Plaid Parsley Pants with Piping

plaid parsley pants / made by rae

I finished these amazing Parsley Pants for Elliot this weekend. He kept commenting that they felt like pajamas. This is due partly to the elastic waistband, partly to the genius pattern design (like how I snuck that in? hee), and partly to the lovely fabric, which is a reversible double-cloth from Robert Kaufman that have a brown side and a plaid side. I honestly thought he would choose the brown side for the outside of the pants but no, it was all plaid, all the way. You can see both sides of this fabric, which is currently on sale, in the Imagine Gnats shop, by the way!

plaid parsley pants / made by rae

plaid parsley pants / made by rae

As you can see, there is no half-assing these pants; when you wear these it is a full-on commitment to the outfit. Luckily for my almost-9-year-old, he has a history of wearing Amazing Pants (here / here) so he’s used to the comments and attention. I’m quite interested (also, half worried) to see how his classmates respond if/when he wears them to school. He’s a confident and happy kid, but he’s also getting to that age where he cares what other people think, you know?

plaid parsley pants / made by rae

The Parsley Pants sewing pattern is a super-simple pant pattern with two pieces (right leg, left leg) with an elastic waistband, and then a whole bunch of “extras” to make the pants more interesting and fun (pintucks, tuxedo stripe, pockets, flat-front waistband). I designed this pattern because it seemed like there were only two types of pant sewing patterns for kids out there: super-simple (basically PJ’s), or super-detailed (multiple pieces, pockets, zippered flies, waistbands; basically, time-consuming or tricky), and I wanted something that would be easy and quick to make but still have some interesting variations. I love that you can customize them to your heart’s content.

plaid parsley pants / made by rae

For this pair, I added the pouch pockets with some brown piping. I’ve got a quick Piping Tutorial here on the blog if you’d like to make your own piping, but I used a store-bought package and prewashed it with my fabric to prevent it from shrinking when these are washed.

plaid parsley pants / made by rae

I basted the piping around the two curved edges of the pocket before sewing the pocket linings and pockets together. I love piping so much; it classes everything up; you might even remember this Piping Improves Everything post from Celebrate the BOY a few years back where I rounded up some great boy projects that feature piping.

plaid parsley pants / made by rae

There’s more great Parsley Pants in the photo pool, or you can check out the #parsleypants tag on Instagram to see what everyone else is making with this pattern!

12 thoughts on “Plaid Parsley Pants with Piping

  1. love them, still think E looks like a retro kid all around (hair and fashion choices). he seems like such a silly little fella, and i hope he wears loud pants for years to come. πŸ˜‰

  2. My son originally wore size 4 when I first bought this pattern and now I just made him his first pair of size 9. Wah! It will be a sad day around here when we outgrow the Parsley pants pattern –I use it for everything! Church pants, jeans for school, pajamas, Halloween costumes, everything. Any chance you want to extend the size range? πŸ™‚

    • I would buy extended sizes too. My daughter was already too old for them by the time I got around to making them.

  3. Aww yay!! I’m so glad it’s worked so well for your little guy. Yeah, I’ll have to give that some thought!

  4. WOWZEEERZ I love these!!! I really must get some more sewing in as everything you have posted in the last couple of months I want to try. Having been away from blogging and sewing for a while I have found that I have been missing out big time.

  5. Pants are very well made, look like good PJs. Not sure why he would wear his PJs to school though.

  6. My tall son has long since grown out of this pattern. I still use it all the time for nephews and nieces. I do use the variations though such as the pockets using a basic adult pj pant pattern from Heather Ross for my boy. He’s in 8th grade and still proudly wears his mama-mades so there is hope. I should warn that sometimes he does request “normal clothes” but I’ll take it.

  7. Love these pants! Such awesome pockets! Time to put down the knitting needles and start sewing some spring clothes for my girls!!

  8. I love these! I have made many for my boys. Currently making a monster fabric pair for my son’s 5th birthday next week. He loves his colourful pants and wears them to preschool. I’m wondering if in Kindergarten this fall, he won’t wear them anymore. For years other kids have commented that he’s wearing PJs – when they are not made in flannel but in the kids fabric from JoAnns. I guess I could make them in solids in the future. I made matching plaid ones for my boys last Easter. They looked very 70s. I loved them.

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