Loominous Ruby and the sad tale of a jumpsuit gone awry

Loominous Ruby Top

You may remember that earlier this year I made a pair of Luna Pants from this very same fabric. One day by chance I folded those pants on top of a pair of dark skinny jeans and fell in love with the combination of the green with the denim and realized “I think I need a top from that fabric too.”

Loominous Ruby Top

Considering how ridiculously comfortable the pants were, it was a no-brainer to buy more fabric (Loominous by Anna Maria Horner) to make a simple summer top. And considering Ruby is possibly the quickest and easiest of all of my women’s patterns to make, that was a no-brainer too.

Loominous Ruby Top

This top was part of my Spring/Summer Handmade Wardrobe planning sketch (I blogged about that here), so now I can cross that one off the to-sew list.

Loominous Ruby Top

At some point in the process — I don’t exactly remember when — it occurred to me that these two things (top, pants) could be combined to make a faux jumpsuit without the obvious disadvantages of a real jumpsuit (I am referring, of course, to the difficulties one might encounter trying to use the restroom, among other things). Once the thought was there, it was impossible not to act on it. Photographic evidence:

Loominous Faux Jumpsuit

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me that I would look like a giant green leprechaun. And the glasses and the shoes really did not help at ALL…geez. Perhaps with a different color (black?) things would have been different, but I think it is safe to say that I Will Not Be Caught Dead wearing this ensemble out of the house.

I thought you would get a kick out of the photo, though.

29 thoughts on “Loominous Ruby and the sad tale of a jumpsuit gone awry

  1. I love both of the garments. Beautiful fabric and perfect for these patterns. Maybe combined it is just too much perfect to handle? Did you ever see Sleepless in Seattle? There is a scene where she talks about her relationship being just too perfect to handle. I don’t know why but I flashed on that. 😊

  2. I was trying to convince my 15yo daughter that she needed this top and I was scrolling and scrolling and then she jumped back and gasped at the jump suit picture. I’m sorry – it was so funny. I think you would have cracked up had you seen her. Just so funny.

  3. Ahhhh…this post was hilarious (in a great way)!! …your last 2 paragraphs with the jumpsuit photo sandwiched between were fantastic! hee hee…still laughing! Thanks for sharing!! and your great sense of humor!

  4. I wanted to tell you the jumpsuit was cute… and then I realized I was envisioning it on my six year old. It would be adorable on a little girl.

  5. I love it! And I must say that somehow you could pull it off! I’ve got some of the Birch/Charlie Harper Maritime octo in green sitting on my shelf just waiting for me to find the time to make another ruby with it! I love that pattern!

  6. What?! I totally love the jumpsuit! I also thought it was a one-piece and the colour is much more subtle than some jump suits in the stores. Even love the green shoes and glasses with it. People can always opt for something less colorful, but the idea is great!

  7. I totally dig it! I am NOT a jumpsuit fan, but as far as jumpsuits go, yours is the most palatable I’ve seen! 🙂 The fabric is certainly much more subtle than many in stores…
    I also noticed that your hair matched… that may be a bit overboard haha:)

  8. I love Ruby; I’ve made several! What kind of fabric is that lovely lime sherberty you used for this post? It looks like a pointelle knit or a gauzy pointelle fabric; I could be waaayy off base though lol

    • Thanks, Regina! The fabric is from Anna Maria Horner’s Loominous Collection. This one is called “seedlings” in the colorway grove (linked in the post, but it’s available in tons of stores).

  9. nope. that “jumpsuit” looks highly wearable from this point of view. (yes, the glasses and the shoes are a bit over the top.) wish i could pull that off. now back to my grey luna knit pants…

  10. I dunno, if that really was a jumpsuit I think it’d rock! Something about it being separates just makes it a little odd. I’ve not taken to the matching-two-piece-set thing that seems to have been around a bit lately. But jumpsuits, hells yeah. Although I’d have no idea how you’d get in and out of that one, haha! Jump?

    • I know, right? It really puzzles me how you are supposed to get out of those. And yes, as separates it’s just a little strange.

  11. You are adorable!! And you look great in that outfit.
    Thanks for your ideas, tips and patterns. Very much

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