Parsley & Moon Pants Roundup

Now that it’s fall and I’m working on sewing my own pants, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what people have been making with my kids’ pants patterns!

parsley & moon fall 15 roundup

top left: Jane’s kids are comfy in chambray Geranium Dress and Parsley Pants
top right: Tuxedo Stripes!
bottom left: Anna used some Rain Walk (her line for Cloud9 Fabrics) to make Geranium and Parsley
bottom right: Angela made these Moon Pants with a Flashback Sweatshirt (here’s the whole outfit)

The Parsley Pants pattern is so simple and infinitely adaptable. Once you get the basic steps down, you can customize the style (by adding pockets! a flat front waistband! tuxedo stripes!) and combine fabrics to make Parsleys into PJs, dress pants, costumes, you name it.

The Moon Pants are newer to my pattern collection, and they’re wonderfully comfy and whimsical, in keeping with the current supercomfy-yet-kindadressy trend that seems to have taken hold. While this pattern does lend itself to girls’ pants, I made it into a pair of sweatpants that look great on Elliot, and I can see it in a linen blend as warm-weather pants for boys.

You can take a look at the Parsley Pants and Moon Pants pattern info pages for size charts and ideas, and don’t forget to peruse my tutorials for all my free tips and tricks! Here are just a few:

Tuxedo Stripe Tutorial
Kneepads – 3 ways
Sweatpants with a drawstring

(Did you know that each of my patterns has an info page dedicated to it here on the blog? All you have to do is type “” into your browser and fill in the blank with the pattern name. There you’ll find photos, size and yardage charts, a link to the shop to purchase the PDF, and thumbnails and links to all the blog posts related to that pattern. For example: Washi,Beatrix… etc. Everything relating to that pattern in one place.)

Yay for all the pants! Get inspiration and share photos on the following platforms:
Moon Pants Flickr Pool#moonpantspattern on Instagram
Parsley Pants Flickr Pool / #parsleypants on Instagram

6 thoughts on “Parsley & Moon Pants Roundup

  1. I need to make more Parsley pants!! My girls were both so mad at me when I told them the ones I made wouldn’t fit them. Time to go sew!

  2. Have you ever considered doing a faux fly tutorial for the Parsley Pants? I’m an experienced dress sew-ist, but I’m less skilled when it comes to modifying pants patterns. I’d love to make a pair of little pants as a Christmas present, but I can’t find any patterns that have an elastic waist and faux fly (two features required for the potty-training recipient of said pants).
    Just wondering. Thanks!

    • Actually I HAVE considered that! I made a few pairs of boxers for Elliot last year that had a faux fly added…I should really write a tute! It’s quite straightforward!

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