Introducing Presto Patterns!

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Update: Luna Pants Pattern is now available!   buy now

It’s time to get ready, because my Luna Pant Sewing Pattern is almost here! I’m so excited to launch this pattern; it’s such a fun and quick sewing project and everyone who has made these pants so far has been so geeked about them.

This pattern will be the first of a new set of patterns that I plan to release under the label “Presto patterns.” The idea behind Presto patterns is that they will be simple and easy to make, are drafted and tested with the same level of care as the rest of my patterns, but include more abbreviated instructions and only one view rather than multiple views. My working vision for Presto patterns is that they will be “quick and easy patterns for the confident sewist.” I’d like to point out that confident doesn’t necessarily mean experienced; I know plenty of beginner sewists who are successful simply because they are confident that they can learn. Just look at how many of you have learned to sew using just the internet and indie sewing patterns! I’m inspired by that daily.

luna presto

My previous patterns have included an eBook for the instructions; I’ve always intended these to hand-hold and instruct the user, but let me be frank: they are incredibly time-consuming to write and edit. In addition, I’ve found that adding multiple views to each pattern seems simple in theory but ends up being logistically complicated in practice. Since my work hours are limited this year with Hugo at home with me part-time, I’ve had to make a decision about priorities: is it better to take half a year to produce a pattern, or is it better to use a different tactic? I decided that most people would probably prefer to wait a shorter time between when I announce a pattern and its release, so we made the instructions shorter. I also think that this blog can be a great place to showcase and instruct pattern hacks, so we’ll make sure that we include plenty of tutorials on the blog for making variations.

As a result, Presto patterns will be smaller files and simpler patterns, and we will sell them at a lower price than my other women’s PDF patterns. The Luna Pants PDF pattern will sell for just $12 rather than $16. I hope you’re excited about that!

For details about the pattern, including size charts, yardage, and more, visit the Luna Pants page:

3 thoughts on “Introducing Presto Patterns!

  1. Just placed my pre-order! Whoop! Whoop! I think the *Presto* line sounds like a really smart idea – for you and for the consumers. I have so many of your patterns now and have read so many of your tips and tutorials (and links to same from others), as well as printing many, that I feel rather confident I can take on this pattern without being super-experienced. I’ve learned enough from your previous patterns that I think this will come together well. And having sewn the Moon Pants for my daughter, I’m presuming Luna to be much the same, only bigger. Thank you for always coming up with something fresh, exciting, and practical (as boring as that last one may sound, it’s SO needed). I hope you and yours enjoy a filling and peaceful Thanksgiving. I expect my holiday season to be filled with sewing.

  2. Love the idea (and name!) of Presto patterns. I am certainly one of those people who have learned all sewing from the internet, and honestly, much of it from you! Definitely purchasing this pattern either way, but wondering if there are any bum shots that I have missed? Might make the difference on whether I sew these as lounge pants or out-and-about pants (I guess I’m like your sister–more jeans & cords!).

  3. Oh I missed this at the time but just caught up on the idea through your maxi dress post. I think it’s a great idea! Hooray for simple basics!

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