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Life has been crazy and busy lately. Mr Rae and I have both been traveling a lot since the year began, and Hugo was super-sick (again) this week with an ear infection, cough, and hives (that was so. not. fun), so I’ll be really happy when (if?) things settle down a little bit. Our anniversary was Sunday and we have yet to celebrate it, but that’s OK. We’re both a little meh about our Valentine’s Day anniversary anyway, since we can never get a reservation or a babysitter without thinking at least month in advance (not my style, big surprise there haha), but I’m sure we’ll figure out a great way to celebrate. We’re both currently dreaming of a European vacation (he was in Germany last week, and loved Munich, so I think a trip through Paris, Munich, and Venice would be spectacular, don’t you think?). Here are a few other things on my Rae-dar:

last week…Jess came and worked at the studio (see pic, above, we look like twins, don’t we?) and it was a real treat to have her here in Ann Arbor for a few days. She usually works for me remote from Missouri, which works out great, but it was really nice to be face to face instead of communicating over email and skype all the time. We worked on a new skirt pattern (see bottom left pic, above), among other things.

this weekend…I’m heading to Columbus, Ohio to attend Midwest Craft Con tomorrow and Sunday. Super excited to meet some new crafty people and learn new things!

upcoming class at Dry Goods: I’ll be teaching a Luna Pants class at Dry Goods Design in Seattle on April 1st, and there are still spots available if you want to join us! Super excited to see their new space in Pioneer Square, and of course, spend some time with my parents. Somewhat late-to-the-game but related: Did you read that terrifying PNW-earthquake article last summer in the New Yorker? Ack.

finally finished…knitting a Latte Coat for Hugo (top right), just in time for the sub-freezing temps to end, of course. Knitting is my side-hobby. Apparently I’m not the only one feeling the knit-bug; at our Sew Ann Arbor sewing night last week (bottom right pic), nearly everyone was knitting or crocheting. It was great! (PS join us sometime if you’re local!)

fabric lust: really really excited about the Yucca (voile!) and Lore fabric lines by Leah Duncan for Cloud9, due out next month. Envisioning Luna Pants and dresses and skirts galore.

want to make…Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Files pattern, Roscoe Blouse by True Bias, Sylvie Dress by Christine Haynes. These would all be so great for spring!

want to knock off…this Tea Collection dress for little girls (and this one) with a quilted bodice is SO adorable. Could make something similar with some solids (maybe these?) and the Geranium pattern?

washi dress sewalong…is currently in progress over on Instagram, hosted by @trulymyrtle (find all posts under the #washidressSAL tag) Who’s sewing along? It’s never too late to join in! (Pattern here, by the way)

new favorite recipe: I made this Curry Squash Soup last week (yes, I surprise even myself sometimes and cook a meal) and it was so yummy. Perfect thing for the cold days we’ve been having here in Michigan.

want to up your garment-sewing game? My friend Deborah of Whipstitch is putting together an monthly sewing club for people who want to learn new techniques called The League of Adventurous Dressmakers that looks like a ton of fun. Registration is open until the end of the month and Deborah asked me to help spread the word before registration ends (soon!); definitely check it out if you’re interested!

more eye candy: Amy Butler released Issue 3 of Blossom Magazine last month and it’s stunning. Now I want to go to Morocco.

That’s enough for now…wishing you all a wonderful, relaxing weekend!!

9 thoughts on “lately

  1. I have never been to Europe, but I have been reading a lot lately about the Bavarian Christmas markets. It looks amazing! Maybe if you’re planning a trip in November-December that would be a good stop? Cheers!

  2. Rae, I’m in Belgium near the French border. If you make it this way lets do a meetup! It would be awesome if you bring Jessica too!

  3. A trip to Paris, Munich and Venice would be truly spectacular! You are very right there! But do come in late Spring or Summer. All 3 cities (and their surroundings) are so much more charming then. From Munich it’s only a 1 hour drive to the mountains.
    Carola (from Munich 🙂
    PS: Love your new skirt!

  4. Oh poor Hugo, and poor you! Just think of all the immunity he’s building for later in life…. That little woolly jacket is adorable.

  5. Put the pompoms from the shorts on the last post on that skirt!
    And hives? Oh dear. My daughter got a terrible case of hives from wearing a new pair of shorts I didn’t prewash. There must have been some serious chemicals in the fabric dye. Ick. Anyway, I hope Hugo is better now

  6. Happy Anniversary! Paris and Venice are both perfect for couples (Very romantic), I haven’t been to Munich. Thanks for the links, I want to join The League of Adventurous Dressmakers.

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