Holiday Skirt

bespoke double gauze skirt with pleats

I can’t believe that it took me this long to post this skirt to the blog. I actually sewed and wore this skirt for a completely different holiday this year (though I think it would be entirely appropriate for New Year’s Eve): Valentine’s Day. Which also happens to be my anniversary. There are pros and cons to having the Valentine’s Day anniversary, trust me. One of the pros is that I can sew myself a red skirt for my anniversary date night and I will match nearly everyone else at the restaurant. Or is that a con? I’m not sure.

The fabric is a lovely Bespoke double gauze from Cotton and Steel that I purchased from Fancy Tiger (a sponsor of this blog) earlier this year. Words can’t describe how awesome and bright this red is. The fabric actually seems to glow on its own, as if it had it’s own internal source of energy. Skirt fusion? I know that isn’t really possible.

bespoke double gauze skirt with pleats

After wearing the skirt out for one evening, however, I decided there was far too much fabric in the back. The elastic waistband was producing a poofy effect that I was not happy with. So I tore out an entire side seam in order to fix it, which included un-sewing a serged lining and inseam pockets, which was a total pain in the ass (one of the cons of designing a ridiculously complicated fold-over pleat skirt that is also lined), and the short version of the story is that it took me a long time to fix. If I’m honest, there’s still a safety pin holding the elastic in place on one side. Let’s move on. Now it’s fixed and isn’t that what matters.

bespoke double gauze skirt with pleats

bespoke double gauze skirt with pleats

The front waistband is folded over, box-pleated, and then stitched down for a flat-front effect. The lining inside hides the folded edges. Now I’m realizing I should have taken a picture of that because it was an architectural triumph. The back is just gathered with elastic, and also has a folded edge at the top; I think this is what is referred to as a “paper bag waist” though I’ve never understood why, and now, typing this, I’m not even sure if that’s even right.

bespoke double gauze skirt with pleats

I used the tiny bit of light the sun gave us this December to shoot these photos, so they’re super low-res and they feel a bit dark, just like this season feels to me. Which is why I treasure the bits of light that come here and there this time of year, when the days are short and cold: when the sun peeks out of the clouds for a moment, having my kids home (and playing nicely together for five minutes, even) for winter break, celebrating the birthday of Christ, and the hope of the New Year.

And of course, knowing that you, dear readers, care enough to stop by and read for a few minutes, buy a pattern to sew something beautiful for yourself or someone else, or leave a kind comment is a source of great light, and joy, and encouragement to me. Thank you for being here, and for your support. I cherish this space because of you.

Happy New Year!


10 thoughts on “Holiday Skirt

  1. Happy new year!
    I had to pick out a serged seam once on a pair of PJ pants for my husband (I accidentally made two left legs) and I vowed never to do that again. Your skirt is adorable, worth the effort!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity. I love your patterns and I love the honesty of your blog. Looking forward to another year of MBR!

  2. This skirt is so fun– I love the pleated front detail! I know from lots of experience that having to unpick so much of a garment is a giant pain. I am glad when I finally have the fit I want but it takes a lot of time to get motivated to actually do it. I think it was totally worth it for this awesome skirt! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy new year to you and yours! The skirt is gorgeous and I would call that a ‘paper bag waist’ – my understanding of that is that it’s one that is scrunched or pleated in like that with a bit of un-scrunching or pleating at the top, like a paper bag that’s maybe tied closed with string.
    Thanks for your patterns, the inspiration you provide, and for making this a pretty spot to visit on the internet! Sewing, and sewing people, are the best 🙂

  4. Love this! I think a skirt pattern would be a lovely addition to your wonderful patterns. I would certainly snap it right up! I made so many garments this year thanks to your wonderful patterns. Thank you and happy new year!

  5. I would really love a pattern for this too. It’s got all the right features of a perfect paper bag skirt.

  6. ooooh! i’d love to sew a skirt designed by you. knowing how well your your children’s patterns fit and how flattering your adult dresses are, i look forward to a well-fitting, flattering skirt pattern from you in the future…

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