Shorts with pom poms

shorts with pompoms / made by rae

Started these last year as part of a larger Pants-Shorts Experiment (an experiment that included two pairs of shorts, a fitted cropped ankle pant, and a pair of flared corduroy pants, none of which ever got photographed or blogged, but also, I might add, eventually produced the Luna Pants pattern, so it wasn’t entirely in vain). I was torn about whether or not to add the pom poms. On the one hand I had seen a handful of very cute shorts featuring pom pom trim on Pinterest and I am a huge fan of poms for any occasion so count me in. BUT. When your thighs don’t have extra space between them (I think it goes without saying that mine don’t), the idea of a row of pom poms betwixt one’s legs becomes a more interesting concept. My sister Elli suggested there might be chafing. I decided to go for it. I finished these in time to bring them to Palm Springs, but the weather just wasn’t warm enough that weekend to wear them, so beyond trying them on, I really haven’t had a chance to take them for a spin. I’m waiting for warmer weather. Will report back. Does this seem like a bad idea to you?

PS. Fabric = Field Study voile by Anna Maria Horner

17 thoughts on “Shorts with pom poms

    • haha yes! That’s actually not a bad idea. Might be weird to sleep on those bumps, though? Will give that some consideration…

  1. Very cute on the hanger, but I think not so great between the thighs. Very likely to end up with some twisted together as you walk and they rub, and chaffing is a likely possibility. I’m loving the idea of them on a skirt, though. That fabric is adorable!!

  2. ha, ha. i never considered that, but would have the same issue. 🙂 i would just wonder about laundering them…but i bet you’ve already tested that out. they could always be super cute pjs.

    • As far as laundering pom poms, I usually try to prewash it before I sew anything together so it won’t shrink (which is my usual issue with them; they tend to shrink up once washed which can make the edges ripple). Not sure I remembered this time, but I’ll be careful to wash cold delicate for sure.

  3. I put some on a skirt recently…shorts though….the thigh thing would be an issue. Forget the chafing, i’d get mine tangled and somehow trip over myself!

  4. My sister has a pair she bought from h&m last sumer and she seems to like them. Shes young though and i font know if shevwould sdmit to the chafing if she liked them a lot- wich she does!

  5. Rae, forgive me but I have been laughing to myself imagining you looking all snazzy in those adorable shorts and headed out for a fun date, only to return a few hours later walking a painfully awkward tiptoed, straddle-legged walk to minimize the burn of mid-thigh Pom-Pom burn. Sorry, laughing again, because it reminds me of the way my kids would walk after having an accident! I think the shorts are truly awesome looking – they’d be a great conversation piece in a quilt market booth, for example – but are probably best left for those girls under the age of 10 with legs like sticks, with nary a chance of thigh chafing!

  6. Rae, this post and the comments are why I love this blog. You have upped my sewing game, but more than that, your candor and the fun, real people who are drawn to your blog brighten my day every time.

  7. These would be great with the tiny pompom trim you can find at the store. But I do believe they are best left for those under the double digit age.

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