Wear Your Washi Contest Winners!

We’ve had quite a bit of fun celebrating my Washi Dress Pattern’s third birthday, haven’t we? (If you’d like to catch up on details, here’s the original post.) I am amazed at how many Washis you’ve all made made (it’s good to know that not only my closet is bursting with Washis), and I love that some of you have pretty much made Washi your uniform.

If you followed the Wear Your Washi Contest until the end, you’ll see here that I declared a tie between Karie and Rachel on Day 25. DAY TWENTY-FIVE, people. These ladies each wore a different Washi every day for more than three weeks, and they both still had more in the wings! Not to mention, they were prepared to crank a few more out if they needed to. Gotta appreciate the competitive spirit! Here’s just a small sampling of their posts:

Karie / karie_twokwikquilters:


Rachel / marmaladeinstead:

marmalade instead

I’m putting together a box of treats to mail to each of our ambitious winners. Thanks for the enthusiasm, ladies!! Congratulations!

I also want to give honorable mention to Allison and Niku who stayed in the game for a good long haul. Check out a few of their Washis!


photos used with permission (Allison’s Instagram feed is now private)

Niku / xostitches


A bunch of the tops and dresses that people posted during the contest were made using the Washi Expansion Pack. I love all those collars and bows, and it’s cool to see how different styles really resonate with different folks.

Even though the birthday party is over, we can all post Washi photos for all time using the #wearyourwashi tag, and of course #madebyrae and #raemademedoit are fun tags for any of the things you sew using my patterns. Thanks for all the Washi love!

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