊

  6. They are so cute, and you should definitely wear them about. Unfortunately, there’s no way I can wear that style. My hips are wide and round (proportionally), but the rest of me is very petite. That comfy waist with a tapered leg? Not gonna work.

    • Yeah I admit I am not sure how this will work on a larger hip/small waist combo; I do wonder if a flowier fabric might work…. In the end though, you have to *feel* good in it, so if it’s not for you, that’s OK!! 😄

  7. Those are extremely appealing! The styling is super cute of course. But I’m pretty sure those pants would be comfy & easy to wear which makes them a huge win. Interesting idea to have a flat front waist. Can’t wait to see some more versions!

    • yeah they do sometimes…I’m not 100% into Birks, but they do look cool. I like my Danskos for comfort better though!!

  8. I so wanted Moon Pants for me so I would be sooooo happy 😄 to have this pattern! Love ❤ them and would definitely wear them out of the house!

  9. Hello Rae,

    I love love love your new pair of pants. The fabric is gorgeous and I’d be one of your first buyers, if you ever decide to make a pattern!

    Greetings from Germany,

  10. I’ve been waiting for so Long for you to make a Pants pattern für women! Please do hurry up and finish it and I will buy it immediately 🙂 I Need a bigger size than yours, though. I think in US sizes it would be a 14, in German sizes it’s a 44.

  11. YES!!!! I would wear these in a heart beat! They are awesome–I’ve been wondering if you were releasing a Moon Pant for ladies LOL. We lived in England for 7 years and let me say-the floral “crazy pants” are always in fash. Those people rock them I tell you. Now, (1)when will you release the pattern and (2)is it acceptable to wear Birks in winter-because I’m going to. With socks. 😉

  12. In the spirit of unbiased opinions, I think they’re cute…..but, I could NEVER pull those off (and I live in Austin) 😉 It seems like a small portion of body types could really pull those off and not look like we are only out in public to buy another package of Oreos and Haagen Daaz.

    • I live in Waco, and I wear pants like these all the time! I’m a larger lady, and I guess I feel like even if I am just out to buy more ice cream and Oreos, which it is likely that I am, I don’t really care what people think. I love my store-bought pants that are similar, and I can’t wait to rock the Luna ones I’ve sewn up! They can take in alllllllll of this! Lol!

  13. Please make pattern! I’ve been looking for this kind of pants and i’ll soon be able to sew my own clothes!!! you’re an inspiration. So pleaseeee make the pattern? 🙂

  14. Would most likely wear them around the house… I would probably leave the bottom straight though (maybe a pattern option)

  15. Please make them in to a pattern Miss Rae! They are just enough crazy without being too over the top:) I don’t have skinny legs so I’d love a pattern where they don’t taper in too much just like you said. Your pair are so perfect and flattering!

  16. I love these! I actually made something similar to wear while pregnant this summer, although mine used a jersey casing for elastic in the waistband and cuffs. My fabric choice was pretty wild according to my husband, but I got tonnes of compliments! My question is – what footwear would you choose for the British winter? Pumps and sandals just aren’t going to keep my feet dry!

  17. I love the look. I have a pair of Harem pants with the guesst in the crouch area and the freedom of movement it gives is amazing. I would love you to try with the guesst and feel the difference, then design a pattern that is still slim looking as yours. I would such a pattern. Thanks.

  18. Yes please, I love making the moon pants for my daughter and I always get comments on how great they are and can you make in adult size.

  19. I would totally wear pants like these every. single. day. I love that they look both beautiful and comfortable. A pattern would be lovely for those of us who can’t just figure things out on our own. By the way, love your Birkenstocks, I have the same pair!

  20. Summer is arriving rapidly here in Australia, so Moon Pants would be great. Could different styles be shown in the pattern(flat front, straight leg etc) hope I’m not asking too much. Also, would linens and cottons be OK to use?

  21. YES! I would absolutely wear those (and I’m pretty sure we are about the same size, so feel free to send me THOSE!!) Seriously though, I’d be psyched to buy the pattern and could see myself wearing them either with a tank (you know, to go get the haagen daaz mentioned above), or dressing them up a little with a sleeveless tunic perhaps?

    • Hi Sarah,
      This is the Art Gallery quilting cotton, which (like cloud9’s) is actually much lighter and nicer than most QC’s. They are super comfy!!!

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