Jess made Mesa lawn Luna Pants too!

Hey everyone, it’s Jess here, stepping in to show you how I’ve been wearing my Luna Pants.

Update: Luna Pants Pattern is now available!   buy now

made by rae Luna Pants

Turns out we’re really excited about dark fabric with geometric metallic prints around here (and no, you’re not seeing double; Rae has a pair of Luna Pants out of this fabric too). For this outfit, I’m wearing a cropped tee, my trusty thrifted shorty jean jacket, and the comfiest-ever Born slingbacks.

made by rae luna pants

When Rae first started drafting this pattern, I honestly didn’t think that these pants would be a good look for me. I’m a jeans and corduroys kind of girl, except during hot Missouri summers when I only wear dresses. Since it’s my JOB, though, I had to make a few Lunas, and now I’m whistling a different tune. When I tried on my first pair fresh off the sewing machine, I didn’t take them off for 12 hours. They’re so comfy, I didn’t even care what they looked like. But I got all sorts of compliments on them, and I realized that Rae was Onto Something.

made by rae luna pants

There are a couple of things that I’ve learned while testing this pattern that I’d like to share:

Getting the right length is the difference between frumpy and cute here. The leg is tapered toward the ankle, but if they’re too long, the gathered cuff causes the fabric to “pool” and make the pants look clowny, so you don’t even notice the taper. Hemming the cuff to just cover your ankle bone will prevent pooling.

Luna Pants are not low-rise pants: the waistband is designed to hit slightly below the natural waist for optimum fit. I think this is flattering on a variety of body types because it’s the roomiest at the hips, then the line hugs in toward the waist. For me, this creates the illusion of a little more curviness, but also accentuates a narrow waist on curvier ladies. Win Win! The higher waist makes it fun to wear shorter blouses and cropped tops. I have a couple of those in my closet that I really like, but never could figure out how to wear.

made by rae luna pants

I love my Luna Pants! I’m about to cut out fabric for my fourth pair, and this time I’m planning to try out an enlarged version of the Moon Pants pocket to see how it looks on lady’s pants. What do you all think about that?

made by rae luna pants

Outfit Details:
Thrifted Fidelity Denim jean jacket.
Luna Pants in cotton lawn. Fabric: Sunrise in Indigo Metallic Copper from Alexia Abegg’s Mesa Collection for Cotton + Steel. Rae’s sponsors Jones & Vandermeer and Fancy Tiger Crafts have it in stock.
Shoes: Born slingbacks (style no longer available).
Scarf: handknit raw silk from “Groovy” pattern by JumperCables; my Ravelry project for details.

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3 thoughts on “Jess made Mesa lawn Luna Pants too!

    • We are, too!! We are releasing *just* the pant pattern at first, but we’re working on doing a freebie + tutorial for the moon pocket, if that makes sense. You can read more about why in my latest post!!


  1. these are adorable … i’ve put on a *little* weight {*little* in reference to weight is like saying, *your dress is ….. *interesting!* and we all know what *that* means … and am wondering if there is an option for plain hem-turned-under bottom hems, rather than the elastic hem, which i fear will make me look like a balloon … also, is there a picture, line drawing of this option {if it is an option, not just my personal whim … ;-))

    you and your pants are darling and you look great in them …

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