Our family Christmas pics

kids christmas 2015 christmas 2015 picChristmasPic2015Christmaspic

It’s hopeless to try to get all of my wiggly little monkeys to look at a camera and smile at the same time, but I’m still really happy with how these turned out. Also: patting myself on the back that not only managed to get them taken but even mailed a few out. The last time we had professional(ish…I had my assistant Melissa snap these) photos of all five of us was when Hugo was a week old, so it was time.

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope yours is wonderful and full of laughter and love. If you don’t, I hope you aren’t too annoyed by people wishing you a Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to you all!

xoxo, Rae


8 thoughts on “Our family Christmas pics

  1. Nice pictures. You have a beautiful family :-)!
    Merry Christmas- Feliz Navidad -Frohe Weihnachen <3

  2. Merry Christmas! So cute with all 3– my girl was lucky enough to get the Hannah velvet for her Chritmas dress this year too ;). She also enjoyed your tunic dresses from Heather’s fundraiser a few years’ back 🙂
    Prettige Kerstdagen en Gelukkig Nieuwe Jaar!

    • oh are you serious, you bought those??? I was just thinking about those the other day. So glad they’re getting worn and enjoyed!!!

      Thanks for commenting, Mari! 🙂

  3. So cute! Hugo looks a bit like he’s thinking, “Yeah, those goofballs are my siblings. Sigh.”

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