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I made new curtains for Hugo’s nursery recently using the clementine print from my baby wale cord line for Cloud9, Small World. This gives me an excuse to show you Hugo’s room before I go and totally change it up. I’m itching to get him out of that crib, and the plan is to bring Clementine into that room now that he’s no longer waking up during the night. Well, he does, but he usually just fusses a bit and goes right back to sleep. Both Elliot and Clementine were already out of their cribs by his age (22 months).

Plus, dare I say it? I want to start potty training as soon as possible. Clementine had basically potty-trained herself by this age and Elliot was trained when he was 2 1/2. I’m not one of those Pullups parents. I made it through two children without ever purchasing a single Pullup. So we’ll see how this goes. Pulling my hair out in a year, most likely. Some of you are already thinking oh dear she has no idea how much harder it will be with that third child. Or will it be easier? I have no idea. At any rate, the potty is ready and waiting (not pictured).

Here’s a bunch of pics!
hugo nursery 2

hugo nursery 3

hugo nursery 4

hugo nursery 5

hugo nursery 6

hugo nursery 7

I’m already excited about making this room into a boy/girl shared room, I think it will be cute, even if Clementine insists on taking all of her Frozen posters with her. Stay tuned.

Details: Rug from Dwell Studio / Wall Prints from the Kid Who (they’re Ingela Arrhenius) / Side table from IKEA / Rocking chair from Sprout / Hugo’s outfit blogged here.

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  1. I love the room and the curtains. My four and six year old did most of the work training my then 21old last spring. We gave them any rewards she got.

  2. Ha! My third child is resisting the potty big time. His brother and sister both went nappy free around 2-2.5 and he’s nearer to three. I’m trying g to be all chilled about it,… (And failing!)

  3. The curtains look lovely!! My first son wasn’t fully toilet trained till he was 5 as he just wasn’t interested (it took us 2 years of a lot of washing). I’m hoping my second will be more like your 2!!! But I’ll probably be too scared to try until he’s about 4!!!

  4. Would you mind sharing the wall color? It’s pretty much the color I see in my mind, but can’t seem to manifest in a paint store! I have no potty training insights, just well wishes!

  5. I love the curtains! I hope you keep them for the shared room!! 🙂 They go awesome with the paint color too. I’m thinking about letting my kids (8, 9 year old boys that share and 8 and 11 year old girls that share) redesign their room and repaint in an effort to clean them up! 🙂 I thought it would be a fun spring/homeschool project!

  6. my third kid was totally my easiest potty training. i have a boy and then a girl and then another girl (then a girl and then a boy). i switched to cloth diapers with the third and I think that was a main difference in ease but she is a really easy going kid, too. Now she’s 12. just be consistent and I’m sure he’ll be fine.

  7. Potty train! yeah! you can do it! i just potty trained my third. she turned 2 on thanksgiving. we can leave the house in undies and rarely have accidents now! i HIGHLY recommend the book “Toilet Training Without Tantrums.” It talks about training between 18 months and 2 years, as it is the best time since they are still eager to please. it’s a super short easy read! Good luck! Potty training can be as nerve wracking for the parents as it is for the kids!

  8. Such a bright and sunny room! So cute. I was just thinking I can’t wait to potty train C too – ready to be done with diapers once and for all!! Maybe we’ll do a big diaper-free push this summer…he’s still in a crib too though; has never tried to climb out so why get rid of the pen? 😉

    • Yeah I know, Hugo doesn’t climb out either, but I’m afraid that if he gets too big then the crib->bed transition will be more angst-filled (for me and him)…

  9. Bright and sunny and happy! And it has everything to do with the temperment and readiness of the child and not where they are in birth order. And well, the temperment and readiness of the mom too.

  10. After potty training two kids, I feel safe to share our trick with confidece: the pee worm (I’m not kidding)! I made a worm out of about 20 2″ paper circles, glued in the shape of a worm on a piece of paper (preferably hung on the bathroom wall). For every potty success, the kid gets to put a sticker (yay stickers!!) on the worm, knowing that when the worm is full he/she gets to pick out a new toy/go to the movies/whatever incentive is needed. Works like a charm (at least with *ahem* three year olds) – after 20 stickers the kid has definitely gotten the hang of it!

  11. The curtains are gorgeous! I love how much they brighten up the room…I need to rethink the plain ones my kids have. I don’t know about ‘wanting’ to toilet train, was not my favorite parenting stage. I suppose in a get it out of the way kind of deal, and not having to buy/wash nappies is always great too! Good luck!

  12. Man, what an awesome nursery and well dressed kid! <3 I was totally a pull up mom, if you'd call it that. My oldest two stayed in diapers until then were around 3 1/2 and then overnight, potty trained. I guess I didn't really mind that much, since I had seen so many moms carry around potty chairs in their cars, watched children have untimely accidents, or listened to moms remind their kids again and again and again to use the potty. That just seemed like so much more work to me. So you can imagine my surprise when both Tia and Iris potty trained themselves at 2 years old, pretty much on the nose. That was sweet! I wonder if the earlier training was related to them seeing their older siblings use the toilet. Not sure, but now I'm reeeaaallly hoping Hazel will follow suit! Good luck!

    • Yeah I wonder about that; if watching the older kids makes it go more smoothly for the younger ones? Who knows! And there’s no shame in using the Pullups!!

  13. Maybe this is completely obvious, but where can I purchase this fabric? I’ve checked on and the clementine pattern isn’t available. Similarly, I have called all of the IL, UT, and MO stores listed on cloud9’s website and have come up empty handed. Do you know of any physical or online retailers that currently carry this fabric? Thanks in advance!

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