Gingham Charlie for Hugo

gingham charlie (front view)

With the onset of cooler fall weather, I’m suddenly motivated to unload the bits of summer clothing I made for the kids onto the blog before they’re completely out of season. First up, this little gingham Charlie Tunic for Hugo.

gingham charlie tunic

I made a few minor edits to the pattern, including cutting the neckline facings on the bias so that they contrast a bit with the body of the shirt and adding a curved hem (I just trim away about 1″ at the side seams for this). I also shortened the sleeve by a few inches and skipped the sleeve facings.

gingham charlie tunic

This pattern is a pretty old pattern (“old” being relative of course, in this case relative to the age of the Internet). I have dreams of updating it when I have a little more time. For starters I kinda feel like I should change the name. There are at least three children’s patterns (including one that just came out last year!!) called Charlie. Second, the curved hem is nice, and I don’t think anyone actually uses the little side vent thingies I designed the first one with (you can see those in this Charlie Tunic post with leeetle Elliot). Third, I think the dress and top should just come as one pattern instead of having the dress option be an add-on…right now you have to tape extra things together to make the dress (ooh! ooh! Cute Charlie Dress post!)…anyway.

gingham charlie tunic


Hugo is now 18 months old and as you can see here, he is getting into EVERYTHING. Exhibit A: the stereo cabinet.
gingham charlie tunic

Curious George (Hugo calls him “Judge”) saves the day.

gingham charlie tunic

gingham charlie tunic

The fabric is navy Kokka Gingham from Purl Soho, and you can find the pattern and variations in my shop: Charlie Tunic Pattern / Charlie Dress Add-On / Charlie Pattern Pack (dress and tunic bundle)


13 thoughts on “Gingham Charlie for Hugo

  1. I, for one, would love an update of the Pattern Formerly Known As Charlie! My baby is only 8 months now but I can’t wait to make one or twenty of these tunics for her!

  2. Oh yes, an update! Maybe you could expand the sizes as well, I think my 8 year old would love this style! (You know, in all your free time)

  3. Yes please! This pattern is on my future to-make list. I think it would be so cute on my little boy and my daughter prefers dresses that don’t button down the back so this pattern would be great for her.

  4. KEE-yoot! Both shirt and model (but not in that order). FYI, the Octitunic link appears to be broken, but I found it via a search on the site. I never thought to flip facings to the outside, and use a complementary fabric to boot. Neat-o!

  5. I do the side split facings! looks especially good if you do a plain linen shirt then decorative cuffs/facings/vents 🙂
    Would love to see different sizes.

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