Yucca Voile Luna Pants

Yucca Voile Luna Pants

These Luna Pants are my most recent pair and (naturally) my very favorite to wear right now. The print was designed by Leah Duncan for Cloud9 Fabrics and is part of the Yucca voile collection which is printed on a deliciously silky organic voile (her Lore collection — also shipping right now — is printed on quilting cotton and is equally lovely).

Yucca Voile Luna Pants

If you are trying to decide what kind of fabric to use for a pair of Luna Pants, I think voiles and lawns are wonderful fabrics for the pattern. They are incredibly stable, meaning they don’t fray or move around terribly while sewing, making them very easy to cut and handle. They’re also lightweight enough to work well for garments (as opposed to quilting cotton which is not as comfortable to wear).

Yucca Voile Luna Pants

Another thing to consider: dark backgrounds tend to do the best for pants, since lighter backgrounds tend to be more sheer, especially for voile and lawn. I completely forgot to take a photo of this but the waistband facing is a bright yellow quilting cotton from Leah’s Meadow line for Art Gallery (the same line, incidentally, that I made my green floral Lunas from). I just love Leah’s designs. She is definitely one of my favorite fabric designers!

Yucca Voile Luna Pants

I love that it’s possible to dress these pants up or down. My pale pink double gauze Josephine works well with them as a dressier option (though I think for a dinner out I would choose sandals or flats rather than these sneakers), but I think I’ll probably wear them most with a fitted tee.

Yucca Voile Luna Pants

It’s a Luna Pantsalong!

Stay tuned for giveaways, more fabric recommendations, and tips for sewing your Lunas!

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16 thoughts on “Yucca Voile Luna Pants

  1. Wow, I love those pants!!! You kind of answered my question in your post but I’ll ask it anyway: You don’t think those will be see through? I want to make them with voile too but was a little nervous as I don’t them to be see through. (I guess I’ll go with dark!) The pants with the blue tee is my fave!!! (And I just bought that same Tee if it’s from J Crew!). Love your posts Rae, they are always inspiring!

    • Hi Kim,
      When I hold these up to the light they are a *bit* see through, but the dark background really covers any sheerness a voile might have. The weave is actually fairly tight, so I don’t anticipate any problems unless you were standing in front of a spotlight or something. The lighter prints, however, yes, I would probably skip them for pants.


  2. Beautiful! I adore Leah Duncan too. Just made a skirt out of the Lore Bigfoot this weekend for my daughter.

  3. Looooove. I think all of these posts will finally encourage me to stop worrying and just make some dang pants. I would love to see a pair in chambray. Yum.

  4. The Twinkle double gauze is perfect and I would love to win some to sew Luna pants. Thanks!

  5. Love these! And I think I need to add Josephine to my pattern collection now. I do love the way the sleeves version looks with these!

    • Thanks, J!!

      And yes, this Josephine is turning out to be pretty versatile for me…especially in a solid color it goes with almost everything.

  6. I love your pants, especially with the fitted tee!! I’m so glad to hear that the dark voiles would work well for this, voile just feels dreamy against your skin!

    I would love to win the twinkle double gauze, anything by Lizzy house is a winner in my book! Thank you!

  7. Rae! I love your patterns and was excited to do my first sewalong. But, I tripped and broke my elbow. I had surgery and can’t use my arm for 12 weeks. Super bummer. (Not to mention having a 4 month old baby who would prefer two armed mama snuggles..) Anyway, I guess I will be pants-ing-along in spirit. And hitting your archives in July.

    • Nooooooooo!!!

      That totally stinks! Sorry to hear about your elbow, Sarah. That’s the. worst.

      (but yes, the pantsalong will always be here…sew along when you can!!)

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