Luna Pants Inspiration

I’ve put together a couple of inspiration boards from my Pants! board on Pinterest to give you some ideas for Luna Pants sewing. Even though some of these differ in shape from Luna, I like to imagine a similar fabric with Luna’s shape, or just use the images to envision how I would style the pants for everyday or dressy wear.

Luna Pants inspiration

You can see how fabric choice really changes a pair of pants, as well as the styling. A star print on a dark double gauze background would be lovely (1), and a drapey rayon on a dark background could give you a completely different look (2). A tribal or large geometric print could be really stunning if you’re going for a statement pair (3), and adding a drawstring and using a knit fabric (I’ll post tutorials on both as part of the sewalong!!) would make this pattern into something perfect for yoga class (4)! I also love how you can dress these up (a pale solid double gauze, silk, or rayon could help you recreate these) by adding a blazer and a dressy shoe (5).

luna pants inspiration

I love floral pants (maybe you remember this pair), and I’ve seen a number of lovely floral prints lately that would work nicely for this look (6). A small geometric print on a dark background is a much more subtle look (7). I find that I’m drawn towards dark prints for these pants (8,9) for a more every day look. I think a yarn-dyed woven or chambray could reproduce the look in the center (8) nicely (again, with a drawstring, stay tuned for a tutorial), and a solid lawn or voile in navy or black makes them more conservative. More interesting prints are always fun, and you could just use a colorful geometric print (10), or even use a border print of some sort to create a stripe on the side of the front panels (11).

I’ve mentioned a few different types of fabric (rayon, double gauze, lawn, voile, chambray) that I have found work nicely for this pattern; I’ll try to offer some tips for sewing with some of these types of fabrics as the sewalong progresses since each has its own set of unique properties. I hope this post gave you some fun ideas for your next pair of Luna Pants!

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Are you sewing along with our Luna Pantsalong? All you have to do to participate is show us one or more photo(s) of your Luna pants, either in progress (a pile of fabric! your cut pieces! as you sew a seam!), or finished (on a hanger! on you!), to one or more of the following spots online:

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13 thoughts on “Luna Pants Inspiration

  1. Honestly, I can’t imagine pulling these off with a blazer. Maybe if I were younger 😉

    But I love the idea of soft drapey rayon or double gauze in a crazy print for wearing around town. I’ve got a couple recent acquisitions in mind!

    • hahaha! yes the blazer seems a bit out of reach for my daily needs as well. As would be the 4″ heels… 😛

      Yes, drapey, comfy fabrics are more my style as well.


    • Haha, that’s the beauty of a loose-fit top! (and PS I don’t have a flat belly either…except if you count sucking it in for photos LOL)


  2. I finally got inspired to make myself a pair, so I bought the pattern yesterday, and today I ordered some baby-wale corduroy in a dark blue floral print. The fabric won’t arrive in time for me to sew-along with everyone, but maybe I’ll see another pair in a similar fabric, so I’ll know how mine will work out!

    • Well…no…while I think it’s true that it’s hard to find ready-to-wear pants shown on real bodies on Pinterest, I don’t think that has to be how one interprets an inspiration board. I see the inspiration as being about fabrics and style rather than looking at someone else’s body…it’s all about your perception!

      I’ve seen Lunas on plenty of women who aren’t stick-figures, body confidence is really all it takes to pull these off!

  3. Hmmm… I wonder what these look like on a bigger girl? They are super cute but I don’t know how they would look on my size 12 butt.

    • Hah! Yeah you need to try to look past the stick-figure models. I think these look great on all different sizes!!

  4. I am in, and I will look at the pattern to see fabric types and see what I have! And, guys, these pants look rather forgiving, I think. Thevuse of color, type of fabric, etc, would all factor into the effect of the look on someone.

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